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4 - October 22, 2010 Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

The Real HRA Agenda

The HRA is the largest block of informally affiliated members within the Republican caucus. The organization has recently come under attack by the disgruntled Tony DiFruscia after losing in the Primary Election. He has without cause maligned the HRA and some of its members because he suspects they are responsible for his failed campaign for reelection. Mr. DiFruscia has never been part of the HRA and he is completely devoid of any reliable firsthand knowledge about the HRA’s objectives for next year. Nevertheless, he authored a letter to the editor in which he made numerous false statements about the HRA’s Legislative Agenda for 2011. Please see the HRA’s press release below that was announced at the Legislative Office Building in Concord on October 20, 2010. It clearly shows how reckless and unreliable Mr. DiFruscia’s statements are. HRA’s press release: The House Republican Alliance (HRA) announces its

legislative agenda for 2011, focusing on: Jobs and the Economy; Education; Personal Liberty; and Affordable Government. “Besides providing a budget balanced without accounting gimmicks or additional taxes, we believe these are the most important areas for legislation this coming session. We have proposed bills in each of these four key areas that will help to restore prosperity, reestablish New Hampshire as a state that attracts newcomers, and encourages its citizens to live their lives with minimum government interference,” said Representative Pam Tucker, R-Greenland, HRA co-chair. Listening sessions were held this summer to collect information from various constituencies, focus attention on the most critical areas, and identify needed legislation. Over fifty Representatives and candidates for the State House met with business and social groups, state agencies, employers, taxpayers, and other interested parties, then filtered hundreds of ideas into these, the most critical legislative needs of the next biennium. “Of course, we’re individually submitting other bills, and many of those will be supported by the HRA. The Legislative Agenda defines the bills that the HRA members will be leading, lobbying for, and working together to pass. These are the big ones.” said HRA co-chair Representative Bob Mead, R-Mont Vernon. The House Republican Alliance is a caucus of Republican Representatives committed to the US and New Hampshire Constitutions and the Republican State Platform. HRA members analyze all bills introduced for adherence to these fundamental documents, and recommendations are distributed before every voting session. Then all Representatives receive a rating on the HRA scorecard to show how often they vote consistent with the Party Platform and the Constitution. For more information, visit The 2011 HRA Legislative Agenda: Jobs & Economy 1. Increase Net Operating Loss limits. 2. Guarantee Right to Work. 3.

Allow purchase of health insurance policies across state lines.

4. Reduce Business Profit Tax rate. 5. Repeal health insurance mandates (LSR 2011-H- 0090-R).

6. Reform reasonable compensation allowances for business tax purposes (LSR 2011-H-0160-R).

7. Study ALL business taxes to make NH more competitive.

8. Analyze streamlining business licensing and permitting.

Education 9. Constitutional amendment to correct Claremont decision.

10. Redefine educational adequacy (LSR 2011-H-0122- R).

11. Provide property tax abatements for home or private schooling (LSR 2011-H-0070-R)..

12. Remove the Department of Education’s authority over home schooling (LSR 2011-H-0013-R).

13. Resolution rejecting foreign educational standards, such as the International Baccalaureate.

14. Impeach the Commissioner of Education for creating rules contrary to law.

Personal Liberty 1. Parental notification before performing abortion on a minor (LSR 2011-H-0008-R).

2. Parental rights declaration (LSR 2011-H-0081-R). 3. Repeal same sex marriage (LSR 2011-H-0003-R). 4. Alaska-style concealed carry handgun permits (LSR 2011-H-0012-R).


Allow video and audio recording of public officials (LSR 2011-H-0068-R & LSR 2011-H-0089-R).

6. Healthcare freedom (LSR 2011-H-0084-R). 7.

9. Proclaim State’s Rights.

10. Jury nullification (LSR 2011-H-0091-R). 11. Allow defendants to appeal rulings of the human rights commission to court.

Affordable Government 1. Change rule-making process so all rules meet legislative intent (LSR 2011-H-0086-R).

