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(St. Joseph and Kansas City) By

Jill Jenson

As a kid growing up on the farm, a trip to town meant either St. Joseph or Maryville. A trip to the big city meant Kansas City and one of three things, either Dad had church business, it was time to shop for new clothes or Mom had tickets to a Broadway play at the Starlight Theatre in Swope Park. It sounds cliche' but just like the musical, "everything was up to date in Kansas City." These rare two hour trips south, away from the farm were extra special. I remember feeling more alive as we would arrive at our various destinations. One thing I recall, was my sense of amazement at how bravely and easily my parents maneuvered through the whizzing cars.


never so much as flinched despite the traffic noise and constant movement. The big city truly had a heartbeat that was louder and more pulsating than life on the farm. As a girl, I would daydream about living in such an exciting place, wondering if I would ever call Kansas City my home.

Over the years, my television career would take me twice to both Kansas City and St. Joseph. This has lead me to reflect on my time in my two favorite cities. Although they both have a lot to offer, I believe timing is everything. I also believe that it is the people that make the place.

The first time I called Kansas City home, I was a student pursuing my Master's degree while interning at a local TV station.

During that first

year of school, I felt the familiar rhythm and romance of excitement that raced through me during my childhood visits. I pledged that I would graduate, go to work in television and earn a spot with one of the "big" stations. I could picture myself working under the bright studio lights or perhaps directing from behind in the shadows where the silhouettes of middle managers and producers seemed so mysterious and powerful

XÄxztÇà Living

However that first time living in Kansas City, was also experienced through the eyes and budget of a college student.

the downtown skyline, my income and lifestyle were meager to say the

While my dreams were as big as least.

restaurants, clothing

apartment, near Broadway and Armour Blvd., I could only pass by the nicer

Everything my parents had provided on our big city trips was out of reach on a student’s income. found solace in the open spaces between Westport,

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spent a lot of time traveling on two wheels and my own two feet.

shops and hair salons. I

From my studio I

3841 Frederick Ave. St. Joseph, MO

(816)232-3326 or 1-800-924-3326

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