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29 Music Brand New Day

Karen Dunbar talks about an upcoming compilation aiming to aid the prevention of suicide in Ireland.

Let me tell you about two fan-

tastic friends of mine: Sally Gamgee Boswarthack and Joanne Hall, both from Gorey, Co. Wex- ford. In the summer of 2009, they wrote and directed the musical comedy ‘Happy Ever Laughter’, from which all proceeds went to two charities very close to their hearts, one of them being Suicide or Survive. SOS is an Irish organisation that

works toward suicide prevention. They help to remove the stigma around mental health issues and support those affected by them. One of the services they provide

is The Eden Programme, the only one of its kind currently available in Ireland. The aim of the pro- gramme is suicide prevention and one of the organisation’s main goals is for this programme to be available nationwide for those who

need it. Suicide will never cease to be

an issue in this country and I ab- solutely love the fact that the girls are raising awareness of the char- ity. I didn’t know an awful lot about SOS or the work that they do until the girls approached me about their latest project. In July of this year, SOS got in

touch with Sally and Joanne to pick their brains for more ideas on fundraising for the charity. They sat down together and eventually decided that, since they had so many connections with musicians and songwriters around the area, they would put together a compila- tion album. Gorey singer songwriter Jimi

Cullen was the first to be ap- proached. He loved the idea, and was more than happy to donate his song ‘Brand New Day’, now the

title of the album. Over the last few months the

girls have been scouting for musi- cians mainly along the east coast and have listened to countless songs trying to find ones that suited the concept. They were very care- ful in their choice of songs, as they wanted to ensure they fit in per- fectly with the concept. “We wanted listeners to go on

an emotional journey upon hearing this album. We took a long time to choose the perfect songs and an even longer time deciding on the track order! There is such a variety of sounds that it was important to have the album flowing effort- lessly.”

“”“ Where’’s Me Jumper?”

Missing jumpers, eccentric dancing, traditional rock ‘n’ roll swagger: Siannon O'Neill reveals what the leg- endary Sultans of Ping do best.

Compliments of Murphy’s Little

Big Nights Out I was awarded two tickets to what was an outstanding performance by Cork band Sultans of Ping. Niall O’Flaherty has al- ways been known to possess the charisma and attitude of an ob-

scene punk rock star when taking the stage. Tonight was nothing less. His

occasional moons to the crowd, jolly swagger and playful rudeness towards his band mates made it clear to his followers that he’s still

got it. Disappointingly not cross dressed (as they once were) but in a shiny leather tracksuit he arrived on stage at The Savoy to play for us a hearty set of Sultans of Ping hits.

Immediately noticeable in the

Savoy was the sound quality: it could certainly have been clearer. But, nonetheless, the atmosphere was happy and alive as the quintet belted out classics such as ‘Stupid

Having listened to the track list

myself, there is an obvious connec- tion between all thirteen songs, and they are lyrically suited to the con- cept without a doubt. As is stands, the musicians appearing on the album are: Hamlet Sweeney, Chucky’s River, Jezzebelle, Steve Tighe, Joey Ryan, The Juice, The Riptide Movement, Bocs Social, Sive, Rumours of a Rift, JustAGuy, Jimi Cullen and me. The album will be available to

buy from selected music stores from November 19th, and will also be available from iTunes for €10, all proceeds going directly to the charity. It will also be launched at two different venues: The Mercan- tile Hotel in Dublin on November 18th, and The Loch Garman Arms Hotel in Gorey, Co. Wexford on November 25th. Admission is 5euro for each gig. The album is available for purchase on the door at the gigs for €10. I am incredibly excited to be in-

volved in the whole project. I have worked with Sally and Joanne be- fore, and I’ve seen how hard work-

Kid’, ‘Give Him a Ball and a Yard of Grass’, ‘Kick Me With Your Leather Boots’, followed by the light-hearted and sentimental ‘Lets go Shopping’. Both the harmonica infused

‘Wake up and Scratch Me’ and ‘Veronica’ showed off high skills of a frontman with ability to jazz things up a bit. Tickets to the gig were limited

so it wasn't as crowded as sardines in a tin can, but proved spacious enough to show off your dancing skills, and only have to endure a minimal amount of contact with sweaty, hairy, ageing rockers. The downside of the Murphy’s

sponsored event were the choices at the bar limited to products of the sponsor – no whiskey, no cider, nothing. In fairness, it tastes good when it’s free but not so good when it’s close to a fiver. Encouraging the crowd to in-

dulge in the creamy black stuff was obviously part of the deal as O’Fla- herty repeatedly told the crowd to “Drink the f***ing booze! If you’re not drinking the booze then get out!” Interestingly enough never once naming the drink’s title whilst ironically taking a swig of Bushmills in between songs. Pos- sibly abiding by the contract but not really believing in it? I don’t blame him. But as the rolling bass line kicks

Sultans of Ping: Still looking for that jumper.

in for ‘Turnip Fish’ those of us who have been to a SOP gig before

October 26th 2010

ing and dedicate they are, espe- cially with something they are as passionate about as this. Not only are they publicising and funding the charity, but they are also help- ing struggling musicians such as myself to get their music out there. There is something special about a project like this; it is surrounded by such a positive feeling, and I can- not wait for the release of the album. Please don’t hesitate to check

out the face book page for the album: brandnewday.thesosalbum, where you can find more details about the album, the charity and upcoming events. If you’d like to find out more about SOS itself, visit: I wish the girls the very best of

luck over the next few months and this will definitely not be the last time we’ll be hearing of them! I hope you take the time to support, learn more about, or simply listen to Brand New Day from Novem- ber 19th, and spread the word!

knew what to do and those who haven’t got shown the unconven- tional dance - it could be described as lying down and riding an imag- inary bicycle to a dreamlike tune. In all my years of gig going I’ve not come across anything as sur- real as the ‘Turnip Fish’ dance, looking around and seeing every- one beside me laid out looking completely silly. And so, I dragged my accompa-

nying friend down to the sticky floor and sang the story of the turnip fish. The bouncers who looked upon the mass of people lying, rolling their legs in the air and laughing their heads off, pre- sumably wondered was this some bizarre safety hazard? Immediately thereafter came the

real cherry on top. It has been re- marked before that the crowd at a SOP gig can make the band look tame and this was the case when the crowd went wild at the sound of the infamous drum beat to ‘Where’s me Jumper?’ The night would have been incomplete with- out it, and so the audience knew what to expect when the band re- turned for an encore. Although the fashion sense may

have changed with the times; jumpers have been replaced with fetish suits, stylish cowboy shirts and pin stripes; their live show re- mains bursting with contagious en- ergy, as enthusiastic as it ever was.

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