2. Reform Election Law: require a photo ID to vote; Join Obamacare lawsuit (LSR 2011-H-0072-R).

8. Repeal state acquiescence to Obamacare (LSR 2011-H-0166-R).

show inhabitant status on ID; clarify domicile requirements.

3. Authorize state enforcement of immigration laws. 4. Reform the state employees’ pension system (LSR 2011-H-0137-R & LSR 2011-H-0144-R).

5. Create a defined contribution pension plan for government workers.

6. Disentangle state and federal government. 7. Repeal evergreen clauses in government employee contracts (LSR 2011-H-0088-R & LSR 2011-H- 0099-R).

8. Authorize municipal spending caps (LSR 2011-H- 0073-R).

Representative David Bates - Windham

The Truth Behind DiFruscia In Tony DiFruscia’s recent press release, he

asks Windham and Salem residents to join him in “encouraging truth rather than fiction”—an incredibly audacious request as it comes at the end of a missive overflowing with bald-faced lies and misrepresentations. The core of DiFruscia’s rant was devoted to attacking the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance, the conservative caucus in the NH legislature (of which I was a member when I served). DiFruscia attempts to portray the HRA as an “extremist” organization by offering a series of gross distortions of HRA positions. For example, DiFruscia accuses the HRA of wanting to “eliminate labor unions” when, in fact, the HRA merely opposes *mandatory* union membership. DiFruscia also accuses the HRA of working to “eliminate same day voting” when, in fact, they merely support ending same-day *registration*, which is open to fraud and abuse.

Other examples in DiFruscia’s laundry-list of false accusations bear absolutely no resemblance to reality, including supposed proposals to reconstitute a militia, “insert language in the State’s constitution regarding Christian heritage,” or efforts to eliminate the Commission on the Status of Women, the Human Rights Commission, and voting machines. In all my years in the HRA, I have never witnessed the organization support any of these positions, nor will you find a single such bill endorsed by the HRA. In reality, the HRA has only two criteria by which they judge every legislator: adherence to the NH Constitution and to the NH Republican Party Platform. If you want proof, please visit DiFruscia’s real gripe with the HRA is that they hold Republican legislators to the standards of the Republican platform; a test which DiFruscia routinely fails. In the last term, DiFruscia scored an abysmal 47 percent, which is an improvement over his 2007 score of 34 percent. By contrast, every other legislator in this district consistently scores above 70 percent, and the vast majority score in the ‘80s and ‘90s. In order to hide the fact that it is he, not they, who is

radically out of step with Windham and Salem voters, DiFruscia has resorted to slandering his colleagues and the House Republican Alliance. So let’s set the record straight. Here is just a small sampling of the votes that earned DiFruscia his failing grades: DiFruscia voted to speed up implementation of Obamacare in NH (SB 455 in 2010), opposed a constitutional amendment prohibiting broad-based taxes (CACR26 in 2010), supported redefining marriage (HB 73 in 2009), and voted against parental consent for an abortion (HB 1662 in 2010). But don’t take my word for it. I encourage voters to

verify these votes at the NH House of Representatives Website: For years, DiFruscia campaigned as a Republican, but

voted like a Democrat. Finally, the voters caught on and threw him out. Now he’s throwing a temper-tantrum and slandering a respected organization in a desperate bid to get back into office. Fortunately, the voters can see through his sad charade. What’s so unfortunate is that DiFruscia did not follow the example of former representatives Russ Ingram and Margaret Crisler, both of whom showed grace and class after their electoral losses. They have both expressed support for the Republicans nominated in the primary and pledged to work on their behalf. They should be commended for putting the best interests of New Hampshire first.

