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Bally Technologies

Visit Bally Technologies in booth 1230 at the 2010 G2E and discover why the Las Vegas-based gam- ing manufacturer is “Your Partner in Innovation,” featuring games, cabinets, systems, signage and more in an impressive 14,400-square -foot area. Among the highlights,Bally will showcase 134

unique game titles and nearly 300 total games, designed for the Class III, Class II, VLT, central determination and international markets. The majority of the featured games will be

on the new Pro Series cabinets, using the power of the new ALPHA 2 platform. This powerful platform is optimized for dual-screen, multi- game play. It uses HD video technology for exciting 3D graphics, animations and up to a four-monitor play experience. It supports both existing and new game libraries and it’s network and server-based ready. These sleek, sophisticated cabinets feature the

iDeck for compelling player interaction, custom four-speaker sound (24-bit), LED cabinet lighting and a Super Candle synchronized with game play; and dramatically improved serviceability.

Hot NewGames Visitors will be among the first to see several of the most cutting-edge games in the industry, including:

Betty Boop’s Love Meter: Bally brings back the sexy animated cartoon character from the mid- 1930s in Betty Boop’s Love Meter, featured on the Pro Series Upright cabinet with a towering Love Meter top box where players can win credits, free games and other bonus game features.There’s even a special “Love Meter” feature called “How Hot Are You?” in which players put their hands on the iDeck to get their “love temperature” taken, from “Loveable” to “Irresistible!”When the meter stops, the panel flips to reveal an award (credit value).

Cash Wizard: The first ALPHA 2 Pro Series game with a spinning wheel, Cash Wizard creates a rich and visually stunning world of magical potions and mysterious spells, artfully depicted with dazzling on-screen animations, special effects, sound and music. This bonus-laden game captivates players with three base-game bonuses and two “Wizard Bonus Bet” mystery bonuses, featuring a whimsical wizard and his pet dragon who cavort across the screen, activating three mys- tery wheel bonus-bet progressives that will occur every 13 plays.

PlayboyHot Zone: Bally’s newest Playboy title, Playboy Hot Zone video slot harkens back to the Playboy of the 1950s-’60s,with illustrated Playboy Playmates,wearing era-appropriate “bunny suits,” animated over two 22-inch touch-enabled LCD

64 | G2E Preview 2010

displays for an incredible visual presentation. The game features Bally’s patented new Hot Zone Play Mechanic, featuring a Hot Zone over- lay that drops down onto the reels during the base game and free games and makes all the symbols underneath it wild.

Interactive Gaming Bally leads the industry in interactive gaming with its award-winning U-Spin gesture-control tech- nology, first introduced on the award-winning Cash Spin game. With U-Spin, during bonus sequences, the player gets to touch the screen and spin the bonus wheel left or right, fast or slow— just as if it were an actual physical wheel. AtG2E, Bally will introduce Hot Pick, the fol-

low-up title to Cash Spin, in which players control the frequency of their wins by picking one of six reel symbols, determining how often they will get the U-Spin Wheel Bonus and how much they can win.A dynamic pay table means that the prizes on each wedge of the game’s giant touch-screen wheel will change depending on which reel sym- bol is chosen and the player’s bet level. Other U-Spin games to be featured include Vegas

Hits and Vegas Hits Road Trip on the Digital Tower Series cabinet. These games will bring an entertain- ing, retro Vegas experience to the casino floor,where the thrill of 16 bonus possibilities on double, vibrant wheels is a thrilling reality. Crowning the games is a topper that closely resembles the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas”landmark sign. Bally also will display the U-Spin interactive

game Golden Pharaoh, its first title on the high- profile Hammerhead game cabinet in the ALPHA 2 Pro Series family. This unique cabinet design features a jumbo 32-inch upper display with a Super Pointer that delivers vibrant high-definition video, custom game sounds and full-color LED lighting effects. Every bonus event is an attention- grabbing celebration!

iDeck Another Bally innovation designed to maximize player interaction is the iDeck, a touch-screen but- ton deck that replaces traditional button decks. This groundbreaking, server-based technology features three levels of interaction, all the way to full immersion, as players explore new dimensions in skill-based bonus games, mini-games, virtual shooting galleries—anything is possible!

Bally System Highlights

Bally Command Center: Bally Command Center is a Bally server-based solution that enables gaming operators to dynamically manage their gaming devices from a central location. It not only provides game content download, but also man- ages content on the iVIEW network and software updates on peripherals.

iVIEW Display Manager (DM): Bally will showcase iVIEW DM, a player-user-interface that enables casinos to present marketing messages and service offerings like beverage ordering any-

Jackpot Vegas Hits Road Trip

where on the main game screen or the top game display. But the true power of iVIEW DM lies in the synergy with Elite Bonusing Suite and the abil- ity to deliver compelling, floor-wide player bonus- ing applications right on the main game screen without any interruption to game play. Imagine a bonus wheel on any machine on the slot floor or a horse race taking place on all slot machines!

Bally App:At G2E,Bally will introduce the Bally App, which enables casino patrons to skip lines, receive all casino promotions and access other property details directly on their mobile phone at any time. This gaming-based mobile application using smart phones allows patrons to easily look up their points and comp balances, check promo dollars, current offers and progressive amounts or see a map of the resort, as well as view property information such as hotel, dining, spa and enter- tainment. The synergy between smart-phone technology, bandwidth and consumers’ accept- ance ofmobile applications creates the ideal chan- nel to instantly generate awareness of your prop- erty and brand.

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