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Lessons learned from “The Office”

Take this job and … why employee retention is important

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Local companies receive NorthCoast 99 awards

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Employers warm up to ways to cool off hot tempers

by Ron Hollowell T

Extreme act of kindness

Willoughy-based Marous Brothers Construction uses a little TLC, a lot of manpower to make a difference

by Terri Nighswonger

Take a crew of tired, stressed out, sleep-deprived volunteers, add in a 106 hour deadline and you get one deserving family with a new home. It sounds perfectly simple on the surface as the un- trained viewer watches these houses built in an hour every Sunday evening. ItÕ s a reality show Ñ sort of. For the week of Sept. 28 through Oct. 5, reality came to Cleveland Ñ Extreme Makeover Home Edi- tion-style. The honor of the build in Maple Heights went to Willoughby-based Marous Brothers Con- struction.

The call came to Marous Brothers several months ago because an employee knew someone on the pro- duction team. The typical next line was, Ò If you ever come to Cleveland, give us a call.Ó Call they did.

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Crews worked through several nights to complete the house in just 106 hours. They finished on time. Left: Chip Marous, president of Marous Brothers Construction. TOP PHOTO BY SUE MAROUS-KADO, LEFT BY BRENDEN NIGHSWONGER

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winery was honored worldwide.


Leaders ponder affect of election

by Maria Shine Stewart

Hope. Concern. Advice. All three words are simmering in the business and public sectors as the countdown continues. On Jan. 1, a new structure for Cuyahoga County government will be imple- mented, with a county executive and 11 county council members sworn in. On Nov. 2, these dozen leaders will be elected and charged with

he pressure cooker most of us live in from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays can some- times reach a dangerous boiling point. Today more

than ever, companies are working dili- gently to identify, and to cool off, simmer- ing employees who may become more than steamed and create a blistering and potentially dangerous situation at work. Employees at a Kraft Foods plant in Philadelphia experienced a horrific sce- nario Sept. 9 when a just-suspended fe- male employee allegedly shot and killed two people. In August, JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater launched into an obscenity- laced tirade in front of passengers before making a theatrical departure down an airplane emergency exit slide. In dramatic fashion, Slater became the embodiment of the angry U.S. service worker. How do employers identify and handle these troublesome workers who may be ready to explode at any time?

Ò Typically, if a person has a lot of rage built up inside them, their behavior will be a prime indicator,Ó says Michelle Woods, a human resources director at Fusion in Willoughby. Ò How they are interacting with others in the workplace or with cus- tomers is a key indicator, especially when they display atypical behavior.

See ANGER, page 6

ItÕ s just really pulled our company together. ItÕ s just amazing. ItÕ s been a great experience so far.

Chip Marous, company president

energizing and stabilizing a county government full of scandal for many years. Three-commissioner representation will end. Formerly elected offices of auditor, clerk of courts, coroner, engineer, recorder, sheriff and treasurer will be re- placed with appointees. To most, this is old news. Plus, with escalating poverty rates, un- employment figures and foreclo- sure dampening local spirits, others may look the other way.

On the eve of historic change for the countyÕ s government, east- ern Cuyahoga political leaders and business owners are pondering how the change will affect them, their communities and their companies.

Collaboration needed

Ò My hope is that the new sys- tem will create an atmosphere of economic development,Ó Euclid Mayor Bill Cervenik says. Ò These 12 people are going to need to work together closely.Ó

Cervenik notes that each of the

11 districts will encompass a variety of cities and villages.

See VOTE, page 16 GET

INFORMED View inter- views with each of the six county executive candidates online now. Head to our site for details.


Job seekers: Manufacturing field awaits Check it out, page 14


CARELL? See why he’s inside, page 8

HR 101: Covering the basics

by Susan Chermonte & Tara Haskett


of eligible vot- ers cast ballots for county government candidates in the Septem- ber primaries, even though the November 2009 vote for Issue 6, the charter government reform, was resounding.

re you new to human resources? Maybe this is your first op- portunity to put the skills and

theories youÕ ve studied into practice. Maybe youÕ re an entrepreneur or a small- business owner whose business is grow- ing so you need to add more formal HR practices. Maybe youÕ ve been given the task of Ò handlingÓ HR. Maybe youÕ re a seasoned professional who could use a quick refresher.

Regardless of your HR experience, your company size or the customers it serves, here are three common organiza- tional practices that are important to un- derstand, review and maintain.

Employee recordkeeping While one of the goals of an HR professional should be to drive the best use of talent to accomplish your or- ganizationÕ s goals, the foundation of solid HR management is the proper mainte- nance of employee records. The U.S. De- partment of Labor can audit your files and will issue penalties for non-compliance. So as the saying goes, document, docu- ment, document.

1 See HR 101, page 10

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