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Pelham - Windham News October 22, 2010 - 9

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by $2.2 billion (23 percent). To pay for this spending spree, they put in place 84 new or increased taxes or fees. Even as the recession was taking hold and other states were cutting their budgets, instead of making the reforms necessary to shrink the cost of government, New Hampshire’s budget kept on growing. Ask yourself the question—are you, and New Hampshire, in better shape today than four years ago? Have you seen your paycheck increase 23 percent since 2006? Has your household spending increased 23 percent since 2006? Does the New Hampshire Advantage still exist? Well, from 1999 to 2005, more people migrated into the state than left it. Since 2006, more people have moved out of New Hampshire than moved in. Our young people are answering the question with their feet. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at, or call at 882-8962. I humbly ask for your support in the November 2 election.

Andy Renzullo - Hudson

Vote for Carolyn Webber for State Representative

Carolyn Webber has been a strong, independent voice for the residents of Windham and Salem. She has been a tireless advocate for the taxpayers of this district while maintaining an impeccable attendance record. Webber has spent her first term in the NH House working on the issues that matter most to working families and proving herself as an effective legislator. Carolyn Webber has a long history of service to the residents of this community. Webber has lived in Windham for over 35 years and most of that time has been spent as a volunteer. She served for six years on the Windham Board of Selectmen, as well as the Board of Adjustment. She has been a volunteer on the Historic District Commission, Depot Advisory Committee, and as a library trustee. Webber is dedicated to serving her community, both here at home as well as in Concord. Personally, I know Carolyn to be caring, trustworthy, and a tireless worker. I know she will continue to be an outstanding State Representative. On November 2, please re-elect Carolyn Webber to the NH House of Representatives.

Chris Rossetti - Hudson

Endorsing Carolyn Webber for State Rep

It is with pleasure that I write to endorse the candidacy of Carolyn Webber. My wife and I fully support her re-election to the New Hampshire House and strongly encourage our family, friends, neighbors, and fellow constituents to join us. I have known Carolyn for over 40 years and had the pleasure in the past of serving with her on the Windham Historic District Commission. Carolyn brings an intense passion to her work and is a tireless advocate for the people of our district. She commits to being informed

and brings clear thinking and judgment to a very difficult job.

Our country and state continue to struggle with the residual effects of the financial crisis and resulting economic stagnation. Collectively, we have made considerable progress rising from the brink of catastrophic financial collapse. However, much more energy and effort is required to attack the dual problems of employment and sustainable economic growth, as well as the myriad of social and environmental challenges we face. I have confidence in Carolyn’s voice and leadership and look forward to her service in the years to come.

Please join us in supporting Carolyn Webber for reelection to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Patrick J. Schena - Windham We Deserve Better

This year, as with every year, it is important for

voters to find good information to base their candidate choices on. Unfortunately, even local NH politics has fallen into bad habits. The quality of the mailings and ads decreases as we get closer and closer to Election Day. As voters, we need to be smart consumers of information. If something makes you raise your eyebrows, do some research. If it makes your jaw drop, especially arriving the day before the election, you can just toss it in the trash. If it was a valid issue, it would have been brought up long before. We deserve better from our candidates in New Hampshire. Candidates talk of lower business taxes, no cuts to state aid to towns for stable property taxes, and stable or increased education funding—and maintaining no income and sales tax. You can’t promise tax cuts in a season of decreased revenues and think there will be enough to maintain support to towns (50 percent of the state budget). We deserve better from our candidates— not just words to soothe our wallets. Balancing the next biennial budget will be tough, just like this past one was. And Democrats successfully did it. Yes, stimulus money was used, but that was the intent—spending to support states through the recession. With adjustments to the second year, our budget was balanced, and NH businesses (therefore, state revenue) are doing better than projected, even this past spring. That is why revenues are up and there is a $70 million surplus. Other indicators are showing signs of growth as well, like the new NH unemployment figures out just this morning that show a further drop to 5.5 percent. NH is voted the safest state, the best state to retire or

to raise a child, has one of the lowest tax burdens per resident, and has one of the fastest rates of job growth. Which of these indicators do you want to ‘turn around’ with a change in majority? NH is on the right track with Democratic leadership. The credit rating firms of Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s all agree, giving NH top ratings. (Assoc. Press, 7/9/2010) So, go into this next election as informed as you can.

Check out your candidates’ Websites. Then, once they are elected, keep tabs on how they vote. Stay current on the issues and give them feedback—our elected

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officials deserve better from us, too. Your best vote is an informed vote. Please remember to vote on November 2.

Kristi St. Laurent, Candidate for NH Senate - Windham

John Sytek for State Representative

I am John Sytek and I’m a candidate for state representative from Salem and Windham. Some folks may remember me from my previous service as state rep in the ‘90s. Others will know me as a Latin teacher at Salem High for the past 15 years, or as town treasurer since 1997. Additionally, the Salem Historical Society made me a community cable TV “star” when they asked me to host Salem Jeopardy, which is still in reruns. I have met many Salem and Windham residents through my active participation in Salem- Windham Dollars For Scholars over the years. I am running for state representative because I want to help get our state back on the right track. I recognize that I don’t have all the answers, but I want to work to get state spending under control. As a former trustee of the NH Retirement System, I have a special concern about the unfunded liabilities of the pension system. As a former small business owner, I want to reduce the regulatory and tax burden the state places on all businesses. As a homeowner, I want to prevent the downshifting of state responsibilities that puts pressure on property taxes.

I promise to listen carefully, work diligently, and vote

conservatively. I ask for your vote on November 2. John Sytek - Salem

Carolyn Webber for State Representative

I am a proud member of New Hampshire’s House of Representatives. I have fought hard to better our communities and our state, and although we are not there yet, so much progress has been made. Don’t fall for misinformation—just look at the facts with me. New Hampshire citizens pay the second lowest taxes in the nation. I have and will continue fighting to protect this. Even the conservative Tax Foundation has New Hampshire as the seventh best state to run a business. We have worked hard to support local businesses here in our state with new tax incentives and great programs. Even when our national economy was unfavorable,

it was my work as a Representative that got our budget balanced. We now have a surplus of $63 million and that is true fiscal responsibility. We have done so without cutting any essential services, putting costs to local communities, or creating new, broad-based taxes. Our economy here in New Hampshire has endured. Our friends, family, and neighbors have weathered these tough conditions, and our state is leading nationally out of the recession. Independent financial rating agencies have even maintained excellent AA bond ratings. I’m ready to go back to work. There is still more to be done for our communities and for our state to keep New Hampshire moving forward. This November, please vote to return me to the House so I can work hard for the people of District 4.

Representative Carolyn Webber - Windham

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