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Six O’Clock Sun by Nicole E. Watts

Where the red and orange meet, Her eyes stare dreamily At her six o’clock sun.

She sits resting alone in the world, Just the frown of the sun shining; Prisoner behind the clouds.

So little sunshine left, The sun knows her pain. No hope of release.

Crickets sound but they’re hard to hear Over the sounds of technology. Having hurried through life, She sits waiting as the sun disappears.

As she rests, red light begins to show itself. A small hope ignites in her heart. She dreams of what may never come.

Tomorrow seems so far away, And yet the sun has found its rest, It’s time for her to find hers.

Innovation has begun to take over her ears. She cries for the time of ladybugs and fireflies, The sound of crickets and owls.

The night begins to fall upon her She lies down and closes her eyes In an attempt to hear The sounds of nature swarming her.

The window slides shut blocking any escape, She keeps her eyes closed Holding on to nature’s evening life.

The darkness falls over her eyes And she opens her eyes to her prison. Flashing lights and changing numbers.

At last she feels peace and closes her eyes. The numbers fall to nothing And her memory lives in nature.

Aesthetic Fluttering by Francis Raven

A victorious CD shuffle. Ambitiously anxious to know what I will require later.

To take up another bird in the hand, fine text with which to rearrange feathers. I’ve kept them in jars and have said, lied, that the water below is brewing, but I can’t move on until I find a song that I haven’t heard, can’t possibly have heard, a new song, impossible to predict what will bring joy is so fickle in the eye. Rules lay limp over the horizon, unseen, extending strangely unpredictable, genius frustrated. There is no ultimate set list, no concept, it falls back on the subject undecided.

46 Truth

by David Appelbaum Ruins so much once it can say the simple and was so

once with like once with must marked elsewise

beyond deceit even isn’t evil but none, no truth but isn’t

if once could say

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