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Founded in 1983, FutureLogic, Inc. developed many of the features and functions of the ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO) gaming printer that have become industry standards today.With more than 1.3 million printers shipped worldwide, FutureLogic printers are the most decorated in the industry—including the GEN2 Universal printers, which have won 12 gaming technology awards since 2003. FutureLogic recently was awarded patents on a gaming printer that

is connected to a gaming machine and a promotional host.This technol- ogy will be on trial with the PromoNet promotional couponing solution later this year in Las Vegas and California. Using this couponing solu- tion, casinos will be able to reward 100 percent of their patrons and recruit players to join their loyalty programs. Come see FutureLogic at booth 2431b at this year’s G2E, where it will exhibit several of its game-changing peripherals.Highlights will include:

• The introduction of FutureLogic’s GEN3 Evolution printer, a device featur- ing even larger paper capacity and faster printing and presenting speed.

• The template-based PromoNet couponing solution that helps casinos design and manage a wide range of promotional campaigns from the convenience of a workstation PC, and turns ordinary slot tickets into eye-catching coupons.

• The Eclipse universal ticket and receipt printer, designed for Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and unattended kiosks.

FutureLogic thermal printers facilitate casino’s promotional couponing initiatives

• The TableXchange printer/scanner that connects table games to the casino’s existing network by scanning and printing TITO vouchers. This technology will help casinos identify valuable crossover players, enable promotional couponing at the table and virtually eliminate the need to replenish chips at table games.

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Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

Galaxy Gaming, Inc. is the world’s second-largest developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative casino table games and enhanced electronic wagering platforms. The company has the products, the people and the purpose to “Deliver[ing] the finest gaming products and experiences in the Galaxy!” At booth 3331 at G2E, Galaxy Gaming will

display exceptional and exciting products, including three of its newest table games:

• Named the Best New Table Game for 2010, Galaxy Gaming’s Triple Attack Blackjack, cur- rently on field trial at Harrah’s Las Vegas, offers players three opportunities to wager: once before any cards are dealt, a second time after they have received their first card, and a third time after they have seen the dealer’s face-up card. Galaxy Gaming’s CEO Robert Saucier says Triple Attack Blackjack “quite possibly could be one of the most exciting blackjack variations ever invented based upon early enthusiastic responses we have received from casino operators who witnessed a sneak pre- view of the game.”

• Emperor’s Challenge, which took second prize as Best New Table Game in a 2009 national survey, offers traditional pai gow poker—with a twist! Players can make a traditional pai gow poker wager; an Emperor’s Treasure Bet wager that offers up to eight different bonus awards; an Envy Bonuswager, in which players can win on other players’ hands; or purchase some pai gow Insurance, a good thing to have when receiving a no-pair hand!

• Deuces Wild, an exciting variation of stud poker, allows players to increase their wager as their hand improves.Plus,unlike any other stud poker table game, it’s played with 53 cards and all deuces and the joker are wild! Three propo- sition wagers offer casinos added revenue opportunities.

• Other popular Galaxy Gaming games that will be displayed at G2E will include: 3 Card Double Play Poker, Lucky Ladies, Texas Shootout,Kokomo Stud, Three Card Split and Lucky 8 Baccarat.

Galaxy Gaming also will showcase its elec-

tronic gaming platform, the Bonus Jackpot System, recently approved for use on table games in Nevada casinos. Introduced in Washington state casinos in March 2009, the Bonus Jackpot System detects and counts the number and type of wagers players make, and displays payout odds,

jackpots and pro- motional bonuses. Easy to operate and customize, the Bonus Jackpot System allows casino operators to offer players the chance at life-chang- ing jackpots, frequent bonus awards and special promotions. The past two

years have seen dynamic growth at Galaxy Gaming. In February 2009 it became a publicly traded compa- ny (ticker symbol: GLXZ), and recently was approved for use on table games in Pennsylvania’s nine operating casinos. In addi- tion, Ron Marks, a 30-year veteran of sales and marketing and author of the renowned Managing for Sales Results, was named vice pres- ident of sales. Greg Flowers, with a track record of 35-plus years in marketing, corporate brand- ing and merchandising for the gaming industry, was named marketing and corporate communi- cations manager.

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G2E Preview 2010 | 67

Rob Saucier, CEO of Galaxy Gaming

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