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front-page article of the April issue of The Samaritan Times. The first paragraph of the article, addressing the hospice house’s Circle of Life Campaign, inaccurately states that Good Samaritan Society – Prescott Hospice cared for Harold and Frances Wolfinger. Actually, our hospice agency was just beginning at the time Mr. Wolfinger received hospice care with the Granite Mountain Hospice agency. We extend our sincere apolo- gies to both the Wolfinger family and Granite Mountain Hospice. Mr. and Mrs. Wolfinger were


among the founders of Good Samaritan Society – Prescott Village, and in keeping this tradition, their children became supporters of Good Samaritan Society – Marley House. In addition, Martha Wolfinger had previously volunteered at a not-for- profit hospice house in Las Cruces, N.M. She and her siblings strongly felt the need to support a not-for- profit hospice house in our commu- nity, and we are so pleased that they did so at Marley House in memory of their parents. Summer in Prescott is hot and humid. Yes, humid! Most of our friends and family from the Upper Midwest still believe that we have very hot, dry heat. However, coming from Minnesota, I find that this time of year is much the same in Prescott as in Minnesota, with fewer mosqui- toes. Summer at Good Samaritan brings picnics, outings, celebrations, endings and beginnings. This summer also brought the opening of the

The Samaritan Times

y first order of business is to address a faux pas from the

“I continue to marvel at our communities, both on

campuses and in the greater areas where we serve.”

New faces seen on campuses By Paula Kneisl

Paula Kneisl

Marley House (referenced above), our 10-bed, general inpatient hospice house. (See the story on page one.) We have also had numerous

changes. Laurie Lackland, our hospice director, moved to California, where she is pursuing a hospice administrative position. Janice Mauz has accepted the position of team leader for the Marley House. She is training her team and working with the Good Samaritan Society’s National Campus in Sioux Falls, S.D., to establish an electronic medical record system. The first big victory for Janice and her team came in June when they had a deficiency- free initial survey for the hospice house. The hospice agency continues to grow. Alice Zinn was named the team leader for the agency in early June and has been nicely moving the agency forward. We have a new housing manager at

Good Samaritan Society – Majestic Rim in Payson and at the Village Tower in Prescott. Stacey Zimmerman left in April, and Elicia Morigeau is the new manager. Becky Bauer retired in late March from the Village Tower, and Marla Tibbetts, a long-time staff member from Prescott Village, took over her duties. Last, but certainly not least, we

have a new member of our local Good Samaritan family. Little Landon James Krzmarzick, son of Heather and Greg (our administra- tors in Prescott and Prescott Valley, respectively), was born on Feb. 4. I continue to marvel at our commu-

nities, both on campuses and in the greater areas where we serve. Thank you for continuing your support through gifts and service. You make the world a better place for our resi- dents, patients and staff members. Blessings to each of you! V

Heather and Greg Krzmarzick, administrators at Good Samaritan Society – Prescott Village and Good Samaritan Society – Prescott Valley, respectively, welcomed Landon James on Feb. 4.

2 September 2010

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