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Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) S

ervice parents usually take their children with them when they are posted which means that children have to change schools. Where

children are likely to experience disruption in their education due to frequent postings of their parents, a boarding school might be considered a suitable option. In order to provide continuity of education and facilitate accompanied service Continuity of Education Allowance (Boarding)(CEA(Board)), (formerly Boarding School Allowance (BSA)) is available to eligible Service parents wishing to make use of this option.

Types of School As parents you have a wide and varied

selection of schools to consider in both the independent and maintained sectors of education. The type of school you choose for your child will largely depend on the age you wish him/her to start boarding. The schools can be categorised as follows:

a. Independent Preparatory Schools – age 7 to 13+

b. Independent Senior Schools – age 11+ or 13+ to 16 or 18

c. Independent Integrated 'All Age' Schools d. Maintained Schools age range 11+ to 18+

Independent Preparatory Schools Preparatory Schools as the name implies, prepare children for entry to the senior

or public school at the age of 11+ or 13+. These schools offer a wide choice of environment and attempt to give their pupils access to a wide range of activities both in and out of school. In general these boarding schools attach great importance to pastoral care through the creation of a friendly, family atmosphere. With small classes and a broad curriculum the preparatory school offers a large measure of individual attention both in and out of school hours. The normal age of entry is 8 or 9 years and pupils are generally prepared for the Common Entrance Examination (CEE) at 13+. Many of these schools are expensive with fees substantially more than the junior rate of BSA.

Independent Senior Schools Independent senior schools offer a wide choice to parents. Single sex or Co- educational schools are available. The age of entry varies, but is usually 11 years or 13 years. Entry is sometimes dependent upon completion of a satisfactory exam and/or interview. However, in some cases the previous school report and interview are all that is required. Some schools may offer a boarding ‘taster’ where the pupil stays at the school overnight and attends lessons for a day.’

Independent Integrated Schools Some independent senior schools have their own preparatory schools or are affiliated with a particular preparatory school. These should not be confused with Integrated Schools.

The Independent Integrated School provides education for children between

the ages of 7/8 years to 16 or 18 years. The schools in this category do not all have sixth forms. Some parents prefer integrated schools because pupils do not have to change from one school to another. However, bear in mind that CEA(Board) is paid for continuity of education so that your child would remain in that school for as long as that school provides education.

Maintained Boarding Schools Some local authorities also provide boarding education in Maintained Schools. Many of these schools have a high academic reputation and some of them are selective. The tuition fees are paid by the Local Education Authority (LEA) or Central Government. The CEA(Board) can be used to pay the boarding element. Most Maintained Boarding Schools accept pupils from 11+.

Sixth Form Colleges/ Colleges of Further Education (FE)

There are a number of independent and maintained colleges which have residential accommodation where CEA(Board) may be claimed. They offer a wide variety of academic and vocational courses.

Further Information

Choosing a suitable school for your son/ daughter is a complicated exercise, you are therefore advised to gather as much information as possible before making a choice. You can obtain further advice and assistance through your service education centres or CEAS.

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