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Cadillac Jack has had an outstanding 2010, high- lighted by exciting new products and technolo- gy. Casino operators and players are asking, “What’s next?” At booth 2457 at the 2010 G2E show,

Cadillac Jack will preview what the future has in store. Attendees can expect to see a broad prod- uct portfolio encompassing feature-rich game content, new game engines, dynamic button decks, expanded video reel options that include a 100 Line series, and new wide area progres- sives and WAP/LAP combinations prominently featured on the Genesis cabinet. Since premiering at last year’s G2E, Cadillac

Jack’s Genesis cabinet has garnered high acco- lades, featuring dual 22-inch wide-screen LCD panels, unique game-controlled audio and lighting effects, ergonomic game play and improved serviceability. The majority of new products Cadillac Jack will display at G2E will be on Genesis cabinets. Paired with Genesis, Cadillac Jack’s tech-

nologically advanced new game engines bring an enhanced level of rich content and func- tionality to the games. Ante Bet will be incor- porated into multiple game themes and math models, allowing players to place an addition- al bet prior to spinning, with the potential to unlock extra bonus features such as free spins or augmented win amounts. True Pick is a unique interactive game engine that keeps players constantly guessing by generating ran- dom outcomes in the pick bonus.

The Odyssey The Odyssey is a true show-stopper with rich content, featuring multiple bonuses and visually stunning graphics. Themed after Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey takes players on a grand journey alongside characters and various adven- tures from Odysseus’ quest to return home. Presented on Cadillac Jack’s Genesis cabinet, the graphics are vividly displayed on dual high-reso- lution, 22-inch wide screen LCD panels. The Odyssey presents the player with six

bonus games including three unique True Picks, free spins and an on-screen pick bonus triggered by random scatters. Dynamic graphics integrate between the top and bottom screens. Cadillac Jack’s Cool Breeze audio system completes the captivating game.

100 Line Series Cadillac Jack’s 100 Line series includes an excit- ing library of games. Initial games that will pre- mier at G2E include Let Them Eat Cake and 100 Wicked Wombats. The series features Double-

the-Lines and other new features including Double-high Vertical symbols—two symbols that combine into a single double-high sym- bol—that help trigger the top jackpot. The 100 Line games also feature Free Spin Bonuses with an increased number of Vertical Wild symbols to give the player a higher hit frequency during free spins.

Progressives Cadillac Jack’s progressive products continue to build a loyal player following, generating impressive jackpots for many players in the United States and Mexico. The newest additions to Cadillac Jack’s portfolio of progressive prod- ucts include Struck by Luck and Mega Strike. These games heighten player excitement with unique game mechanics while being revenue generators on the casino floor.

• Struck by Luck—Wide Area Progressive Cadillac Jack’s successful Class II wide area progressive, Cadillac Cash, will feature a new game theme, Struck by Luck, which will be showcased on the new Genesis dual-screen cabinet. Struck by Luck is the first 50 Line game to be linked to Cadillac Jack’s WAP jackpot. The game features traditional gaming symbols such as cherries, bells and horseshoes, but gets an electrifying new twist with super-charged lightning bolt graphics!

• Mega Strike—Multi-Level Progressive Cadillac Jack’s first rich-content WAP/LAP combination,Mega Strike, has four local-area progressives and one top-award wide-area progressive. The top award is tied to Cadillac Jack’s wide-area progressive Cadillac Cash and awards the WAP through a scatter event. Mega Strike will be displayed on Cadillac Jack’s Genesis cabinet and incorporate a multi-level bonus featuring interactive picks, multipliers and free spins. Mega Strike features classic symbols, Sparky,

the game mascot, and lots of special-effect fire. The interactive True Pick Bonus is triggered by the Free Spins symbol. In the three-part bonus, players will pick tiles on a four-by-five grid until three symbols match and determine the number of free spins awarded. Players will then pick to find the multiplier that will be applied to all pays during Free Spins.

See “What’s next” at G2E, at booth 2457… Cadillac Jack!

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The Odyssey Cabinet Class II G2E Preview 2010 | 65

100 Wicked Wombats Cabinet Class III

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