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25 September 2010

Lynn Harding Fashion Editor

I don’t know about the general stu- dent population, but one of my favourite things about having a debit card is the plethora of online shopping portals open to me from my very laptop. But no! I hear you protest, you can only use VISA on most of these and a credit card in the hands of a beauty buff is a dan- gerous weapon indeed. Sign up for a VISA-debit card, I say, and wreak havoc upon the stock! Fail- ing that, you can always glean some free and fab knowledge from the ever-growing and excellent bl- ogosphere out there in cyber-space. Using the veritable beacon that is the Express, I have decided to share some of my favourite beauty and fashion websites and blogs with you, dear readers. First to

Fashion Sight for sore eyes

have the light shone upon it is dis- count beauty site, www.Cheap-

Quite simply, I adore this site. With every brand from Bio Oil to Bobbi Brown, the selection is vast and the quality is fairly spot on. With many products priced at under a tenner, this is a must-stop destination for anyone who can’t quite justify spending obscene amounts of money on designer names but finds that certain generic brands just don’t hit the spot. I’m the first per- son to advocate budget buys, but despite the cute packaging, a lot of knock-offs from Penneys and sim- ilar brands just aren’t in the same league of quality as Benefit and the like. Shock horror!

Shipping is cheap and reliable, but bear in mind that each item has an individual postage charge, so if

you’re going to town (metaphori- cally speaking) don’t forget the 1.26 extra per package.

Many CheapSmells products do come unboxed, but that’s never bothered me; if you want to give something as a present you can pick up some pretty packaging in Penneys and be a frugal fashionista with curb appeal to boot.


Alexa Chung: Well, when is this lady ever not? Her new Autumn collaboration with Madewell delivers panache on budget, in the effortless, clas- sic-chic meets boyish-style cham- pioned by the model herself. Very impressed, I must say.

Winter capes: As seen on the catwalks of Vivi- enne Westwood and the sculptural genius that is Roland Mouret, here’s hoping the cape is a premo- nition of abundant 1940s elegance to come. Topshop and French Connection have some particu- larly lovely high street examples.

Aviator chic: I selfishly didn’t want to shine a spotlight on this, but the soft tan leather hooded aviator jacket from Next is my secret winter crush. Keeping you warm and on trend, this is a rare example of beauty meeting practicality. Buy it and incur my wrath.

Shoe heaven Siobhan Brosnan

In UCC you will easily walk miles in the space of a day. And no, I'm not exaggerating. In any one day, you could start with a 9 am lecture in the Boole, and end your day in the Western Gateway Building. Whether it’s strolling to the Con- nolly Building for a statistics tuto- rial, or making the grueling uphill trek to Sunday's Well for your Jazz Harmony class (granted, you're ex- tremelly unlikely to be doing both in the same degree!), it's going to take its toll on your feet. So a good pair of shoes are your best friend. And, contrary to popular, it is pos- sible to pair function and fashion at the same time!

We're well into Autumn and boots have never been bigger. No matter what your style or price range, there's something there for you. Warm, comfortable and fashion forward, what more can you ask for? Make sure they're well bro-

ken-in though, as there's nothing worse than spending all your beer money on blister patches because you wore your brand new boots on the day you had to walk from the Enterprise Centre to Brookfield and back to the West Wing.

Love them or loathe them, Uggs are an ever present sight amongst the masses. To be fair, they are amazingly comfortable and really versatile, as they can be worn with dresses, skirts and trousers but be warned: on a rainy day, the red tiles outside the Boole become a fric- tionless ice rink, and many an Ugg clad girl has been seen taking a tumble whilst heading to the li- brary. Just a little food for thought!

Trainers never go out of style, and while you may not look as though you have stepped off the catwalk, you'll always be comfortable strolling to your lectures, and there are trainers out there to suit even the girliest of girls. Converse even

have a range of sequinned high and low top Chuck Taylors that look great whether you dress them up or down.

Lets not get started on heels, this is college, not Sex and the City. There are some ridiculously fantas- tic sky scraper shoes out there (I need almost weekly visits to Schuh to swoon at the outrageously beau- tiful Irregular Choice range!), but save your feet the trouble and save them for Havanas!

Hot and Not Je Don’t

Miley Cyrus: She can’t possibly be, given that in every photo she’s missing all or part of her top/dress. Which leads me to my next point...

Chill in the air: Summer clothes retreat to the back of the wardrobe for another year as, quell surprise, chiffon doesn’t quite cut the Pat Mustard with autumn weather.

Soap ‘fashion’: Honestly, count the wigs next time you’re watching Fair City; or try and find anyone wearing non- synthetic fabrics in Eastenders.

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