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texas representatives throwing away $1 billion to other states TEXAS HORSE INDUSTRY’S INFORMATIONAL SOURCE SINCE 1996 By Karen Brown

legislative session is about to begin, efforts to bring video lot- tery terminals (VLTs) to Texas race tracks are mounting. Co- alitions of race track promoters and horse people throughout the state are joining forces to convince the legislators in the upcoming session to pass a Constitutional Amendment that will then allow Texas voters to vote yea or nay on the issue.

As the new Texas

of debate focus on the actual amount of revenue the state will receive from VLTs, how the economy and tourist trade will be stimulated by this new gambling venue, and the effects of increasing gambling in the state.

have persuasive statistics to back their claims of increased state revenue, economy stimu-

October 10, 2010 – After three days of tough competition in- volving unbelievable obstacles, screen tests, riding unfamiliar horses and working with year-

of a camera, general horse knowledge while under fire and livestock handling skills. Major received $10,000 cash, a Martin trophy saddle and a Gist trophy buckle. He also

Proponents of VLTs The major issues

10 years show that Texas has lost half its racing stock brood- mares and stallions. Breeders

mike majors wins project cowboy

Fawler, Colorado, cowboy receives standing ovation in addition to $10,000. Fort Worth, Texas,

the cowboy code of the past,” says co-producer Patti Colbert. “I think we have started a move- ment by combining so many elements from the equine world including a clinic atmosphere

lation, as well as growth and support for the agri-business horse industry and tourist indus- try. Further, a special fund will receive a significant portion of net proceeds which will directly stimulate the entire horse indus- try from racing to recreational activities and youth programs. Statistics over the past

in race events due to the much smaller purse and prize offer- ings impacts the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, retail shopping). The multiplier effect of increasing the horse population and expanding gambling activity would boost many businesses in a variety of industries and create an untold number of jobs throughout the state.

erie Clark, Executive Director of Texas H.O.R.S.E. (www., “Texas HORSE has developed the PERFORMANCE HORSE DEVELOPMENT FUND (PHDF) which gives a finan- cial boost to national horse organizations located in Texas. These associations will be

Sinatra and riding his American Quarter Horse Black Hope Stik without a bridle doing cow work, flying lead changes and sliding stops, Mike Major of Fawler, Colorado, wowed the crowd and the judges and won the inaugural Project Cowboy. Ben Baldus of Electra, Texas, finished second, and Mozaun McKibben of Whitesboro, Texas was third. Fort Worth, Texas, was rocking October 8-10, as more than 165 contes- tants competed for the Project Cowboy title and a $10,000 paycheck. Major emerged as the star after enduring three days of grueling competition that tested horsemanship abil- ity, readiness to be in front

ling American Quarter Horses, the dust settled and three in- credible horsemen remained. Dressed as Frank

received an invitation to appear at the 2011 Road To The Horse Legends World Championship and a 2011 Extreme Mustang Makeover event, as well as other major equine events and expos as a clinician. Jointly produced by

Tootie Bland Productions, cre- ator of the popular Road to the Horse competitions, and Patti Colbert Enterprises, producer of the Extreme Mustang Make- over events, Project Cowboy was filmed as a reality TV pilot and included many twists and turns.

have so many great horsemen and so many amazing horses competing in Project Cowboy and give notice to the industry that it’s time for equine compe- titions to step into the 21st

tury while also remembering dressage simulator

is a new computerized, pressure sensor technology that gives the rider invaluable information about how they are affecting the horse, and what the horse has been feeling. Details such as if the rider is sitting forward, back, leaning sideways, or not keeping a steady quiet seat; the strength and proper position of their leg and rein aids; the timing of their aids; all shown clearly on a big screen as the Simulator is being ridden. It is capable of performing gaits and movements thru FEI, including tempi changes, pirouettes, and piaffe. It is the ultimate opportunity for riders of all levels to develop their riding skills in a controlled atmosphere with instantaneous feedback on the big screen in front of you. How often have you wished your horse could tell you what you are doing wrong? Well, the Dressage Simulator will tell you and you will be able to change any incorrect habits you might have. This unique dressage educational tool will improve your awareness and riding skills significantly. After hearing about the Dressage Simulator at the 2009 USDF Convention, the Education Team

The Interactive Dressage Simulator

Ultimate High-Tech Dressage Training System

of Austin Dressage Unlimited, contacted Barbro Ask-Upmark of California, and arranged for her to bring the Dressage Simulator to Region 9 for a “Dressage Simulator Training Tour.” In October and November the Dressage Simulator will be offering training sessions at several locations in the region. We invite all dressage enthusiasts to attend, either as riders or auditors. For more information, please contact: Oct. 23–27: Kellyville, OK, Contact Anne at; Oct. 29 - Nov. 2 Perryville, AR, Contact: Eileen at; Nov. 8 – 10 Fulshear, TX, Contact Karen at; Nov. 11–12: Magnolia, TX, Contact MaryKay at, and Nov. 13 – 21 Au s t i n , TX,, Contact Cean at Watch a YouTube video of the Simulator here: For more information about the Dressage Simulator and Barbro Ask-Upmark, please visit www.

