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16 September 2010

Entertainment Something in the Water

about college but after the morning I’ve had, I can confidently state that I don’t.

I went out last night, it’s John Barker Entertainment Editor

Change! From my daily routine to the coins in my pocket, it’s all about change. Any preconceived ideas about how much easier it gets in second year are gone. Being without the hype and excitement of stepping into college is a strange experience. I feel as if I should know everything there is to know

kind of a ‘must do’ for Fresher’s week despite the fact that I would- n’t be a fan of busy nights to be fair. Also I had built up the idea in my mind that I needed a change of scene from my usual night out and that if I went to Freakscene yet again I would have a crap night. Well I ate my words for breakfast. The night was possibly my best night in quite some time (minus last Saturday when I went for drinks with customers – although that was more surreal than any- thing else). However this morning was not so great. I was in terrible pain from Tuesdays yoga session, which you may laugh at and think how is that part of your degree, but seriously, the downward dog is more difficult than any exam I ever sat. Anyway, underprepared for my

day ahead, I went to my 10 o’- clock, and then proceeded to regis- ter for my English modules. I am slightly unsure what was going through my mind but I picked a funky combination to say the least; Greek mythology, revising Rome, old English and I can’t remember the rest so I’m relying on an email or something to find out.

Having made my selec-

tion I then read the descriptions of each and nigh on had a break down. Fun doesn’t quite cut the mustard. My mood allowed me to laugh it off though and convince myself that they’d be so interest- ing. For some reason I then de- cided to stroll to admissions to check if I had registered properly. Here I was informed that because I had messed up so badly they would have to email each lecturer and de- partment to let them know I’m in their class. At this point I simply knew that the only way forward

Social Diary: Stepping Out!

Jennie Brosnan shows us a good time, and why Freakscene has proven to be her chosen destination.

In my first year of UCC I didn’t go out. Ok, I lie. I went out twice: Fresher’s week in Freakscene and during RAG week yet again, in Freakscene. In a way I feel like I wasted my first year on staying in with my newly found friends, play- ing card games and even on one occasion strip cards. The joys of being a horny college student! However, a lot has to be said for staying in and chilling with the flatmates. I made the best friends

of my college life who I could never have found in any club and firmly established myself as the nut-job or “Phoebe” of our group. A pack of cards is a must for every house or apartment in any year of college. This advice is issued with a warning that certain people (me being a prime example) become a little vicious when playing a sim- ple game of snap and will bite. Be- ware. Second year, on the other hand,

was quite a different story. As I didn’t drink in first year I didn’t re- ally see the point in going out. This shouldn’t stop anyone. There are plenty of people I know who have gone out through college sober. They still go out every week but end up in a worse state than the people who have been on the lash since the Simpsons finished on the Den. I started drinking after my first year exams while watching Micheal Collins. Quite an experi- ence I can tell you. And as Brian Cowen has recently proved alcohol and politics do mix! This put a totally new spin on going out. Also being released into the world of singledom didn’t ex- actly put a damper on my mood ei- ther. So, setting out with my mad friends from first year, I went to Freakscene. It seemed the natural place to go being the watering hole of many Student Union Class Reps (me being one of them). With great music of all genres on two floors what could I lose? Many

was a nap and indeed, upon wak- ing all my problems were solved.

Now you may have read my story and wondered why I told you that, answer is that I really don’t know. I guess I felt that sharing my col- lege experience might be a good place to go with an editorial. I’m not sure, which is exactly why a lit- tle feedback would be great be- yond words. I’m taking this opportunity to ask you, no, rather to implore you to let me and the Express team know how you feel about the paper and its content. Positive or negative it’s all good to us (although the positive is gener- ally preferred for some reason). Es- pecially this week as you may notice that I’m trying out a few new things with the section. Also as I am on the topic of contacting us: writers, we need you! You may think ‘oh I’m crap at English’, well nonsense! It doesn’t take a Shake- speare to let the people know whether a film is proper good or well bad. entertainment@uccex- : consider the ball in your court!

a Thursday morning has been spent by me asking this question. The an- swer: my dignity. Following this then comes the wait for the dreaded Facebook photos... I know this seems like a massive print-up on how great Freakscene is but to be honest, it’s the only place I would think of going out during the week and judging by the Facebook status’ a lot of my

Anyway, in other enter-

tainment news, last week we saw the return of Glee and The Appren- tice on TV3. Two shows that will indeed have the nation talking about each week. Nothing of sig- nificance to report; same bitchy women and power-driven men still trying to run uninspiring named business teams, and still those stage school graduates singing and dancing away. The X Factor also brought us along to their boot camp stage; sometimes I wonder what those judges are thinking, but that’s a whole new rant for another day. Joe McElderry also introduced his new single to us. A cover of Donkeyboy’s ‘Ambitions’ in a Mika style with an awful video; it will no doubt be a massive success.

And cut! Films on offer at

the mo aren’t the greatest but the new Harry Potter trailer gives us something to look forward too. With that, that’s a wrap from me! You’ve been a wonderful audi- ence! Enjoy the section.

friends have the same idea. Hopefully this won’t result in a huge stampede to the club on a Wednesday night for my sake, but I think it is definitely not a place to turn your nose up at. Everything from the bouncers to the prices is exactly what make a Wednesday fantastic for any UCC student. I can only wonder what third year brings...

Time to kill? Check out some of YouTube’s finest...

Watermelon to the FACE “this adds new meaning to the word ‘HEAD- SHOT’!!” SeniorFancyPants

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Shoes glued to the floor prank “got milk? He sure doesn’t” Princez202

Blood shower “Worst.Period.Ever” ExterminatorElite

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