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• Credit ratings and membership of professional bodies may be affected in England and Wales if a liability order is entered on the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines. The register is used by credit-reference agencies and professional bodies.

• In England and Wales a third-party debt order can be issued to freeze money currently held by a non-resident parent in their bank and building society accounts. The court will then order the bank or building society to pay the child maintenance owed from those accounts.

• In England and Wales the court can make an order for sale once a charging order has been granted. The non-paying parent can be forced to sell their property or other assets so the money owed can be recovered.

Delivering results • In the last year, 13,365 cases, (37 cases a day) have been passed on to bailiffs.

• In the last year, 13,000 cases, (36 cases a day) have been passed on to the courts.

• Every month, around 6,000 employers are instructed to take money direct from wages.

• In England and Wales in the last year, 12,490 liability orders and 1,995 third- party debt orders were granted.

If you wish to seek help, contact your local CSA Forces Focal Point. Their details are available through PSF or your SSAFA worker who will also be able to book an appointment for you. Alternatively, have a look at their website:

Provision of Relationship Counselling by the RAF Benevolent Fund


he RAF Benevolent Fund has been working over the last year to address the perception that they exist simply for the benefit of

veterans. They are determined to provide assistance to serving personnel where they can and one instance where they can provide immediate assistance, is to fund counselling sessions through Relate.

Before offering this relationship support to all members of the RAF family, the Fund will conduct a one year pilot study at 3 locations: RAF Brize Norton, RAF Marham and RAF Leuchars and the RAF Benevolent Fund standby to consider individual applications for support where there is a genuine need.

HMRC Provides a Helpline for Child Benefit Customers


er Majesty's Revenue and Customs has published new guidance for Service personnel

or civil servants who believe they may be affected by the loss of 25 million child benefit records. There is no need to contact your bank or HMRC and all Child Benefit payments will continue to be paid as before. However, if you do wish to speak to someone at HMRC you can call the Child Benefit Helpline on 0845 302 1444 between 8am and 8pm on any day of the week. Further details can be viewed at the HRMC website: update-faqs.htm

Volunteering to help at the Olympic Games in 2012


eeing the world’s greatest athletes compete at London 2012 promises to be an inspirational experience.

Volunteering to help at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games represents a once in a lifetime opportunity – and a great chance to build some new skills.

Up to 70,000 volunteers from across the UK and around the world will play a vital part in making the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games a success. And you could be one of them.

The formal recruitment programme for volunteers will start in 2010, but you can register your interest now on the London 2012 website. If you register you’ll get occasional updates about the Games and about any volunteering announcements. Don’t worry if you don’t know how much time you’ll be able to spare by the time 2012 comes around – you’re not committing yourself to anything yet.

The organisers will be looking for people to help with: first aid and medical services; stewarding; interpreting; transport services, including driving; security; administration; ticketing; media services; accreditation support for sporting competitions – field of play volunteers, carrying tracksuits, sporting equipment etc; doping control.

To register go to get-involved/volunteering

BFBS Radio On-Air Across Great Britain


or the first time, BFBS Radio can now be heard on-air in Great Britain via DAB Digital

Radio in a trial of the service.

The Forces’ station currently has bases in eleven countries, including Iraq, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands, and reaches another dozen countries, including Afghanistan and Kosovo, via satellite.

“This completes the link,” says BFBS Radio’s Controller, Charles Foster. “Although we’ve been serving the British Forces community around the world for 65 years, we have relied on occasional links with the BBC and commercial stations or, more recently, the internet, to keep the Forces and their families and friends at home in the picture. Now, we can provide radio programmes and messages that can be heard by Corporal Smith in Iraq, his wife in Germany and his mum in the UK – all at the same time. It’s total connectivity and DAB digital radio prices start at under £30. If this trial produces the results we hope to see, it will be brilliant news for the British Forces.”


Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases


he Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases in the Ministry of Defence is a

joint initiative and is administered by an independent Executive Secretary on behalf of all participants.

Claimants must have been radiation workers, or a dependant in the case of death. A radiation dose record must exist for the individual and they must have contracted or died from a disease covered by the Scheme. This includes most (but not all) forms of cancer as well as cataracts.

Full details are available at

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