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Konami Gaming, Inc.

Las Vegas-based Konami Gaming, Inc., a leading provider of slot machines and casino management systems for the global gaming market, will intro- duce two new progressive games in booth 1640: a new stand-alone slot, the 1950s-themed Rock Around the Clock, and a new linked community game, the Grand Prix-themed Top Track.

Rock Around the Clock It’s party time at G2E as Konami debuts its 1950s-themed slot, Rock Around the Clock! The Rock All Day and Party All Night models will be featured on Konami’s successful Advantage 5 cabinet, and Rhythm N’ Riches and Shakes N’ Spins will be presented on the popular Advantage Revolution cabinet. A four-level stand-alone progressive, Rock Around the Clock is sure to attract players with its namesake theme song adding to the buzz! Rock Around the Clock: Rock All Day and Party All Night offer a base

game including a free game, and the progressive feature in which a player can win up to four jackpots for each progressive triggered. Each jackpot will be presented as a record on a jukebox,with the record needle acting as an arrow. If the needle stops on a jackpot area of the record, the player will be awarded the progressive jackpot associated with that record. If the player does not win any of the progressive jackpots, a consolation prize of credits will be randomly awarded. Rock Around the Clock: Rhythm N’ Riches and Shakes N’ Spins have

a base game, a “Rockin’ and Reelin’” event and a progressive bonus fea- ture,“Jukebox Jackpot” that’s triggered from the “Rockin’ and Reelin” fea- ture when the reel unit turns and stops on the wheel face. On the top LCD screen, the player will be prompted to select a record from a set of three. The selected record will reveal a color pattern that’s displayed on the physical wheel. The player then has one spin to win on the progressive amounts indicated in red, yellow and blue, representing Maxi,Mega and Major, respectively. At the end of the feature, the game will return to the base game.

Top Track Race your slot banks into the fast lane with Top Track, Konami’s new Grand Prix-themed, four-level linked community progressive. Top Track will keep players on the edge of their racing seats with first-rate features like the exciting car-racing “Grand Prix” bonus event in which eligible players will win a chance to race for a progressive jackpot. Eligible players will be allotted “drivers” based on their bet level; the

bigger the bet, the greater the chances to earn additional drivers.The hand- icapping feature will provide “drivers” winning odds; the higher the odds, the higher the prize. One progressive level will be awarded to each race. In addition, all eligible drivers will win a Community Bonus award. In order to be eligible to participate, a player must wager an ante bet

amount,which is an additional 40 percent of the base game bet.One play- er triggers and additional players must have had handle-pull within the previous seven seconds to join in (or 3.5 seconds depending on configu- ration setting).

Konami booth at NIGA 2010 The trigger for the progressive feature will randomly occur in propor-

tion to bank’s extra bet wager; that is, the more the bank of players bet, the more frequently the bank will trigger the progressive feature. The alloca- tion of the drivers will be proportional to a player’s extra bet wager; that is, the more a player bets relative to other players in the feature, the more driv- ers the player could be awarded. Once a race is triggered, the player who triggered automatically will

receive one driver. The remaining eight drivers will be allocated propor- tional to each eligible player’s total extra bet. A player may receive more than one driver; it’s possible that an eligible player may not receive a driv- er. Each driver will be given odds of winning one of four progressive levels. Odds will be similar to a driver’s actual chance of winning. The long shots (higher odds) will race for the MAXI and MEGA, and the favorites (lower odds) will race for the MAJOR and MINI. The winning driver will receive the progressive level corresponding to that driver’s odds. The race will be shown on the game screen and on the overhead sign.

The place of each driver will update constantly.At the end of the race, each participating player will be shown his or her award, including any progres- sive amount won and the community bonus credits awarded. Top Track is available for 1-cent, 2-cent, 5-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, 50-

cent, $1, $2 and $5 denominations. Games on a link can be of different games series, cabinets and bet configurations. Find out how to add more player-pleasing party fun and racing action to

your casino floor with thrilling Konami games like Rock Around the Clock and Top Track, premiering at G2E 2010!

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