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sprinkles are going to be the main course,” says Shuffle Master Executive Vice President Roger Snow, chief table game designer. As a result, Shuffle

Master will feature five all- new felt games among the six it will showcase at G2E. All five are poker-based and offer head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet.

No Flop Pineapple Hold’em: A four-card poker game in which play- ers get three cards and throw away one, then use two community cards to complete their hand.

Shuffle Master

Shuffle Master, the world’s leading supplier of pro- prietary table games,will take a different approach to this year’s G2E expo.“In the past,we would fea- ture a main course of established games with one or two new games sprinkled in. This year, the

Fortune San Lo Poker: Players get six cards to make three poker hands: a

one-card hand, a two-card hand and a three-card hand. The game utilizes Shuffle Master’s i-Verify device to help dealers set their hands according to the house way.

High Five Poker: Players get seven cards to make their best five-card poker hand. The game

TransAct ServerPort

in developing and man- ufacturing market-spe- cific printers for transac- tion-based industries. TRANSACT printers are designed from the ground up based on mar- ket-specific requirements. TRANSACT also has a strong focus on the after- market side of the busi- ness, with a high com- mitment to printer serv-

ice, supplies and spare parts. TRANSACT is widely regard-

ed as the world’s leading company for financial transaction printers. This extensive

TransAct Technologies

With more than 2 million units installed around the world, Hamden, Conneticut based TRANS- ACT Technologies (Nasdaq:TACT) is the leader

experience has helped U.S.-based and listed TRANSACT expand its gaming industry pres- ence through the development of the acclaimed Epic 950 thermal printer for gaming machines. The Epic 950’s key selling points include its inno- vative technology, rugged and reliable design, ease of deployment and its many advanced fea- tures, such as low-ticket sensing, quick discon- nect, ticket burst and present, and flexible con- nectivity options. The introduction of ServerPort exemplifies

TRANSACT’s dedication to understanding cus- tomer needs and to providing the latest technol- ogy to casino operators. ServerPort provides a

features a joker, which can be used as an ace or to complete a straight or flush.

Dealer Bluff: A six-card poker game that com- bines card-reading technology with artificial intelligence so the dealer can initiate action against players based on the strength of his hand.

Rabbit Hunter: A five-card poker game that gives players the option to buy an extra card after seeing their initial hand.

“I try to leave the predictions up to the tarot card readers,” says Snow, who has created sev- eral of the biggest table games of all-time. “But I’d bet a couple of bucks that one of these games will become a blockbuster.” Shuffle Master’s Blackjack Switch, one of the

hottest titles in the industry, also will be dis- played. In addition, the wildly popular Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em will be demonstrated on Shuffle Master’s chipless table game platform, the i-Table. This revolutionary technology combines an electronic betting inter- face with a live dealer, dealing from a card read- ing shoe or shuffler. The i-Table improves game speed, security and player enjoyment while simultaneously reducing many of the operating expenses associated with live tables.

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clear upgrade path to server-based applications and is capable of delivering promotions and coupons to the game. ServerPort upgrades exist- ing Epic 950 printers and turns them into even smarter printers that allow operators to monitor printer events, configure the printer for special functions and print promotional offers at the gaming machine. Finally there is the Epic 880, a powerhouse

packed with features and functionality that defy its small footprint. When game or kiosk real estate is limited, or if you simply require the industry’s best feature-rich and flexible printer, the Epic 880 is the printer of choice. This remarkable printer offers an easy-opening clamshell that provides effortless paper loading, and it supports variable-length receipt printing of up to 10 inches for extreme flexibility in printing options. The printer is self-contained, with a built-in electronics base and an adjustable paper spindle for maximum flexibility in paper roll positioning. Come see the latest in print technology at the

2010 G2E—TRANSACT’s Epic 950, Epic 880 and ServerPort products—and discover why TRANSACT and the Epic family of printers are the clear industry leaders for all casino and gam- ing printing needs.

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