Jason Bedrick - Windham Carolyn Webber Wants Your

Vote, But Has She Earned It? Carolyn Webber has done a fine job campaigning for

people’s votes. The plethora of letters to the editor filling every local newspaper demonstrates how much she wants to be our Representative. The resounding praise her family and friends lavish on her might lead you to believe that she has done something wonderful for Windham and Salem. What might that be? Carolyn does have a commendable attendance

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record. However, when citizens elect someone to represent them, and he or she shows up in Concord, that is not an accomplishment. It is the least we should be able to expect from those who run for office. The real question is what did Carolyn do in Concord? According to the State House Website, Carolyn never filed a single piece of legislation during her whole two-year term in office. She did sign on to a bill that Tony DiFruscia filed, but that did not even come close to passing. Carolyn, her signs, and her friends portray her as the savior of Rockingham Park. If you remember two years ago, that was her self- proclaimed mission then, too. What was all the “hard work” she did to save Rockingham Park? She was in the best position of any of our current 13 Representatives to do something because she was assigned to the Local and Regulated Revenue Committee, the Committee that dealt with all the expanded gambling bills.

Once again, she was there, but what did she do? The dockets for all the gaming legislation show that Carolyn never spearheaded any bill or amendment. She did sign on as a co-sponsor to one amendment presented in her committee, but her own colleagues on the committee rejected it. The State House Website provides streaming video of all House sessions. You can watch them as they occur, or go back and view the archives of any piece of legislation. If you look at the debates on the gambling (or any other) bills, you will notice that although Carolyn was there, she never once went to the floor to: speak for or against any bill, offer a motion, make a parliamentary inquiry, or even ask a single question. So after two years in office, what has Carolyn Webber actually accomplished? If you want to vote for Carolyn Webber because she is a nice person, fine. If you choose to vote for her because you are happy that she supported the current budget, the LLC Tax, cutting local aid, increasing the State’s debt, homosexual marriage, special rights for transvestites, benefits for illegal aliens, and other choice “progressive” legislation, then you are entitled to do so. Please, just don’t vote for her because you actually

believe that she will “save” Rockingham Park. If you do, Governor Lynch may have a bridge or two he can offer you from his list of State assets he wants to sell to help cover the deficit that does not exist.

H. Bingham - Salem What a Waste! President Obama’s so-called, newest proposed

infrastructure creation of a $50 billion bill to create jobs at airports, highways, and railroads is the wrong approach to get our economy back on track! This, as other stimulus programs he has enacted, is nothing more than a huge political payoff to big unions, as they will be the groups most likely hired to do this work. These Massachusetts and New Hampshire Democrats in Congress have voted for and will support this kind of proposed change, as they need Union support! One might ask where these same Congresspersons were when it came to slowing down illegal immigration payments and fraud to millions of illegals and prisoners that receive payments by Social Security. How many of the 17,000,000 disabled Americans on Social Security, both illegals and legal persons that receive monthly payments, are not really disabled? Do they ever check to reduce fraud? What about the waste and fraud lost in the social Security system charged against those on Medicare and Medicaid of ($1billion every week)? The government has announced another freeze on

raises to social security recipients for 2011. Many of the 58 million people will see increased co-pays and other medical costs continue to go up in January 2011 or even reduced coverage and future taxes! Many of the elderly persons on social security do not even gross $1,000 a month to live, including members of the greatest generation. These retread, elected, do-nothing Democrats continue to raise taxes on the people and business as they receive over $150,000 salary and the best benefits taxpayers’ money can buy. These people make the laws, causing conditions to exist as 46 million families ask for food stamps (a 40 percent increase under Obama) mostly because of the housing collapse, bailouts, and stock market crash they helped create, which resulted in continued unemployment in the jobs market. I urge you to vote on November 2 for a positive

change of directions we can all live with. A vote for real Conservative candidates is a vote of last hope for freedom in America and a turn away for controlled, leftist socialism. May God Bless America!

Ed Brooks - Salem

Supporting D.J. Bettencourt for State Representative

I hope my fellow residents in Windham and Salem will consider joining me in supporting State Representative D.J. Bettencourt’s re-election. Last fall, I contacted him about the condition of New Hampshire’s small state parks as they are too often overlooked, but are treasures for our local communities. D.J. not only listened, but showed leadership in sponsoring legislation to allow for private- public partnerships and created an “adopt a state park” program, which allows local leaders and businesses to partner with the state to maintain our parks. D.J. is a rare breed of Republican serving in office

today who appreciates our environment and understands that we must protect our natural resources. He has a diverse and impressive list of accomplishments that include efforts to increase government accountability and decrease spending. In fact, D.J. has managed to get more pieces of legislation passed than any other member of the Salem-Windham delegation.

