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executive order creates Red Tape Review


Business Trends An ongoing bi-partisan Red

Tape Review Commission was es- tablished by the Christie Admin- istration with the signing of Ex- ecutive Order No. 41 last month. The Commission is part of the ad- ministration’s efforts to stream- line state government and spur economic activity, according to of- ficials. The nine-member Commis-

sion, chaired by the Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, will review adminis- trative rules and regulations and solicit public input on regulatory barriers to analyze the impact on job creation, economic growth and investment throughout the state. The Commission will make

recommendations for improving the state’s regulatory climate by providing periodic reports, and serve as an ongoing advisory re- source to the Gov. Christie. The Commission replaces the Red Tape Review Group, another bi- partisan body with representa- tives from both the Legislative and Executive branches of state government that was created ear- lier this year, officials said. Membership of the Commis- sion will include four members from the state Legislature, four public members with experience and expertise in the regulatory process and the Guadagno. Exist- ing Department of State staff will serve as professional staff to the Commission and members will serve without compensation. “The Red Tape Review Com- mission…will be a permanent fix- ture for the ongoing review of job-killing red tape and will be a continuous advocate for bringing common sense regulation to New Jersey. We can, and must, put for- ward regulation that is meaning- ful, that works to protect our citi- zens while not stifling the eco- nomic growth and job creation

please see TAPE, page 10 Published by Elauwit Media, America’s fa s t e s t -growing news paper company Build your team Team building has tangible benefits, is ever-important in today’s workplace

By TIM RONALDSON Business Trends

Team building can mean many different things to many different people. For some, team building entails putting to-

gether a developmental process. Employers conduct behavioral profiles and training courses for employees over a multi-month period, with the goal being to enhance team skills and team dynamics. For some, team building is about having fun outside the office to build employee morale and allow co-workers to connect on a more personal level. For others, it’s not as clearly defined. One thing is for sure, though: Building an

effective team is crucial to the success of any organization. While “team building” has been a point of emphasis for companies worldwide for the last two decades, it has re- cently become a focal point of many organi- zations that have asked their employees to do more with less. “Things definitely changed,” said Jeff

Backal, CEO of Team Builders Plus, a Marl- ton-based company that provides team build- ing, leadership development and perform- ance coaching. “There’s absolutely a much greater need right now for team develop- ment, especially over the last year or so when companies were downsizing. It was creating a lot of issues in companies.” A fundamental challenge for many busi- nesses has been weighing the need to cut costs with keeping employees happy and mo- tivated. Team building activities have always been a good outlet for morale building, but companies were questioning how they were going to spend money on building a team when they were being forced to cut employ- ees, Backal said. The turnaround so far this year has been

dramatic, though. Backal has seen more companies investing money into their work- ers, trying hard to develop their depart-




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Employees from Sanofi-Aventis built team character and camaraderie during GeoQuest: The High Tech Treasure Hunt.

ments, teams and leaders. “That’s certainly a good sign,” he said. Team Builders Plus has been advising

clients since the early 1990s, using a wide va- riety of techniques for companies that are in need of various forms of team building. They look at team building as a continuum on a scale of 1-10. Companies that are defined as 1-3 participate in “low rope activities,”

such as problem-solving challenges, treasure hunts and other outdoor activities where co- workers can learn about each other in a dif- ferent environment. “These behaviors that are exhibited dur- ing these activities are the same behaviors that are exhibited in the workplace,” Backal

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