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Having distributed a number of envelopes and postcards one day we finally received back a small yellow envelope filled with small glittery confetti and a tiny note stating a name and address and one word, ‘play’. Obeying this instruction, I have posted a game of Cat’s Cradle a game dating back a hundred years or more. It requires nothing but a piece of string and can be played anywhere at anytime with two or more people. What will our receiver think of this game, how will it fit in her (she sits in my imagined picture as female) thoughts of play. Is this a game that was part of her childhood?

The PO Box Gallery’s relationship with this person is caught in interstitial space. She resides somewhere between imagination and reality – we know she’s not mythical yet our relationship with her is not based in reality. Our correspondence moves through the physical space of London via the postal system, through the imagined space of play and games and through the creative space of art and making. Where will it go next?

Mar 6

Paulina: Being the first person to respond (and by coincidence having a pretty name) I feel tenderness towards E DuBois. The investment of time is a connection in itself.

Mar 6

Paulina: I too received some post to the PO Box. In response to one of the printed envelopes posted in Blackheath I have received 10 rupees. I am planning to send a (not entirely obvious) photograph of the Taj Mahal that I took in 2003 along with an illustrated letter discussing the memories and of space.

1:34 pm Envelopes Black Door 2, Envelopes Black Door 3, Envelopes Wedged Under Door

Deborah: I have been leaving blank post cards around. The cards are addressed, stamped and ready to send to the box, I have also attached a writing implement to the cards. The cards have been left them wherever I have been, on public transport, in shops at work etc. The cards carry no explanation except for the words ‘Post Card’ which is already printed on them and can be read as an instruction.

68 Post-Space Post-Space 69

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