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PROGRESSIVE PRODUCTS The system provides numerous benefits

for slot floor managers, including the ability to take normal in-revenue games from in- revenue play to out-of-revenue tournament mode with a flip of a switch—without the need of time-consuming chip changes or machine moves, thus maximizing casino pro- motional programs. Once the floor manager triggers a tour-

TournEvent System

MultiMedia Games Booth 1710

Multimedia Games is launching the TournEvent slot tournament system, which it describes as “the easiest-to-use tournament system of its kind in the market today.”

nament through the use of TournEvent’s control center, the system activates dynamic overhead signs into action, which display real-time leader boards and countdown clocks, as well as tournament results at the conclusion of play. In addition, a camera embedded in the game cabinet displays live streaming video of tournament players throughout the tournament on the over- head displays, personalizing the tourna- ment and pumping up the players through- out the event.

The tournament experience is height-

ened further with the TournEvent 3.0 system upgrade. This upgrade, set to debut at G2E, features a variety of tournament enhance- ments that focus on improving the player’s tournament experience, and gives operators more options to facilitate and personalize their tournaments. First, a skill element has been added to

the tournament game, where players are required to touch on-screen objects to win bonus credits throughout the tournament. Second, a tournament dashboard has been added to the main tournament game screen which communicates all tournament infor- mation clearly and in real time to players. Lastly, for casinos that don’t have a physical MC to run their tournaments or perhaps are just too busy to have one for every tourna- ment they run, a virtual/automated MC has been added.

Novostar SL

Cabinet Novomatic/Austrian Gaming Industries Booth 2258

Novomatic’s Austrian Gaming Industries subsidiary will use G2E to high- light its new Novostar SL slant-top cabinet, which the company says “per- fectly embodies the glamour of top-class gaming entertainment as well as cutting-edge technology.” Available in three different modular versions, Novostar SL caters to

a wide range of gaming applications. Novostar SL1 features a single monitor for multi-player installations; SL2 features two monitors; SL3 features three monitors for classic video slot gaming.The triple-monitor version presents up to four jackpot levels directly on the machine’s Powerlink display. Novostar’s distinctive characteristic and unique selling proposition is a

highly sophisticated combination of leading technology, futuristic style and ergonomic design. Its style is accentuated with luminous, LED details that produce elegant shining effects provoking high guest attention. The ergonomic design is complemented by the innovative Flip Screen Feature (SL2 and SL3)—which allows the guest to flip his main screen from the bot- tom to the top monitor—and an extra start button built into the foot rest. The cabinet’s features are rounded off with high-definition touch-

screens, virtual surround-sound with subwoofer and active satellite speak- ers. It is compatible with various AGI gaming platforms and systems. “This slant-top has the WOW effect,” says Jens Halle,managing director

of AGI. “It is a product that our customers and guests will surely enjoy. It combines leading technology with a highly ergonomic design and attractive style, producing a machine that immerses our guests in the experience.”

32 | G2E Preview 2010

Wedge-Shaped Beverage Cart

Rye Park Gaming Booth 3083

Rye Park Gaming brings the perfect solution to poker room managers who want to give their customers the best service pos- sible while keeping their expensive tables and table felts/layouts looking new and cocktail-free: the wedge-shaped beverage cart. Wedge-shaped beverage carts from Rye Park Gaming are

the perfect solution for poker room with players who enjoy a drink with the game. Modern designs are perfectly matched with the sturdiest and most durable materials available. Steel frames make the carts solid and sturdy, and the wedge-

shaped carts are designed with the player in mind. The top is constructed of Dupont Corian, a hospital-grade durable poly blend that gives the cart a non-porous surface resistant to mold, mildew and stains. Further, the top features composite molded cup holders with spill-prevention counter rims, keeping liquids on the cart’s surface, and also to keep players’ cigarettes and ash trays far away fromexpensive rails and poker table layouts. Each of Rye Park Gaming’s wedge beverage carts is com-

pletely customized to perfectly complement the design of the casino and poker room. The frames come in a wide range of colors and the tops come in a wide range of colors and pat- terns. The carts have rounded corners and scratch-resistant surfaces that make cleaning easy, and they were carefully designed to be easy to store and to fit under dinner carts, available as a matching set.

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