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I am a moderate, independent voter and D.J. is a conservative Republican. So why am I so strongly behind him and asking you to also be? D.J. has used his position at the State House to not only better the district, but all of NH.

Whether or not you agree with him, you know where he stands and can count on him to keep his word, which is what we need in our State Representatives. Please support D.J. Bettencourt on November 2.

Margaret Cameron - Windham Supporting Beverly

Hollingworth for Executive Council

As a conservative Republican, I am going to ask

you to do something unusual at the November 2 election. I would like you to consider voting for Beverly Hollingworth, the Democratic candidate for the Executive Council. Those that know me as a member of the Salem Budget Committee know how conservative I am and may wonder about this endorsement. I first met Beverly four years ago when a good friend asked me to talk with her. Since that day, I have been impressed by her hard work and common sense, and that is why I can endorse her without reservation. For those of you who do not know her story, Beverly

was a young widow with four children and found herself having to run a small business and hold her family together. She has gone on to be a successful mother, businessperson, and has been elected to many positions. She served in the NH House and Senate. She was elected President of the NH Senate with both Democratic and Republican votes because she was a consensus builder that never let politics get in the way of what was right for the people of NH. I have gone to a number of Executive Council meetings since Beverly was first elected four years ago, and I can tell you that it is apparent that she has done her homework. Her common sense and work ethic have made me proud to be one of her many supporters. Given the responsibilities of the Executive Council, I honestly believe that Beverly Hollingworth is the best person to represent us. She has been a big supporter in getting I-93 moving forward. The people I know that have asked for her help with Concord all have had high praise for her.

Please consider voting for Beverly Hollingworth for the Executive Council.

Stephen Campbell - Salem

Good, Sound Criteria for Candidate Evaluation

Our economy is struggling, our government spending seems to be excessive, and much controversial legislation is being passed that seems not to be favored by many Americans. Under these circumstances, our first reaction would be to “throw the b*****ds out” of the offices they now hold. But wait a minute. All Democrats are not in favor of the present level of spending by our government no more than all Republicans are innocent of wasteful government spending. All Republicans are not pro-life, nor all Democrats pro-abortion. Those who care about the poor and unemployed and are doing their best to relieve their situation do not all belong to the same Party. What each of us needs is good, sound criteria for

evaluating each candidate for office based on what his track record is and, naturally, what she says during the campaign. It’s our responsibility to make sure that the candidates address more than the tired, old issues that they talk about during every campaign: taxes and spending. Shouldn’t answers be given about whether our tax dollars should be used for abortions and embryonic stem cell research? How about whether healthcare is best served when critical decisions are being made by political appointees? Candidates should be challenged regarding their position on the importance of the family and marriage. I just recently discovered a document online which,

I believe, gives me a good starting point for developing that criteria which will guide me in my choices on Election Day.

It’s call the Manhattan Declaration and it specifies clearly the Christian stand on the issues of Life, Marriage and Family, and Religious Freedom. I urge everyone to read this document and then to vote for the candidate who most closely represents these values. The Website is: declaration/read.aspx.

David Costello - Salem

Anthony R. DiFruscia, Write- in Independent Candidate for State Representative

In consideration of the encouragement of my family and friends, State House colleagues, and Windham and Salem constituents, I have decided to place my name on the November 2 ballot as a Write-In Independent candidate for State Representative, District 4. During the six terms of my service as a State Representative, I was proud to serve as a moderate Republican. As a moderate Republican, I was able to work with both parties to ensure that legislation was enacted for the benefit of the people of my district and New Hampshire to maintain the New Hampshire Advantage.

As a State Representative, I strove to assess each significant legislative proposal with consideration to

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