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18 Entertainment Breaking the city confines!

Entertainments editor John Barker unleashes the students of UCC upon Midleton.

After Fresher’s Week you are well acquainted with the city life, no doubt, so as things settle down and you begin to find more and more free time, why not think outside the

box, well city, when planning your next excursion. Taking you to my own town this week, we head to Midleton, a mere €6.40 return ticket on the train.

Where to go: The Jameson Experience and Old Midleton Distillery. A landmark for tourists from afar, it always goes down a treat, especially the tasting session. However, it’s often these amazing features which are found on our doorsteps that are ignored by us. Unfortunately Ireland has such a strong association with al- cohol in the past, present and no doubted the future too, which es- sentially makes the distillery of huge significance in our culture and heritage.

So why not find ut where what you are drinking comes from, you’d be amazed (unless you studied/study chemistry).

Not your cup of Irish coffee? Well there is always the cinema, not that you can’t see films in Cork, it does however provide a welcome break from the usual settings in the city. Another aspect growing in strength is Midleton’s art and music indus- try. There are often exhibitions to be found in various locations, dis- playing some inspiring pieces by local artists of incredible talent. As for music; J90, The Papa Zitas, Aslan and Time is a Thief are to name but a few of the more suc- cessful artists to have played the Midleton scene in more recent times.

Where to eat: Pizzeria San Marco. New to town, this place boasts everything that a proper authentic Italian pizzeria should. Chefs Massimo and

Review round up

Glee “Stop the violence”. Many an episode was made by one of Brittany’s one-liners and the first of season two was no exception. As regards the music, it was one of the strongest episodes yet as all songs were done justice without complete re- arrangements. It provided the perfect blend of powerful ballads, modern pop and mellow sounds. The plot, as usual, lacked any originality but I think as an audience we have grown to accept this as the shows only weakness. Beiste and Sam are a welcome addition to the cast providing us with fresh personalities for us to either love or hate. Sunshine, on the other hand, shows little potential as her character doesn’t stray far from those surrounding her, but undisputedly she does have a belting voice. Being such a catchy show means that undoubtedly all over the world people will be tuning in religiously, we’re just gonna have to accept that we’ll be part of the masses.

The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown Long after its initial hype I decided to make the investment. Having never let me down in the past, Dan Browns novels have always provided me with that doorway back into reading, a much loved pastime when I get a chance. The Lost Symbol didn’t let me down. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, it provides all the unknown nuggets of knowledge unheard of to the average Joe. It is these which entice the reader into a thoughtful and engaging state as one cannot help but feel like they are in some way assisting Robert Langdon on his plight. Essentially it is based upon the fundamentals of a successful novel; we get the ‘goody’, the ‘baddy’, the mission and all the action and drama in between. The talents of Dan Brown never fail to amaze me and this book brought me hours of literary marvel. The Lost Symbol is a definite recommended read for anyone who can find the time in their social and college life schedule.

Devil Five people trapped in an elevator, lights flicker, one dies, lights flicker again, an- other dies, and so on. Not the most riveting right? Right, however, surprisingly M. Night Shyamalans first in the ‘Night Chronicles’ still manages to capture and hold the attention of its audience with a gentle ease. As expected from any thriller, it has the brutal killings with an equally strong police story running consistently through. The confines of the elevator allow the audience to experience the sense of claustrophobia too. Consequently as the tension rises so does the question of ‘who dunnit?’ Not a bad film and quite an alright alternative to another night in the clubs.

Roberto are fresh from Italy, the walls are plastered with scenes from Venice, bit of Pavorotti in the background, in fact, if it wasn’t for the rain and the chavs outside one would swear they were in Italy in- deed. The food is quite possibly the best in town; this is where I fos- tered my love for caramelised onions, caprino and arancini, as well as rekindling my love for real pizza. The wood-burning oven is not to be beaten. Thin-base pizza at a great price; it’s absolutely ideal for us student folk. You can also treat yourself to a cocktail and/or a Peroni beer and/or a glass of wine. Personally I like a glass of Pros- ecco, it makes me feel posh. Don’t be misled by its fancy interior though, the relaxed atmosphere created inside allows for a casual drop-in as well as a more formal- approach to dinner. I don’t have a bad word to say about the place... now that’s amoré!

Where to drink: McDaids. Fundamentals of a suc-

September 28th 2010

cessful night out: good music, late bar, drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), sexy bar staff and a buzzing atmosphere. I can safely say that McDaids offers all of the above elements. Now I won’t lie, there is a strong presence of the ‘regulars’ which can be a bit daunt- ing if you head there early in the night, and the bouncers can say ‘no’ which happened once and I’ve held a grudge ever since. However, again I guess these issues are found everywhere so I’m not holding McDaids personally responsible. As I’m not a regular I can say that the occasional visit can indeed be rather lovely. Split over two floors, after a few drinks this allows space for the much needed ramblings where you make new best friends and jump in random photos and if you find that those few drinks just aren’t working for you then grab a cocktail, bust a few funky moves and life is just peachy.

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