“Duval” is a 10-year-old, 15.2 hand gentle brown gelding. This is a good quiet, well mannered horse, with a forgiving mind and a willing attitude. He gives you all of his attention and responds to you in an easy, quiet way. He reins, stops, and backs up easily but not in a hurry. I think he is gentle and quiet enough for anyone, and would make a good all around horse in the pen, arena, the ranch, or on the trails. I have not found him to have any bad habits or vices.

Visit our website for more horses, pictures, prices and contact information, 2447 East Borgfeld • San Antonio, TX 78260 • (7 miles North of San Antonio on Hwy 281)

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Visit us at: Page 1 cen- “We are honored to

while testing show arena skills and on-camera appeal without forgetting our audience. We are very encouraged about the future of the horse industry after seeing so many talented people compete in Project Cowboy and the number of fans that came out to support this inaugural event.”

peted for more than $10,000 in cash and prizes. Project Cowboy is sponsored by the American Quarter Horse As- sociation, Western Horseman Magazine, Gist Silversmiths and Martin Saddlery. Visitwww. for more information.

trying to grasp it all,” said Ma- jor. “It was an overwhelming experience. I am so happy to have this opportunity, and I still haven’t grasped it all.” The cowboys com-

The According to Val-

have gone to Oklahoma and Louisiana where native born incentive programs are much more lucrative. The trickle down effect of this population change is felt throughout by veterinarians, farriers, feed store owners, training and boarding facilities, equipment suppliers and more. Further, the decrease

PHDF is set aside for horse activities that do not fall under the umbrella of the state or national organizations: 4-H and FFA programs & activities; rehabilitative riding programs; educational seminars and clin- ics about horses & horsemanship; equine research, etc. The goal of the PHDF is to give something back to the entire Texas horse industry,” Clark concludes. O p -

ponents of VLTs center most argu- ments around the moral dilemma of the expansion of gambling in the state. VLTs are viewed as more insidious than track wagering. Opponents believe

able to use funds innovatively to grow the Texas events and programs that they currently oversee as well as create new areas of growth.” “A portion of the

are addictive and prey on the poor and elderly. Social costs increase in the form of crime, debt, family violence, and suicide. Studies have not been conducted to accurately assess these costs to society.

there are sufficient means for any person to gamble in Texas; a new venue is unnecessary. It is claimed VLTs

Volume Fifteen - Issue Three November 2010

(Continued on Page 9.)

“Home of the Original 30-Day Exchange Guarantee”

“My mind is still

“Handsome” is a gorgeous 10-year-old, 15-hand palomino paint gelding. This is a solid well behaved, good handling, good riding horse. He travels out very easy and smooth and has a good rein stop and back up on him. He has no bad habits and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle and mount. He is excellent on the trails and has the potential to be an excellent performance horse if thats what you are looking for. He has a nice prompt response to his riding cues and should be ridden by the Begin- ner and Novice riders in a controlled environment so they can get used to him, He is a classy, athletic, well-behaved horse that will really be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone including Intermediate and Experienced riders. He is a really nice, safe, gentle horse that would be a great asset to any family stable or ranch. He does not have any buck in him and will not get fresh or frisky if turned out for long periods of time. If you are looking for a beautiful classy horse that would be fun for everyone, you have found him.

“Diamond” is a gorgeous 11-year-old, 15-hand black geld- ing. This is a good quiet handling horse that rides with a loose rein and has an easy, smooth, responsive rein, stop, and backup. If you can sit in the saddle and have any rid- ing skills at all you can ride and enjoy this horse. He is laid back and easy going, yet if you ask him he will go get the job done. I think this is a very good All-Around kind of horse that can be enjoyed in the pen, the arena, or the ranch. He would definitely be an asset to any family, stable, or ranch. I have not found him to have any bad habits or vices. If you like black and gentle, you will love “Diamond”.

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