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HAPPENINGS 4th Annual Miniature Show

Good Things Come in Small Packages November 5, 6 & 7, 2010

7007 Friars Road, Suite 683, San Diego CA 92108 • 800-599-7111 • RSVP via email to

Throughout the ages, small or “minia- ture” works of art have become some of the most coveted of all art forms. Most often extremely detailed, exquisite in color and strong in composition— miniature art can fiercely compete with larger paintings. In fact, a miniature work usually takes just as long or even longer to produce as a large piece of art—and while most artists can create work in large format, only few have the unique skill and discipline required to work on a miniature scale. The history of the fine art minia- ture has been evidenced across many

“Jammin’” Michael Flohr

of the world’s civilizations. The Ancient Greeks, for example, adorned their walls with small murals, while their coins and rings bore tiny engraved portraits. Then, in the Middle Ages, monks often embellished manuscript pages with delicate illuminations and bordered them with a red lead pig- ment called “minium”, from which the term “miniature” later evolved. Next, Elizabethan England was noted for its miniature portraits on vellum and later ivory, which served the same purpose as small photographs do today. Finally, the Exploration period brought the

“Sailor’s Delight” Daniel Ryan

miniature work to America’s shores, where its European heritage soon re- flected the influences of the New World and has since become one of the most sought-after art forms. Inspired by what artists have come

to call “Little Jewels”, EC Galleries will continue the rich tradition of miniature painting with its 4th

Annual Miniature

Painting Show. A favorite event among collectors and art admirers, EC’s Min- iature Painting Show offers a rare op- portunity to meet a diverse group of skilled artists, view and purchase origi- nal works from a collection of paint-

“Aura” Asencio

2009 Original Oil on Canvas 10

12" x 9"

2010 Original Oil on Canvas

16" x 12"

2008 Original Oil on Board


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