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26 Fashion Wardrobe updates Siobhan Brosnan

Back to college, and back to budg- eting. Food, books and socialising- all the cents add up! It's easy to put clothes, accessories and attaining this season's latest trends on the back burner and to spend your week’s cash on Dominos and Jagermeister.

But fear not! With a few minor al- terations to your wardrobe, you can become a fashionista effortlessly. A few key on-trend additions to your staple collection and you'll look like you just stepped out of an au- tumn-winter show.

“The Biker” look is absolutely huge this year. A studded belt on your favourite pair of jeans, or worn over your favourite dress will have you oozing with current charisma. The leather jacket has become a staple. If real leather is a little out of your price range (or out of your moral range!), there are some fantastic "pleather" alterna- tives everywhere, from Penneys to Topshop or River Island. I person- ally love the range New Look cur- rently has in stock: with everything from cute cropped jackets to mili- tary inspired coats, there's some- thing to suit everyone’s tastes.

Boots are back with a bang too, and this season anything goes. There's no such thing as the right or wrong boot. Knee high, thigh high, ankle boots, studded or with buckles, go for the style that suits you and exude confidence as you strut to lectures in this season's must have item, tailor-made for you!

This season's catwalk shows were full of rich fabrics. Embroidery and beading, paired with deep intense colours - plum, crimson, indigo and gold - give an almost vintage look to many of the styles. This

look is extremely obtainable, de- spite its pricey appearance. A bro- cade patterned skirt or jacket adds an instant touch of luxury to any outfit. Keep your eyes peeled in Penneys and Claire's Accessories for vintage-inspired brooches to update any outfit without throwing caution to the wind as far as your budget is concerned. Vintage- esque headbands and other hair ac- cessories will give you an instant touch of 1940's inspired class.

It really has never been easier to in- stantly update your look with just a few simple steps!

Setpember 28th 2010

Confessions of a Kohloholic Siobhan Brosnan

As a veteran eyeliner junkie I have tried and tested every conceivable type of eye-defining liner. From liquid, where I've encountered many fashion faux pas through a combination of unsteady hands and sheer impatience. I am yet to per- fect the alluring and fashion for- ward "batwing" look. To glide on liner pens, (where sheer heavy handedness left me resembling an extra from a Marilyn Manson video.). I have come to the conclu- sion that the humble kohl pencil is by far the most effective eyeliner for achieving any look, from the most subtle daytime definition to the most show stopping, dramatic, well defined eyes. And the beauty of it is there's one to suit everyone, despite your budget, whether you're down to your last fiver after another epic night on the town, or just got your grant and are in the mood to treat yourself!

Despite flirtations with other brands and types of eyeliner, the one constant that has been in my make up bag for the last five years has been Rimmel's "Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil". At just under five euro, this soft pencil will hardly break the bank, lasts AGES, and is perfect for creating smudgy,

smoky, smouldering looks as well as naturally defined daytime eyes.

If there's a little extra cash lurking around and burning a hole in your pocket, I couldn't advise you more to spend a little extra on Isa Dora's "Perfect Shade Liner". Priced be- tween thirteen and eighteen euro, it's a little more expensive than the Rimmel, but it comes with an amazing smudger on one end, which is perfect for creating the ever in vogue smoky-eyed look. And, when the pencil runs out, you can always keep the smudger and use it with the eyeliner of your choosing!

For those of you wishing to splash out on something that little extra bit special, Benefit's "BadGal" pencil is just the thing you need. It glides on like a dream, is fantasti- cally smudge-proof and lasts all night long. At around twenty five euro, depending where you go, it's a little out of the price-range for the typical student, but if a little wind- fall occurs that allows you to have a little extra cash lying around, I urge you to pick one up and give it a try. You won't regret it!

Bags of style Lynn Harding

One of my great bugbears - and laziest mistakes - is trying to track down the right bag to lug around college. It is nigh on impossible to find one that looks good and also fits in the necessary books, makeup and bits and bobs. I basically gave up on tracking down a bag that of- fers correct support as one of my main criteria, because yes, vanity won out and I decided that Jansport just wasn’t the look I was going for.

I recently found myself having a déjà-vû fashion moment when I caught sight of the Alexa Mulberry cross-body bag on Net-A-Porter. I remembered a friend raving about this leather lovely MONTHS ago when, I must confess, I really didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I am not a ‘bag person’: I would skin my grandmother for a pair of Louboutins, but bags have never really lit my fire. However, I have since learned the error of my ways!

Let me explain the beauty of this particular bag. Alexa (Chung - who

else?) joined the ranks of true muse royalty, such as inimitable starlets Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, when Mulberry named their satchel-style carry-all after her. It is so rare to find a good sized, pretty bag, that is both on-trend and utterly time- less, not to mention crafted from well-made, sturdy leather. Need- less to say, it didn’t harm proceed- ings that Alexa is the definition of that otherwise exceedingly annoy- ing modern phenomenon: The “It” Girl.

Now, not all of us have the €1,000 or so that a genuine Mulberry costs. As a rule, I am not one for la- bels, as I simply cannot fathom how anybody could justify spend- ing a month’s wages on something which you use to simply carry around your wallet and bus pass. However, this leaves me open to temptation from knock-offs the high street world over, thus con- tributing to the shameless degrada- tion of original design and artistic exploitation. And such.

I assuage my conscience, dear readers, only with the comforting thought that it is style which is

timeless; fashion is mere re-hash- ing of history’s defunct ideas. Thus, I bid you run to Next, to New Look and to Penneys! The portable storage utility offerings of these stores may not have the longevity or finesse of the Alexa but they’re cheap and pretty, like much of college life...and, when in Rome!

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