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Pelham - Windham News October 1, 2010 - 9

Editor’s note: As Pelham continues to address the issue at the high school, the drawing and proposal by Marinance Architects were recently sent to the Area News Group relative to an addition option. We felt it was important to our readers to see this option as they make decisions about Pelham education.

Pelham High School Addition Plan

Marinance Architects’ proposed addition and renovation to the existing Pelham High School would include the following: 1. A 2-story, 35,000 s.f. classroom wing added to the north side of the existing high school in what is now the student parking lot. The addition would be about 76’ wide and 230’ long.

2. A new parking lot would be built across the street to provide approximately 140 parking spaces to replace those lost to the addition.

3. A new water line would be run down the street from the Elementary School driveway to provide town water at the High School site. This would allow for a sprinkler system and the abandonment of the existing well as a drinking water source. It will need to be confirmed with Pennichuck that there is adequate capacity in their system to serve the school.

4. A new septic system designed for approximately 200 people would be built on the High School site to take some of the load off the existing system, and to provide for the new toilets and sinks in the addition. The abandonment of the existing well would allow this system to be sited more easily.

5. Life safety upgrades required by codes, including the addition of fire walls and a sprinkler system.

6. Renovation of four small classrooms along the north wall of the school into three larger classrooms. Many of the classrooms in the building are undersized, which will limit the number of students that may be assigned to them. This will make scheduling classes more difficult, and will result in a less efficient use of space and staff. Eliminating the smallest rooms will help solve this problem.

7. Many of the core spaces are undersized at 750 students. We propose an expansion of the cafeteria into the existing kitchen space so that there will be no more than three lunches per day, and the relocation of the kitchen to space currently occupied by two of the adjacent business rooms, which would provide the needed cooking, storage, and serving areas. The business rooms would then be rebuilt in the addition. This approach would permit the required expansions without moving outside the footprint of the building, which would have a ripple effect in terms of relocating fire lanes and playing fields.

8. We do not propose expanding the gymnasium or locker rooms, so this is something you’ll need to consider. The media center is sufficiently large for 750 students.

9. A corridor will need to be run through one of the science labs to provide access to the two back labs. We therefore propose building one new lab in the

addition. We’ve also provided funds to renovate the remaining three labs to current standards, which will address the life safety problems in those spaces.

10. There are no provisions for general building-wide upgrades, including but not limited to: mechanical/ electrical systems, structural issues, finishes, security, communications systems, window replacement, building envelope upgrades or data networks. The project would not be eligible for CHPS funds.

The program for the addition and renovation is based on the educational specifications and previously identified required code upgrades. This should be reviewed by Dr. Mohr to determine if the assumed space needs for 750 students are appropriate. The existing building has approximately (28) non-special ed teaching spaces, which at (22) students per room (size limited) and an 85% utilization rate yields a capacity of 523 students. We would need to add (11) classrooms plus (1) art studio × 24 students per room × 85% utilization rate = 244 students, to get to the desired capacity of 750. The proposed program for the addition is as follows:

- (11) Regular Classrooms @ 850 s.f. - (2) Special Education Resource Rooms @ 850 s.f. - (2) Business Classrooms @ 1,000 s.f. - Science Lab @ 1,600 s.f. (including storage) - Art Studio @ 1,600 s.f. (including storage) - Applied Technology Labs @ 3,000 s.f. total - Receiving / Custodial @ 1,000 s.f. - Staff Prep Space @ 600 s.f. - Two sets of Stairs and an Elevator @ 1,500 s.f. - Toilets on each of the two floors for staff & students @ 2,000 s.f.

- Wall thickness, corridors, electrical closets, vestibules, etc. The total area of the addition = 35,000 s.f.

July 21, 2010

35,000 s.f. 2-Story Addition in Existing North Parking Lot 12,000 s.f. Renovation to Reconfigure Spaces Brings Classroom Capacity of School to 750 students Develop Lot Across Street into 140 Parking Spaces


General Sitework, Utilites, Demolition, on-site parking New Town Water Line to Building Septic system for 200, pumped

New 140 space Parking Lot Across Street Landscaping

Sitework Contingency New Construction: Renovations:

Combine 4 small Classrooms into 3 larger ones Science Lab Upgrades & Life Safety Improvements Cafeteria / Kitchen Expansion & Added Equipment Fire Wall Upgrades incl. mechanical / electrical work New Sprinkler System Throughout ADA/Life Safety Upgrades Misc. Required Upgrades


Loose Equipment Computer Systems

Administrative costs Survey & Geotech A&E

Builders Risk Insurance Clerk

Materials Testing

Legal, Bonding, & Site Permitting Impact Fees & Backcharges Printing & Misc.

Contingency Asbestos Abatement Allowance Project Total:

$315,000 $100,000

$1,386,000 $30,000

$1,006,000 $20,000 $120,000 $50,000 $60,000 $80,000 $20,000

$680,000 $50,000 $12,256,000

$100,000 $490,000 $530,000 $660,000 $390,000 $135,000 $275,000


$580,000 $235,000 $200,000 $300,000 $50,000 $250,000

35,000 s.f $5,530,000 $2,580,000 $1,615,000 Assumes bidding in Jan. 2012

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