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At G2E 2010, the company will launch a

follow-up to its GEN2 Universal printers, which have been recognized with a slew of gaming technology awards since 2003. This new printer, the GEN3 Evolution printer, fea- tures larger paper capacity, and faster printing and presenting speed.

More Exacting Another company committed to making cash handling operations and processes more effi- cient is Nanoptix Inc., a manufacturer which lists its printers as some of the fastest and most reliable for TITO in the gaming industry. According to Jean-Louis Drapeau, vice pres-

ident of sales for this thermal printer company, just as importantly from the operators’ point of view as having a printer that meets the demands of the high-volume transaction of a casino envi- ronment, is the ability to use one printer for all their slot machines. At G2E 2010, Nanoptix will introduce its

High Speed Video Lottery (HSVL) printer, “The Transformer,” to meet this specification. “The HSVL Transformer has a special design

that will allow ultimate flexibility for any design- er and enable operators to have only one type of printer all over their network,” says Drapeau. The Transformer has the option to be

Center: Sentry 2.0 Integrated Bottom: Sentry 2.0 Remote

capable of recycling four denominations with two 30-bill recyclers; and two 55-bill recyclers, and the MEI VNR, able to recycle one denomi- nation with 30-bill capacity.

More Promotions Promotional couponing will provide the next big lift in gaming says Nick Micalizzi, vice presi- dent of domestic sales and marketing, FutureLogic, Inc. Founded in 1983, the company identifies itself as having developed many of the ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO) gaming printer’s fea- tures and functions that have become today’s industry standards. Couponing can be used by casinos to

reward and retain players, and most important- ly, to recruit patrons to join their loyalty pro- grams as it is these player’s club members who typically become the casino’s best customers according to Micalizzi. To provide for a strong market positioning

in this, FutureLogic was recently awarded patents on a dual-port promotional gaming printer. The company plans to trial this technol- ogy later this year. The company’s PromoNet couponing solu-

tion also will enter field trials both in Las Vegas and California casinos this year. It’s a product the company believes will be used by casinos to tar- get and even reward 100 percent of their patrons.

38 | G2E Preview 2010 Top: iVIZION bill validator

mounted in a variety of ways within the cabinet and also has a patent pending anti-pull bezel for increased security and reliability. This printer joins the company’s other printer solutions for gaming, lottery, amusement, kiosk and point-of-sale markets.

Enhancing play “The player experience in a networked gaming environment should be less about the technolo- gy and more about enhancing that player’s per- sonal experience,” says Tim Moser, product mar- keting manager for TransAct Technologies which designs and develops printers under the Ithaca and Epic brands. “The power of the network is really to pro-

vide a vehicle for real-time communication, pro- viding feedback, printing rewards and entice- ment that can be redeemed when the player chooses which ultimately makes for a better experience for the player.” To support this vision of the casino network,

the company will feature a wide variety of print- ing solutions at G2E 2010. Gaming and lottery products include their Epic 950 with its proven rugged design. Also showcased will be its ServerPort, which upgrades the Epic 950 printer allowing operators to drive promotions and coupons to the slot machine. In addition, TransAct will offer the Epic 880, a roll receipt printer with variable-length ticket support and auto paper-loading. “We are very excited about promotional print-

ing and being able to communicate with players at a gaming machine,”Moser explains.“Keeping play- ers playing instead of waiting in club booth lines offers tremendous value to casino operators.”

Enhanced Tickets “Tickets are still increasing in usage, due mainly to the continued development of gaming world- wide,” says Tom Mitchell, CEO of Slot-Tickets Worldwide, the original developer and manufac- turer of the current day TITO tickets. The com- pany was founded ten years ago by Tom and the company’s president, Susan Mitchell, for a then unique paper ticket product to be introduced by IGT as its EZ Pay system. Since then, the compa- ny reports that it has supplied tickets numbering in the billions to locations all across the globe. “Other payment technologies have come

and gone but the low cost and superior reliabili- ty of the ticket system has yet to be replaced.” Success for Slot-Tickets has been guided by

the company’s continuing ability to deliver high quality at an exceptionally low commodi- ty price point. This G2E will see the company expand its tra-

ditional product line with the introduction of a Pull Tab ticket.This unique Pull Tab will be print- ed on demand but its results are hidden until the security cover is removed to reveal winnings. Mitchell explains that Pull Tabs also known

as Jar Tabs are a very common bar or charity fundraiser. “Some very thoughtful companies in that limited arena came up with the idea of a slot machine-like device that prints the Pull Tab on demand.” To maintain compliance with existing law

many states require the results must be hidden and only revealed after the customer has made his purchase. “Our innovative method utilizes the current thermal printer found in all slot machines today to print the dispensed hidden result ticket.”

Since being recruited to Las Vegas in 1996, Carolan Pepin has provided strategies and execu- tion to successfully market a number of gaming manufacturers and an expansive catalog of new products and technologies to casinos across the globe. She has served on the boards of the American Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) and the Association of Gaming Standards (GSA). She can be reached via or 1-702-526-5758.

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