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top for a moment and take a look at your surround- ings: the chair that you are sitting on, the lamp on your desk, the shoes you are wearing, your cell

phone… Whether you realize it or not, all of these things that we take for granted and that may seem ordinary at a glance, are in fact the result of someone’s unique talents and creativity—and ultimately represent their own form of art.

The world that we live in today has evolved as the

result of the creative genius that resides in each one of us. To accurately define our world as we know it, we need art—and although it is everywhere, we don’t always real- ize its absolute necessity to our existence as human be- ings. Think about it: without art, how would we know that a square was a square, or which color was red? Further, the creative process has been the key component in every important discovery in every range of practice—from sci- ence and medicine to architecture and design. Artists are history’s commentators. Without their unique viewpoint through the years, we would have no reference or record of our past. Do we really need art? The answer is yes, now more


than ever! In a world that relies more and more on tech- nology to do the “thinking” for us, we may end up lack- ing the artistic skills to bring us into the next succession of great achievements art-wise. Art asks questions and stimulates the brain’s ability to delve deeper—beyond what’s at the surface. It helps us to overcome problems and find solutions. Art allows us to escape into the mind of another human being. Art relaxes us and soothes our spirits when we are weary. It comforts us in times of sor- row by reminding us of happier times. Art binds us to- gether through emotion and allows us to enter a world of creativity where we can become the creators, inspiring others along the way. It’s not unusual that people who surround themselves

with art tend to be happier, healthier and see life from a positive viewpoint. One art collector put it this way: “I am an avid art collector and an avid car collector. The differ- ence is that after I drive the car for a while and the new car smell wears off, at the end of the day it’s just a car. But my art keeps giving back to me, it reminds me of wonder- ful moments, it comforts me when I have had a hard day, and my art allows me to reflect on the good.”


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