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Hudson - Litchfield News 8 Home Improvement - October 1, 2010

Bird Feeders of Many Shapes and Sizes Can Add Aesthetic Appeal W

hen it comes to spring and summer, many people associ- ate certain sights and sounds

with these warm weather seasons. Ocean waves crashing, luscious lawns glowing green and birds chirping are often associ- ated with spring and summer. While homeowners might not be able

to bring the soothing sounds of the ocean to their homes, they can bring the lyrical sounds of birds chirping to their yards. Bird feeders make a wonderful addition to any lawn or garden, adding aesthetic appeal and bringing music to your ears. Choosing a bird feeder can depend on where you’ll be hanging it. But whatever the layout of your property, bird feeders come in so many shapes and sizes that you’re sure to find the right fit.

* Tray (platform): These feeders are

simply a big, open tray that’s easy to fill and easy for birds to access seed. What’s more, they can accommodate several birds at one time. Most birds will jump at the chance to feast at a tray feeder. There are some who will be reluctant, however, including doves, quail, sparrows and other ground feed- ers. However, they can certainly dine on any seed that gets spilled over. * Hopper feeders: These have plastic

or glass enclosures that dole out seed as it is needed. This is a smart choice since seed isn’t wasted and it’s protected when not being eaten. *Window feeders: Before storm win-

dows and screened-in windows infiltrat- ed modern society, birdseed was simply

strewn out on an open window sill. You can still invite birds to your window with a window feeder that mounts like a window box. Or, there are models that simply suction to the window itself. * Tube feeders: These just may be the

most efficient type of feeders out there. They’re self-contained, the seed stays dry, and they hold a large amount of seed, making refilling an infrequent job. They also can feed a good number of birds at one time. * Nectar feeders: Some birds, like

hummingbirds, orioles, house finches and some woodpeckers, prefer sweet nectar or sugar water over seed. Use a nectar feeder to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Bird feeders come in many shapes and sizes, ensuring homeowners they can find the right fit for their yard.

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