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I wake up at…8.30am every day except Sundays and birthdays. I have homes in London, Paris, Val d’Isere, Lagos, Miami and Rome and no matter which country I am in my body clock is always on London time. Very annoying when I’m across the Atlantic! I’m opening a new restaurant in LA soon so I have to learn to change that.

The first thing I do is… check my emails and Blackberry messages, then speak via Skype to Linda, my other half and see how the kids are.

Breakfast is… a tall cappuccino and when I want to treat myself, a pain au chocolat. One of the businesses I own is a members club called Jalouse and if I’ve had a late night there, my assistant Clara insists on me

Freddie Achom is a self-made millionaire and self-confessed serial investor. His

company the Rosemont Group has interests in

everything from property investment to private member’s clubs. He describes 24 hours in his very busy, very glamorous life

having a full English breakfast. It’s an excellent cure for a hangover!

No morning is complete without… a 20 minute call or meeting with my assistant and my Operations Director Arlene King to discuss the day ahead and scheduled meetings.

I leave home at… 9.30am and head to one of my two offices in central London.

Lunch is usually spent with… one of my many business partners, in particular, Anthony Grant. We’re almost always together but will be accompanied by a business associate or friend. My favourite lunch time places are The Wolseley, Cecconi’s, Scotts, Cipriani’s, Hush and (my absolute favourite) La Petit Maison.

My day is made up of… meetings, meetings and conference calls! Lunch has become a very important part of my daily routine because a lot of business is done then and of course, over dinner.

Each day I try to make time for… catching up with my children. I have a 4-year old son called Wolffe and a 19-month old daughter called Tigerlily. They live between Rome and Paris and I usually only


see them at the weekend so I try to speak with them once a day on Skype. Their mother is a model and works mostly in Paris so it’s more convenient for her to be based there.

I have dinner at… usually 9.30pm. I live alone most of the time in London because my family are abroad. I don’t like cooking for one, so most nights I dine out. My favourite restaurants in London are Scotts, Le Caprice, Daphne’s, Mr Chow’s, Cipriani’s and La Petit Maison.

After dinner it’s time for… drinks and socialising. I usually do that at my club Jalouse on Hanover Square. I’m not much of a clubber these days as I have many projects on the go which force me to be out of the country but Jalouse is always fun and brings out a lot of the old faces, especially on Thursdays.

The rest of the evening is spent at… Jalouse on my usual table in the VIP area overlooking the dance floor. I’ll be joined by lots of old friends, business associates and the occasional well known face. The likes of Leo DiCaprio,, Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes, Kelly Brooke, Sienna Miller, Mickey Rourke have been known to come and join me when they are in town.

The last thing I do before going to bed is… speak with my Australian office. I own shares in a well known Australian winery in the Maclaren Vale region and also a wholesale and distribution company in Sydney. They are 12 hours ahead so the best time to speak with them is usually before bed. It doesn’t always go down well with the other half when she’s in town!

Lights out is usually… around 1am, usually after 1 or 2 pre-recorded episodes of CSI Las Vegas and CSI New York.

The favourite part of my day is… I have a 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS, 1966 E-type Jaguar Eagle and a few other cars so I love driving from the office through Regent’s Park on my way home. The wide open spaces and the lack of cars on that stretch of road is wonderful. I also love giving my kids a bath and putting them to bed when they are in town. It doesn’t happen often as they live abroad, so when they’re around I rush home from work to perform this joyous ceremony, it truly is the best.

Jalouse, 17 Hanover Square, W1. T: 020 7629 8871.

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