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prize more tangibly by placing the award right in front of a patron’s eyes and almost within touching distance.” The BonusBox is already installed in a num-

ber of casinos and slot parlors in North America,Asia and Europe.“The product adds to the allure of each slot machine—a bit of extra entertainment—and has enabled casino opera- tors to increase their slot revenues.”

Elo’s Interactive Digital Signage (IDS)

specifically designed for interactive touch appli- cations,” says Mark Mendenhall, vice president, Tyco Electronics and general manager of Elo TouchSystems. The new IDS portfolio offers casino operators

a unique new display system. According to Mendenhall, it’s the only interactive screen to incorporate vivid, edge-to-edge glass touch-screen functionality into large-format, rugged panels specifically built for 24/7 public traffic. “With just the touch of a finger, guests can interact on-screen to access promotions, information and cus- tomizedmessages—all while relaying their prefer- ences and interests back to the casino data center.”

Added Attractions Walk any casino floor and there’s the added excitement and attraction of massive electronic displays or screens mounted over games or banks of slots. Players are also enticed and attracted to games through the use of jackpot controllers and other types of game manage- ment systems. By providing for control and management, peripherals are essential for these added attractions. At G2E 2010, Gaming Support, which has

carved out a specialty in this arena,will showcase its newer innovations including the BonusBox. According to Damien Connelly, the compa-

Input/Output Innovations Nothing is changing faster than the technology involved in the critical cash-handling functions of bill validators and ticket printers. “Casino operation efficiency without sacri-

ficing player satisfaction is crucial in today gaming industry,” says Sim Bielak, vice presi- dent sales and business development of casino gaming for Crane Payment Solutions. This is the parent com- pany of CashCode, a 20-year-old brand of bill validators, as well as products under the NRI and Telequip names. At this year’s G2E, Crane will

be introducing what the compa- ny cites as the new standard for the gaming industry: the 800- note cashbox. Company research indicated

that due to the increasing num- ber of tickets flowing through a casino, the 600-note-capacity cashbox was not enough. Bielak notes that the 33 per-

cent more capacity of the 800- note cashbox coupled with its nearly-full function will keep machines operating at maxi- mum up-time. Also at this year’s show, the

company will be showcasing its popular oneCheck cash management system,with its all-in-one cash-handling capability. Introduced at last year’s G2E, this year’s demo has the ability to use actual case studies to illustrate the capabili- ties and benefits of this validator system with its various report functions.

Gaming Support’s BonusBox

ny’s marketing manager, this is a peripheral that operators connect to slot machines and can be likened to a mystery jackpot. “But rather than having a display showing only incrementing jackpot numbers, the BonusBox presents each

Smarter Apps “Today, the bill validator is more than a device to prevent counterfeiting,” says Tom Nieman, vice president of global marketing for JCM Global, a worldwide leader in currency valida- tion. “It is an intelligent device that provides critical information to improve slot opera- tions—to provide more efficiency and to deliver greater accountability. “We can start thinking of bill validators much

the same way as we think of smart phones,where the device is just the beginning, and where the apps keep the device new and relevant.” At G2E 2010, JCM Global will be showcas-

ing its smart technology including its new iVIZION bill validator. In addition to utilizing the latest technology such as Contact Image

Sensing (CIS), this new, faster bill validator concept features the company’s first line of applications. The first two apps are the Sentry 2.0,

described as the world’s first display bezel; and the new Intelligent Cash Box (ICB 2.0) with web reports. Sentry 2.0 displays messages directly to the player in a bright, two-color LCD display in up to four languages. ICB 2.0 is linked to the asset via RFID and provides detailed, encrypted web reports, accessible from any web browser.

More Efficient “Traditionally a bill validator has been used to validate cash and tickets,” says Tom Nugent, president of gaming and retail for MEI, a com- pany which recently reached a milestone of sell- ing more than 5 million bill validators. The company serves a diversity of industries includ-

Sim Bielak of Crane

Payment Solutions

800-Note Cashbox

ing gaming, retail and kiosks. “However, the market is beginning to lever-

age the information from the bill validator to manage cash and security, making processes better and more efficient.” Responding to these new requirements, the

company will introduce the next generation of its Cashflow SC at G2E. This next-generation product has improved recognition system, faster bill-to-bill speed, expanded memory and com- prehensive bar-code recognition. According to Nugent, because these

enhancements are localized to the acceptor head, this product can work hand-in-hand with legacy Cashflow SC units already in the field. Intelligent support tools will be able to sense the product version and provide the appropri- ate software. Looking forward, Nugent foresees other

changes with the role of bill validators in casinos. “We anticipate recycling technology to grow

rapidly as it eliminates machine hopper starva- tion issues in global environments, such as Europe AWP, that are non-TITO.” The company currently offers two recyclers: the MEI BNR,

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