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30 October 2010


Welcome to the beauty secret bonanza

Lynn Harding Fashion Editor

Welcome, my dear readers, to this very special, beauty-exclusive edi- tion of the Express Fashion sec- tion. Considering just how much us girls have to do to make ourselves look in any way presentable (one only had to see the un-groomed Fashion Editor and cohorts at a re- cent cross-dressing party to agree), I decided that a mention of an awe-

some lip gloss here and there just didn’t cut the mustard. Now, I lay before you a

plethora of bodacious beauty buys: we here (i.e. my minions) at the Express do the ground- work, so you don’t have to. Go forth and read – and tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.

Siobhan Brosnan Bob it up! Niamh O’Leary

As a shiny new first year here in U.C.C, I have a confession to make. It hasn’t been my lectures or the content of the courses that has occupied my thoughts over the past five weeks, as perhaps it should have been. It is the sheer volume of people with beautiful hair. As many readers have been lis-

tening to your lecturers (or dozing off), there is a good chance that yours truly has been admiring your tresses. This occupation has brought me to a miraculous con- clusion: I need a bob! A short, preppy, cheeky haircut that says, ‘yes, I am comfortable enough with my neck to show it to the world’. It’s like this; those of you with

long faces and strong features are blessed. Truly blessed. You can toss sultry locks around your shoulders and back without feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of hair.

For those of us with smaller,

chinless faces I say CUT IT OFF! Look at Silver from 90210; Frankie from The Saturdays; Katie Holmes and her matching daugh- ter! The bob works. The bob is

sexy. Frame your cheekbones and create a hair-helmet – have that gorgeous look where your hair tucks into your winter scarf.

This season a major recurring theme has been the forties and fifties starlet look. Think Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardener, and Audrey Hepburn and you’re on the right track. These stars graced the silver screen over sixty years ago and oozeda certain sophistication, glamour and class that still apply today. A pivotal part of achieving this

look is vibrant statement-making red lips that simultaneously exude sultry sex appeal and old style movie-star class. With the huge range oflipsticks available at the moment, it has never been eas- ier to find the hue


you, no matter what


price range. MAC has

always leaded the way when it comes to c o sme t i c s and the case

Love your lips with these perfect tips

is nodifferent with lipsticks. Its Amplified Creme lipstick in Mor- ange is a perfectred hue with a hint of orange that suits most Irish Rose skin tones. A beautiful satin sheen at €14.50, it’s a great buy in my books. Another best-selling lip- stickfrom MAC is its Matte Lip- stick in Russian Red, which just screams silver-screen scarlet star- let.

Urban Decay is well known for

its top-notch cosmetics, each pre- sented in amazingeye-catching packaging, and this can be clearly seen in its range of lip colours.Its lipstick range contains vitamins A, C and E, so it nourishes your lips whileyou’ re looking good. On top of that they’re caramel flavoured so they taste and smell absolutely delicious! Strapped for cash but still want

to be a style-savvy follower of fashion?Moisture Renew Lipstick in Diva Red by Rimmel costs a lit- tle over a fiverand gives a bright, vibrant sheen that will be sure to get you spotted across acrowded room.

The bob comes in many forms; 1) For the timid & the first-timers,

there’s the long bob, à la Jennifer Lopez. 2) For the brave, there’s the shaved-at-the-back bob. Think Victoria Beckham at the Spice Girls reunion – but classier. 3) For the uber stylish, there’s the shorter at the back, longer at the front bob. Gwyneth Paltrow car- ried this off effortlessly. 4) And for those of us who have a

big forehead, there’s the big fringe meets short bob – hello, Danni Minogue! Be the person to have their hair stared at by weirdos like me. Do it! Bob it! (Worst comes to worst, hair grows).

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