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Issue 3 sEptEmBER 2010 AD&BIOGAS NeWS The UK Trade assoCIaTIon for The anaerobIC dIgesTIon and bIogas IndUsTrIes

ADBA utilises industry’s key drivers to make an impact


ealising that time is of the essence, the ADBA team isn’t backwards in coming forwards

when there’s a need to work with the key decision makers to shape the future of the anaerobic digestion industry.

Following its August board meeting, the ADBA directors agreed a strategy

whereby the Association and its working groups will look to assist DECC and DEFRA with the development of an action plan which will turn the Government’s commitment to achieve “a huge increase in energy from waste through anaerobic digestion” into reality.

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Herald a new dawn for AD policy

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Speeding up the lending process

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UK AD & BIOGAS 2010 Show review

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Working groups grow to 9!


he country woke up to its environmental responsibilities some time ago but a new dawn is

only just beginning for AD and the related policies which ultimately will bring about its success. Although Government has

only recently taken its foot off the AD brake, policies relating to the AD industry are starting to shape-up and soon, we hope, will enable the industry to realise its full potential.

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