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October 26th 2010 Hardy Bucks: Are the shkyboys gonna get shkelped by RTE? Mae McSweeney Ok, so the price of a TV license

might only be the price of “an apple a day” (apparently, that’s about 43 cent), but for the quality of RTE’s recent offerings, I’d rather starve….well that’s bit dra- matic, I’d settle for a Dib Dab or a packet of Meanies instead. My point is that I can’t remember the last genuinely funny home-grown comedy – they’ve heard all the ex- cuses and none of them work? Yeah well neither do the sit-

coms...ahem! So it’s little wonder that RTE’s present drought of funny should be quenched from a source untainted by network-exec- utive mediocrity – the old world wide web. Bearing this in mind, I have come to the conclusion that in a desert of dusty, dried out Pat

Short puns, Hardy Bucks is the oasis. Hardy Bucks isn’t just a hit, it’s

a genuine phenomenon that has been gathering steam since Chris Torduff and Martin Moloney’s mockumentary style uploads first appeared on YouTube back in 2009. The premise revolves around a group local losers, headers and pushers subsisting in a state of per- manent unemployment in the fic- tional Mayo village of Castletown. A somewhat uninspiring plot

you may think but already they have won RTE’s Storyland compe- tition, as well as the cast being pre- sented with a Student Choice Award from UCD Law Society; testament to the enormous cult fol- lowing the show has gained among the ever-judicious YouTube junkies of Ireland’s third-level institutes.

So, did the first of the 3 com-

missioned episodes, broadcast Oc- tober 12th, live up to the hype? If one wanted one could interpret the plot as a cautionary tale of Celtic Tiger era excess - personally, I wouldn't interpret that way, be- cause I'm not a knob. We find Eddie Durkan struggling to keep afloat his less-than-legal taxi serv- ice, pay back a €1000 loan to Boris the Ukrainian all while trying to satisfy Noreen, his "sexy piece of ass".

It seems the old pipe dream

from the YouTube days of a "day out in the Big Shmoke", otherwise known as Galway, has been re- placed with a package holiday to Ibiza. The episode culminates in a typically Castletown style Look-a- Like competition, where Buzz, French Toast, and my personal

favourite, Salmon all get their chance to shine, but Eddie’s reluc- tant Chuck Norris impersonation was even better than the real thing. Last week’s episode concen-

trated on the opening of “Zambezi Nights”, the new African themed take-away restaurant launched by the Boo and room-mate Kofi, of the African-Irish Garda Exchange Programme. Eddie and Buzz’s heroic attempt to make some cash in claw out of the opening night culminated in a mega foam party (props courtesy of Shcorpio Lyons, who else?). The dream of Ibiza is tantalizing close, until Eddie breaks down at the sight of The Viper, a great man for the mega- phone, cruising in his repossessed car – “Durkin, I’m inside her. And there’s nothing you can do about it”.

The basic layout, therefore,

seems to remain unchanged from the YouTube format: the Bucks are still politically incorrect, vulgar, ig- norant, self-serving and entirely lovable. The one worry I had about the transfer to television was that the show, once filtered through the churn of RTE, would end up overly homogenised, sanitised, Late Late Show...ised? Miraculously, either the fellas

up in Donnybrook really get this programme and know not to tamper with it, or else the whole thing slipped right under their noses – mad as a bag of spiders. Hardy Bucks: it’s nearly worth the TV license. But then again, there’s always RTE Real Player....comin’ up like a shkyboy!

It’’s all a laughing matter Tracy Nyhan prepares us for Delamere in the Devere.

It would have been a challenge to avoid the work of Neil Delamere last year, during his reign as com- edy king on RTE’s “Republic of Telly” and “The Panel”, which made him known to the general Irish public. So I think it’s safe to say, the majority of that lot have grown to love him and his hilarious sense of humour. “Where is he now?” I hear you

ask. It has been quite a while since he’s cruised on our TV screens; transforming our frowns to smiles on. His role on “Republic of Telly” has since been handed over to fel- low comedian, Dermot Wheelan and so it looks to be another while before we get our fix yet. Well I’m here to reassure so don’t fear, he’s not drawing his pension just yet! While we’ve had our heads

buried in our books, Delamere’s been preparing an Almost-Nation- wide tour stopping in Kilkenny, Wexford, Tralee, a few other places and yes, you guessed it, our very own, UCC! His tour, “Implement

of Divilment”, kicked off on the 19th October and you’ll see him grace the stage in UCC’s Devere Hall tonight, on the 26th October where he’ll be hoping to generate great reviews of his performance as he has in his career so far. Anyone who’s seen Delamere,

whether live or on the TV (which is everyone, of course), will know that he’s not big into props, stage sets, or dancers. All he brings is himself – and his personality which, granted, is almost big enough to qualify as another per- son. But don’t let that put you off, you’ll find that he’ll put on a show just as entertaining than any of the prop-filled spectacles seen within the comedy circle. In fact his per- formance can upstage any of these other flamboyant shows any day. The beauty of Delamere’s com-

edy lies in the way in which he plucks the most mundane, every day event that we all turn a blind eye to and makes it something so hilariously funny that we “laugh

like a hyena’s drains”, as one re- viewer put it. He involves his au- dience, giving everyone their own personal experience, whether they like it or not. Of course, not every- one shares the same sense of hu- mour but one thing’s certain enough for me to bet my money on – he’ll have you laughing so hard, for at least one stage of the show, that your faces will physically hurt. And that’s got to be a good thing, right?! So my advice is: reschedule that

night out and let Neil Delamere hu- mour you when he comes to UCC. For that intelligent, elite group of people who bought their tickets early: you’ll be the envy of those who didn’t when you come back from a side-splittingly hilarious ex- perience which should prove to be much funnier – and cheaper – than any night out! However, I encour- age everyone to try and get your hands on a ticket just in time... Neil Delamere visits UCC tonight, October 26th.

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