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Hudson - Litchfield News September 24, 2010 - 13

Firefighter Jerry Carrier Retires after 24 Years of Service

by Doug Robinson and Hudson Firefighter Dave Morin Firefighter Jerry Carrier completed his last day as a full-time member of the fire department on July 28. Department members and town officials gathered at Central Station for a luncheon

Army enlisted in the National Guard, being based in both Nashua and Hillsboro. In January 2004, he was deployed to Iraq, serving at Camp Bucca. “I’ll never forget the day I got the

commendation for putting out a fire,” recalled Jerry. “I came across a burning truck. The big deal is that it was a fuel truck. A big fuel truck. The engine was on fire, so, I grabbed my fire extinguisher and put the fire out. With that huge grin again, he said, ‘No boom.’ I got a commendation for that. And that got me promoted, too.” “I stepped into Iraq

Deputy Chief Buxton presents Jerry Carrier with a display detailing his service to the town of Hudson

to honor Jerry on his last day, as well as play “remember when games,” which recalled and revisited Jerry’s long list of accomplishments as a public servant for the Town of Hudson. Born in Nashua, Jerry is the youngest of

two brothers and two sisters. “Yup, I’m the baaaaaaaaaaaaaby,” commented a Jerry with a wide grin on his face. A Nashua High graduate of 1981 and a member of the concert and marching band, Jerry’s instruments of choice were the sousaphone and tuba. Jerry received a Vocational Technical diploma as

a machinist, and he entered the military directly following high school. He served four years in the

on my son’s birthday, February 29, 2004,” said Jerry. “I came out an E5. I started out as a

driver in a team of Humvees, performing convoy protections for towers, roads, homes, and friendly areas. I also served as an MP at detention centers, as well as performed combat MP duties.” As a “Defender of Freedom,” Jerry was recognized many times for his “timeless values, loyalty, respect, and selflessness.” He received the Army commendation Medal for his valor as “he started fighting the fire before the driver of the tanker exited the vehicle.” Jerry became a full-time firefighter with the department on November 16, 1986. He served the Town of Hudson with the same “timeless values, loyalty, respect, and selflessness” for which

he was recognized in the National Guard. He was certified Firefighter III, Haz-Mat

Technician, and EMT I, and served a Fire Alarm Technician. During his years of service, he was presented several awards for actions taken in the line of duty. He received two Unit Citations in 1997 and 1998, a State Unite Citation in 2005, and a Rescue Medal in 1998. In 1999, he was chosen the Wattonick Grange Firefighter of the Year, and in 2005, he received the Souhegan Valley Red Cross Award. “My first structure was November 1986. The

fire was at Salem Furniture, and it was located in Nashua,” recalled Jerry. “You should have seen us going the wrong way down the one-way street. I was in front directing traffic to get out of our way. It was a mutual-aid call. We were the first to respond and the last to leave.”

At his retirement party, “Kn w Y ur Car”

Jerry was presented with several gifts. He was presented with the wheel hub that he had broken during a traffic accident. He was also presented with a piece of the telephone pole he knocked over while installing lines on the poles. And he was also presented with a lamp, constructed from a fire extinguisher, from his work team. Police Chief Jason Lavoie also presented Jerry with the

traffic accident report written when Jerry hit a police cruiser with a fire engine. “I will miss the people most. My decision to

retire was difficult because two of those are with whom I have worked for so many years. I will never forget when the dispatcher closed the bay door on me, too. There I was, sitting on the truck, and the door came right down between myself and the back of my seat. I was stuck,” recalled Jerry.

“It all comes down to the unit—the people. I relied on them. I enjoyed serving the public. Those who I worked with had my back and I will never forget that, too,” concluded Jerry.


Toby Provencal, Jerry Carrier, Deputy Neil Carter, and Alan Dube with a plaque presented to Jerry

“Kn w Y ur Car”

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