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cations; select from a wide array of turn- key cabinets; or ask about Cole Kepro’s contract engineering and manufacturing program. Cole Kepro also offers harness- es and mechanical and electrical compo- nents, as well as upgrade and conversion kits plus development test stations. Every Cole Kepro cabinet comes

Dual 22 (l.), Single 22 (m.), E Slant (r.) Cole Kepro

For expertly designed, dependably manufac- tured and competitively priced cabinets for Class II and Class III electronic gaming machines, more and more customers around the globe turn to Cole Kepro International. An industry leader and international supplier of turn-key gaming cabinets and related products, the company is a partnership of Cole Industries, Inc., established in 1993, and Kepro International Co., Ltd. of Taiwan, founded in 1986. Cole Kepro customers have a lot of choice

when it comes to cabinet design: Choose cus- tom-manufactured cabinets precision-made to your most demanding requirements and specifi-

with built-in service benefits including comprehensive training and technical support and full on-site refurbishment capabilities. You can also count on Cole Kepro for electro-mechanical design and testing, precision sheet metal design and fabrication, tooling and offshore component sourcing.

Why do a growing number of worldwide clients choose Cole Kepro turn-key cabinets?

• They replace a number of hardware and electrical vendors with just one.

• They know every Cole Kepro cabinet is thoroughly tested and designed for top functionality.

• They can get to market faster (because Cole Kepro cabinets have never failed to obtain regulatory approval).

• They reduce overhead by eliminating their own design and manufacturing departments.

• They become a “one-stop shop” for war- ranty, technical support and spare parts.

casino table game revenue.DEQ’s side bet and bonusing systems include such features as progres- sive and random jackpot prizes, mystery bonusing, multiple cred- its and dealer hand betting as well as flexible denomination betting. At G2E, DEQ will present a

new cutting edge product for blackjack… it’s so top-secret, you’ll just have to come by the booth to see it! And while you’re there, check out the amazing G3 and the revolutionary new G3 Unplugged Edition. The G3 is a linkable bonusing

G3 Poker Bonusing DEQ Systems

DEQ has provided specialized casino table game bonusing technology for the worldwide gaming industry since 1998. The company’s patents—recognized in more than 50 coun- tries—and its product line—found in more than 200 casinos in more than 30 countries across North America and Asia—are focused on new and incremental methods of increasing

66 | G2E Preview 2010

jackpot and loyalty server-based system that brings an entire suite

of important bonusing processes to table games, providing casinos with increased rev- enues and additional player participation. Adaptable to any live table game such as poker, blackjack, baccarat or pai gow, the G3 replaces existing bonusing systems with exciting, user friendly applications. The G3 Unplugged Edition allows casinos to

connect tables to a jackpot wirelessly and offers innovations aimed at increasing revenue poten- tial and reducing hardware and infrastructure cost. Features include:

Cole Kepro’s partners and suppliers include a wide variety of domestic and international component manufacturers whose products range from com- modity buttons and lights to advanced bill valida- tors and printers/scanners.As a result,Cole Kepro works with an increasingly diverse and growing customer base, requiring all types of gaming machine components and configurations. In addition,Cole Kepro’s management team

is among the most experienced in both the cab- inet manufacturing and gaming industries. This allows Cole Kepro to provide its clients with a unique value-added perspective in a competitive and challenging market environment. The company’s state-of-the-art,North Las Vegas

headquarters facility in the United States totals 134,000 square feet in two buildings.Approximately 115,500 square feet is dedicated to manufacturing, assembly and warehousing.Cole Kepro’s global cus- tomers also are served by affiliated factories and facilities in Taiwan and mainland China. For gaming cabinets that offer outstanding

selection, expert design capabilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing and superior quality and service, talk to the pros at the Cole Kepro booth at the 2010 G2E.

For more information, please visit

Cole Kepro International LLC conveys the following disclaimer: Cole Kepro International LLC is not a licensed gaming company. Although any platform or PC can be supported in all of its product lines to include pre-wiring, the gaming platform, content and bios remain the sole responsibility of the customer.

• Multiple jackpots where the player can be on more than one progressive jack- pot at the same time.

• Multiple configurable reserve jackpots that ensure that the reseed jackpots keep the players coming back for more.

• Jackpot Lock: In large installations where more than 50 tables are connect- ed, multiple jackpot prizes can hit almost simultaneously. The Jackpot Lock makes sure the jackpot is locked for payment, that the next available reserve jackpot is triggered, and that clients at the table and all other tables are aware of what is happening.

DEQ also will display EZ BACCARAT, an LCD- based system that enhances revenue from existing customers without changing the drawing rules of the game—yet it can deliver between 40 percent and 60 percent more hands per hour for the casi- no. In addition, DEQ will showcase the EZ PAI GOWsystem,which plays the same as regular pai gow, with the exception that it removes the com- missions from the game and adds a push anytime the dealer gets dealt a Queen high pai gow hand. The house edge is virtually the same and the hands per hour go up dramatically.

For more information, please visit

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