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21 Entertainment Review: The Social Network Pauline Zberro Facebook: it’s in the mouths

and in the minds of millions of people. It’s undeniable that Facebook is a part of the lives of us all (as of July Facebook has more than 500 million active users). This revolutionary inven- tion is creating impassioned conflicts from the small to large scale issues. What are the true facts? Who can really claim the ownership of this global social network? So we learn that what has emerged as one of the key concepts of the twenty-first cen- tury is going to blow up the friendship of its pioneers and trigger clashes with huge finan- cial stakes. It is upon this that the film-

maker David Fincher (Fight club, The Curious Case of Ben- jamin Button, Seven) has chosen to base his new movie The So- cial Network. The film primarily traces the saga of the website,

of the singer Justin Timberlake who plays Sean Parker, the creator of the music sharing site “Nap- ster”, another industry-leading of the web. Contrary to the prejudices,

Justin is talented in the field of act- ing too and confirms the excite- ment surrounding the question of his potential that we picked up in Alphadog back in 2007. Fincher looks at this epic

from its creation on Harvard cam- pus to the social and global com- munity network it is today, through its creator and main character Mark Zuckerberg. The film is adapted from Ben

Mezrich's book The Accidental Billionaires and shows Fincher di- rect the spotlight on the younger generation of Hollywood as actors Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield lead the talented cast. The acting is pretty good and Fincher headlines his cast by the presence

through a rear view-mirror, alter- nating the genesis of Facebook and the trial between the self-pro- claimed founders who will place a few years later. Fincher and his screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (play- wright and producer including Stu- dio 60 on Sunset Strip and The West Wing) have carried off suc- cessfully writing an absolute gem, both in the staging as in the swift- ness of the dialogues. They signed in with a brilliant

manner and exciting realization, superbly combining the themes of power, money, jealousy and be-

Movie news Úna Hennessy

‘The Hobbit’ finally given green light? Reports are flooding in from

Middle Earth; dwarves, elves and hobbits alike are rejoicing while Sam and Frodo finally get it on in celebration. Ahem... ‘The Hobbit’ film project, long embroiled in dis- putes and delays, has finally gotten the green light and will start film- ing in February next year. How could this news get any

better, you ask? Well, only that Peter Jackson is definitely direct- ing, and that the release date for the first of the two-part epic is set for December 2012. Fans all over the world are swinging around on their computer chairs in glee.

Mike Myers gets his stink

on as Pepé Le Pew C’est l’amour! For Mike Myers’

bank account it is anyway. Warner Bros are refusing to leave the Looney Tunes buried and forgotten and are attempting instead a resur- rection of

the love-obsessed

Parisian skunk, Pepé Le Pew, to be voiced by Mike Myers. The film will be a mix of ani-

mated and live-action characters. This is a worrying revelation, as the last time this concept worked for a film was ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ in ‘71. Let’s hope that after the whole ‘Love Guru’ incident that Myers hasn’t lost his mojo.

Al Pacino gets a perm - Phil Spector role announced When someone as awesome as Al Pacino takes on a role such as

that of the legendary record pro- ducer/convicted murderer Phil Spector, the results are often pure gold. A celebrated pioneer and suc-

cess story in his own career; Spec- tor is also a trigger-happy crazy person who killed a girl and wore a ridiculous teased wig to his mur- der trial. We all know of course that Pacino is quite good at doing crazy. Barry Levinson, who won an Oscar for ‘Rain Man’ will exec- utive produce.

‘The Hangover II’ cameo revealed Drum roll please... and the per-

son selected to fill Mike Tyson’s shoes in the hottest cameo gig in Hollywood is... Mel Gibson?! This will presumably be an attempt to restore his reputation after all those

nasty racist/homophobic/anti-Se- mitic outbursts and publicly aired domestic abuse scandals. I thought the concept of ‘The Hangover’ was to be funny? Saying that, Tom Cruise was hi- larious in ‘Tropic Thunder’ and he

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trayal. The young billionaire emerges as someone much more complex, unbalanced and therefore most interesting and inspiring. At only 26 years old, it is clear that Zuckerberg has already left a rev- olutionary imprint on our era, for which the creation of this movie is only the beginning of giving him the credit which he is due. I’m cer- tain the biography will soon fol- low.

October 26th 2010 All in all, it is undisputed that

the talented David Fincher has suc- ceeded greatly in creating an ab- solutely incredible movie that will captivate beyond the Internet. I am sure that he, at least, will have a lot of friends and possibly a vast num- ber of likes to his ‘Social Network’ page. In theatres now.

still is an egotistical twat. We shall keep faith in the comedy gods and hope that they know what they’re doing... but wait, isn’t one of them Jewish? Awkward...

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