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Bread ‘n Molasses

September/October 2010 Volume 4 Issue 5 ISSN: 1718-2409




Kellie Underhill Cindy MacLean

Stacy Underhill

Claudette Levesque Wally McLean Jamie Quann Tracey "Chopper" Robinson


Judy Bowman Joan Cripps Christina Donovan Dianne Mullin Annabel Sheila

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Kellie Underhill, Editor 4 • Bread ‘ n Molasses September/October 2010

An Unlikely Pair

fans. Admittedly we're an odd pairing. He's the first one to say his fan base is comprised mostly of teenaged boys and comic book geeks, of which I'm neither. Yet I've seen all his movies and own many of them on DVD. I've got a signed copy of


one of his books. I would pay a lot of money to attend one of his talks. I read his blog. I listen to his podcast. I follow him on Twitter. And I'm even one of a very select group of fans who are lucky enough to be his Facebook friend. I mean actual “friend” not just a fan or member of his official group. Maybe you've never heard of him and have no idea who I'm talking about. I mean the

man is no Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese. But if you know who I mean and you are also not a teenaged boy or comic book geek then you're probably sitting there shaking your head and wondering “WHY?!” The honest answer is that itmakes no logical sense, but there's just something about his straight-forward self-deprecating sometimes off-the-wall potty humour that tickles me. I feel like if I happened to be in town I could stop by his house and say, “Hey Kev! You wanna play some cards?” And he'd say, “You know I do!” Then he'd welcome me into his home like his new best friend, because that's just the kind of guy he is. Despite being one of his biggest fans though, there's something about Kevin Smith

that's been bothering me. He's said many times during his podcasts that he's accomplished everything he ever wanted to in life, so if he died tomorrow he'd be okay with that. Every time he says it, I cringe. I mean he's not very old, around my age, so it seems like there should still be a lot left to look forward to in life. It doesn't seem possible that this lack of ambition comes from the same guy who wanted so badly to make movies that he financed his first film, which became a cult classic, by maxxing out his credit cards. I understand he doesn't like to travel; he doesn't crave the adventure of the ocean,

bungee jumping or mountain climbing, but he also has a daughter. Surely he would be disappointed to miss out on the milestones of her life like high school graduation or grandchildren. Isn't it part of his parental responsibility to want to stick around for those things? Lately I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my own life, all its twists and

turns, wonderful memories, challenges, surprises and accomplishments. There's still so much I want to do and see, but I can honestly say I'm very happy with my life so far. I look back and I feel a sense of pride for all the things I've done. If someone told me I couldn't do that, I did it anyway. If I was afraid to fail, get hurt or look silly, I did it anyway. Even when I failed (and I've hadmy fair share of failure) I found the good in the lessons I learned. I look back and I feel nothing but love for all the wonderful and interesting people I've

had the opportunity to meet along the way. And with every day that passes I get to do new things, face new fears, and meet even more wonderful people. I've really had a great life! And it just gets more and more fascinating every day. So finally I think I understand where Kevin Smith is coming from when he says he'd

be okay if today was his last day on earth. It's not that he feels like there's nothing left for him to do. It's that he's proud of all his accomplishments so far. He's lived his life to the fullest, taken risks, faced down fear and ridicule, pursued his biggest dreams. And he has absolutely no regrets. I think this may explain why I'm one of his biggest fans, because this is how I've lived

and continue to live my life everyday too. And trust me, it's a good way to go about this thing called “life”, never boring, full of surprises and gifts. My hope for you, dear reader, is that when you're looking back over your life you will also have no regrets. Enjoy your Bread 'n Molasses!

t the risk of losing all credibility with readers, I have a confession ... I'm probably one of Hollywood film director and writer Kevin Smith's greatest

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