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AC Coin & Slot

In October 2009, family-owned AC Coin & Slot took on the challenge to stand among the giants of the reel world as a true slot bonus game man- ufacturer. Years worth of successful bonus game development were maximized when AC Coin & Slot renegotiated a new agreement with IGT that enabled AC Coin to offer their wildly successful proprietary games for sale, in addition to lease options, for the very first time. Since launching its for-sale slots just one

year ago, the Pleasantville, New Jersey-based company has radically expanded its install base across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. With games in 225 casinos around the world, AC Coin & Slot is not just the only slot manufacturer on the East Coast, but the only family-owned slot manufacturing business in the country. “Since first putting out our sign in 1978, our

focus has always been on what’s next,” said Jason Seelig, executive vice president of sales and mar- keting for AC Coin & Slot. “Over the years, we have carved out a distinct reputation for innova- tion in bonus slot games that are both entertain- ing and action-packed.With the addition of for- sale games, which allow our customers to capi- talize on their investment right away, that repu- tation continues to gain momentum.”

We Make Bonus Games That Earn The name of the game is earning, and no other slot manufacturer can deliver the unique earning potential of AC Coin & Slot.While casino oper- ators continue to struggle with a sluggish econo- my and customers with tighter gaming budgets, AC Coin & Slot’s games are doubling and tripling average house revenues. This success is due to a winning combina-

tion of the company’s proven S2000 bonus game platform and the action-packed new Quick Hit math model, based on the player favorite Double Sizzling 7s pay table from IGT.With the Quick Hit math model, players will hit a bonus event approximately every seven handle pulls. There is literally always something going on with these games and players can’t seem to get enough! AC Coin & Slot now has a full year’s worth

of testimonials from customers who say its games produce the highest revenue on their casi- no floors, earning two to three times house aver-

60 | G2E Preview 2010

age nationwide. “We couldn’t be more excited about our product line or the multitude of opportunities it offers our customers,” said Aimee Schultz, director of marketing for AC Coin & Slot.

What You’ll See at G2E Offering maximum entertainment value per wager is a philosophy that has guided AC Coin & Slot to produce some of the most popular slot machines on any casino floor, from industry- changers like the lottery-themed Slotto and mint-themed Bankroll to the company’s atten- tion-grabbing new community-style games. To date, AC Coin & Slot has launched eight

game themes, including two brand new plat- forms. The company plans on releasing another six games before the end of 2010. G2E attendees will see the next extension of AC Coin’s popular proven game line, with new configurations and merchandising. This flexibility allows casino operators to create excitement that drives play in any space, at any budget.

Display games will include:

• You Bet Your Ass—The newest release in the Advanced Video Community Series, this game enables players to turn donkeys into dollars down on the farm.

• Cirque De Prime—Life is a circus with this eye-catching addition to the Big Roller Series.

• Dream Weaver—The first offering in the Advanced Video Series to feature a spectacular video bonus event using the Quick Hit math model.

• Double Up—From the Big Roller Community Series, this player-pleasing

game features fantastic 3D animation and aQuickHit bonus round.

• Great Goldfish Giveaway—Players will be instantly hooked on this newest game in the Slotto Advanced Series.

• Slotto Instant Win—Everyone’s favorite bouncing balls are back in this new take on the Slotto Ball Popper Series.

• First Class Adventure Jackpot—Uses the innovative new Double Play Platform that places two games side-by-side for max- imum casino floor merchandising.

• Visitors from an Udder World— Move over giant gorilla—the cows are tak- ing over in this six-game Community Climber game.

• Rockand Roll Legend—A high-energy game on the Double Play Platform and the Double Jackpot 7s pay table.

• Masquerade Bonus—AC Coin’s new super-sized Double Play Community Game features a 55-inch plasma screen bonus event with eye-popping HD animation.

• Slingo Bonus Surprise—Slingo Quick Hits just keep on coming with the new Slingo Bonus Surprise Game featured on the Double Play Community Series.

From its early start in 1978 to the recent launch of its colossal Double Play Community Games, AC Coin & Slot continues to drive the evolution of the gaming industry. Stop by booth 1776 at G2E to find out more about AC Coin & Slot, its people and its innovations.

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