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Plate People _

eaving the Miramichi driving down the 126 toward Moncton, 7 km

south of the Roman Catholic church in Rogersville, there is a small ravine and perched atop the hill to the east is an older, large white house. I knocked at the door and was greeted

by a smaller, aged woman, who was most pleasant, as were her daughter and son-in-law, Marilyn and Gene. It is here that I met the “plate people.” I was offered a beverage and given a

tour of the old homestead which once served as a bed and breakfast. Interesting crafts adorned the walls and tables inside and it was truly a pleasure to behold. Explanations and stories pertaining to that which was proudly displayed were provided. Plate 4 U ( originally

imported its plates from China until a local sheet metal company, in Kent County, was located and agreed to produce the desired metal plates.

Frames and clocks are hand-turned on a

lathe in Sussex using maple, curly maple, oak, cherry and other fine New Brunswick woods. Glass used in clocks is cut by hand in Rogersville. With hand-painted scenes adorning each plate, Gene uses Marilyn’s artworks as centerpieces when he assembles gorgeous unique clocks that exquisitely fill that special spot on customers’ walls, or are gifted to loved ones. It is obvious that Gene and Marilyn’s

Plates 4 U is unique quality craftsmanship at its finest. An all New Brunswick product, “Plates and Clocks 4 U” travels the tourist season visiting special events and gatherings bringing a piece of New Brunswick to various regions and their visitors. There were many things that stand out

in my mind about these very fine people from Acadie Siding, New Brunswick, south of Rogersville on the 126. They are passionate about their craft, quality is

by Michael Maloney

obvious, craftsmanship and product is New Brunswick’s, they love what they do, and they have fun. For something beautifully unique for

yourself or a very fine gift for loved ones, contact Eugene and Marilyn Bourque in the Rogersville directory or send them an email ( and tell them, “Maloney says hello.”

Michael Maloney is an avid outdoorsman who has worked with Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, and is a registered instructor for Hunter Education, Fishing Education, and Range Safety and Range

Safety Officers, Canoe and Olympic Small Bore. Holding an Arts Degree, a K-12 Education Degree, and a Masters Degree in Administration and Curriculum, Michael’s passion for the outdoors and for its conservation has manifested itself through the eye of the camera he is a wildlife/naturalist photographer and a freelance writer. His home is and will always be, the Mighty Miramichi.

Gene and Marilyn Bourque, the "plate people". Photo by Michael Maloney. 38 • Bread ‘ n Molasses September/October 2010

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