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before arriving on-site. We are launching a mobile application that

will allow attendees to search for exhibitors and products right on their mobile device. In addition, and based on feedback from

our attendees,we are creating a networking area on the show floor that will be serving snacks each day.We encourage folks to stop by C5 and enjoy some ice cream, cookies or popcorn— keep the energy up in order to visit as many exhibitors as possible! Also new this year is the F&B Coffee House,

which will feature freshly brewed gourmet coffee and live demonstrations brought to you by Café Bravo Coffee Roasting Company.

The keynote presentations are inter- esting this year. Tell us about the Fortunemagazine editor and why he will be valuable to hear. Geoffrey Colvin is an engaging speaker who will talk to us about today’s economy and what we should be doing with our businesses in the future. Great speaker with lots of interesting insights to share!

And what about the “State of the Industry?” Some very interesting pan- elists this year. Yes, as you know we were going for “legends” and it will be terrific to hear from some of the most prolific and interesting leaders in the industry.

And finally, the tribal keynote also takes a new format in 2010. Why do you think that will be valuable? It’s always good to shake things up and keep them fresh so we decided to go with a different format this year for our Tribal Keynote. Indian gaming continues to be one of the fastest-grow- ing segments of the U.S. gaming industry so this is a keynote that should not be missed. To get the latest updates on all our keynote speakers and show info, make sure you visit our website at

Several years ago, you launched adjuncts to the show that addressed the non-gaming amenities in the casino industry—Entertainment, F&B and the like. While the economy has undoubted- ly affected that area, what do you see as the prospects for that part of the show? As the economy has affected these areas as well, our F&B and Entertainment exhibits will be slightly smaller but still robust. According to the AGA’s 2010 State of the State Report, 70 per- cent of casino visitors ate at a fine dining restaurant and 60 percent saw a show, concert or other type of live entertainment, which demonstrates that F&B and entertainment still hold lots of promise for the future and repre- sent an important part of gaming.



There was an important announcement last month about the G2E family of shows. Can you explain what this will mean to the aver- age exhibitor and attendee? Yes, based on continued customer feedback we have adjustedthe dates of both G2E in both Las Vegas and Macau.G2E Las Vegas will move to early October in 2011 and Macau will move to mid-May beginning in 2012. This aligns the global calendar much more nicely and gives our largest customers a good amount of time between the Las Vegas event and the Europe event in January. G2E Las Vegas customers have indicated that an earlier date also works better for their sales cycle as being so close to Thanksgiving presented a number of challenges.

Tell us about the growth and maturation of G2E Asia. That’s rapidly become the most important trade show and confer- ence in that region of the world. G2E Asia will celebrate its fifth anniversary next year. The show continues to be an important event that addresses the entire Asian region.And as we all know Macau, Singapore and the sur- rounding countries continue to see growth in gaming with no end in sight.We see this growth reflected on the trade show floor as well. The 2011 show floor is tracking over 45 percent larg- er than last year at this time.We will continue to

Surveys, focus groups, face-to-face meetings, advisory boards, we use it all and we take the feedback very seriously. We let the customers guide us in terms of important and strategic issues related to dates, location and content and, that will never change.

Now that there seems to be some syner- gy and an orderly schedule between the major gaming trade shows, do you believe the industry will be well served to focus on those shows both from an exhibitor and attendee standpoint? I do. The calendar is laid out very nicely for all of our constituents.

Can you imagine G2E 10 years from now? If you can, give us your vision for gam- ing’s most important trade show and conference. As you know, we will start the next decade of G2E with new dates and a move to the Sands Expo and Convention Center. G2E will continue to be “by the industry, for the industry.” The key tenants of our event, products, networking, education and face- to-face interaction, will never change. The window dressing around it, however, will likely be very different!


Have you seen any growth this year? The last two shows have been held dur- ing challenging economic times, but do we see some more optimism this year? We anticipate the show being almost exactly the same size this year in terms of square footage and number of companies on the show floor. To date we have around 80 new companies exhibiting at G2E this year so there will be a lot of new product to see, not only from the large manufacturers but also all of the new companies.

work closely with the industry to evolve G2E Asia as the market in Asia changes and grows.

The phrase “by the industry, for the industry” has been the motto of G2E from the start 10 years ago. How serious- ly do you take this when considering the dates, location and content of the shows? It’s everything to us.We work very closely with all of our industry partners and expend an enormous amount of energy researching and gaining feedback from all of our customers.

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