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Choosing paint colour schemes

The Forum Design Page by Patsy Holdsworth


olour can create a wide variety of moods and styles to suit every type

of home. At Forum Design, we work

with Farrow & Ball as their colours lend themselves so beautifully to country properties.

Tey are very environmentally friendly and use naturally occurring pigments which have a real purity and depth of colour. When it comes to choosing colour, there are no

strict rules but there are many factors to take into consideration. Te age of your property, the architecture, the purpose and the direction should all be taken into account. Te most important factor however is always

light as this will change the appearance of your colours more than anything. Tis is particularly important if you are decorating a room which you will only use at certain times of day. For instance, if you are decorating a dining room which will only be used in the evening, check the colour in the evening and under candle or artificial light to ensure you get your desired look. Take time planning your scheme. As with all

aspects of interior design, this will usually prevent expensive mistakes and help to make the whole house flow and have a sense of continuity. A good starting point could be your choice of neutral palette as this will set the tone and help you make your later decisions. Farrow & Ball is renowned for it’s range of

neutral colours which create a look of understated elegance. Te neutrals work in several groups as follows: Yellow tones are popular, easy to live with and

have a pretty country cottage feel. Tey include White Tie, New White, String and Matchstick. Red tones such as Dimity, Joa’s White and

Archive, create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Te warm grey/green tones are traditional

sophisticated colours which work well in both older and modern properties. Tis group includes Lime White, Old White and Off White. Cool grey tones such as Strong White, Skimming

Stone and Elephant’s Breath will give you a more contemporary feel. How you use the colours is down to personal

8 • Equine Canine and Country Life

particularly smart look in a neutral colour scheme. Te most traditional style is to use colour on the


Contrary to popular belief, a very white ceiling will not make a room look bigger. It simply creates a strong line which will define a small space

preference but there are three basic ways of working. Using the same colour on the walls and


woodwork gives a strong, clean, contemporary look. It will create a calm scheme and will make the room look bigger as there are no contrasts to draw the eye. Using the same colour on walls and window frames is a great idea if you have a lovely view as it will remove the visual barrier and draw the eye out into the garden. Having lighter walls and darker woodwork is a

good way to create light and space. Using a darker colour on the skirting boards will make the walls above appear lighter in contrast. Tis is a

walls and a white on the woodwork. Tis is a clean look but can be quite hard. To soſten the contrast, select a white which is sympathetic to the wall colour. Te hard confining lines will then be soſtened and the room will feel bigger. Contrary to popular belief, a very white ceiling

will not make a room look bigger. It simply creates a strong line which will define a small space. Paint colours can be used to change the shape of a

room. A long, thin room will appear more square by using a darker colour on the two end walls to draw them towards you. Painting the floor in a darker colour will make the room look wider. When creating a feature wall, it is important to consider the balance of a room. If any of the architectural features in your home

are particularly stunning, don’t be afraid to accentuate them in a complimentary stronger colour. Accent colours will enhance your scheme and make it more interesting. Tey could be used on banister rails, mirror frames or pieces of furniture. In all the colour consultations we do, we will

guide and suggest but if you want a pink house – then have one – and enjoy it.

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