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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, October 14, 2010



N o t

by Niel Young Advocates Columnist

sure i f it was here or on ra- dio that I predicted a number of friends l e a v i n g me during this elec- tion year

cycle, or soon after. Just count on it - okay! But, then again, are you ex- cited about the candi- date who won the primary without your vote? Do you honestly believe the win- ner who did not deserve your vote is going to be any different and deserve your vote now? What were the issues or behavior you differed with or were of- fended by?


NOTICE: This Sunday, Oct. 17, 1-3 pm the Up- per Valley Tea Party will gather in Enfield, NH at the Community Center (Rt. 4 & Main Street. Free food provided by Mickey’s Café. This is A CALL TO ACTION by Bob Guida, Ovide Lamontagne, Jack Kimball, Tom Thomson and Omer Ahern. Make your voice heard. For more info:www.upperval- Criticism of the Tea Par-

ty Movement just does not sit well with me. When the Tea Party folks have gatherings on TV it is so invigorating - though I am a Tea Party of One. What bothers me the

most, not talking about the Looney Left, but the Republicans who make fun of those Patriots who may have turned this elec- tion around, thus saving us from Obama’s tyranny of the next two years. It is for sure that the Elite GOP did not get off their hands. Yet, some of them did get

involved in state senate races - absolutely back- ing the wrong candidates; thereby, angering this “T- Party of One.” Not sure if I will still be around when the GOP finally faces the fact that they have treated social conservatives, fis- cal conservatives, Chris- tians, and now groups like the Tea Party as just be- neath them. We got the message many years ago but now we understand that amoeba Republicans placed party above prin- ciple for many years and have nearly cost us prin- cipled conservatives our state and country. And for that I am not in a forgiving mood! THIS IS AN INVITATION

for NH House candidates in nearby communities to appear during my radio program to take questions from me as well as the

callers - and for the can- didates to give me and the voters their truthful an- swers. Phone interviews are acceptable. Let’s get your position on issues important to me, thereby allowing the listeners to hear your answers. Not much time left and voters want to know what you will do as a member of the NH House.

******** Has this not been one Active.Community.Ad.050110_Layout 1 5/12/2010 11:04 PM Page 1

of the worst displays of “gotcha” politics in many years? I speak of the pri- mary and now into the general election. Why can’t the candidates and their “staff” talk about is- sues and the concerns of the voters? Is it because some have no desire to take questions because they are such liberal so- cialists that telling the truth would mean sure

defeat! ******** The quiet little man

John Lynch who takes both sides of an issue has begun attacking John Stephen - personally. The little man must be worried that this election is going to be one on the issues, his past performance, and our future financially and socially here in NH. The Teflon Governor knows that his first three terms

have not been a time of great accomplishment... and that he has had good luck and not much evi- dence of that sticking to him... new election, a brilliant challenger in the name of John Stephen, and finally a full examina- tion of Teflon’s bad laws - terrible spending and ac- counting practices, poor judgment in selecting the right people for the right See ADVOCATES on 27


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