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Warm Woollen Socks j

hat could be more comfortable and more comforting than

pulling on a pair of warm woollen socks? This is especially true of the home-knitted variety—purewool—no other fibres added. When one wears woollen socks, vanity

takes a hike out the door and in saunters “down home” pleasure.Woollen socks, as part of ones wardrobe, are able to stand on their own, pardon the pun. Then again, if the same pair is worn too long without experiencing thewashwater and soap, they will stand on their own! I digress. Woollen socks bring a sense of well-being, solace and “all is right with my world” regardless of the rest of the clothing I may be wearing.Woollen socks are never overly concerned about the rest of my chosen attire. This pair of knitted companions has been known to accompany lumbermen's winter wear, grandmother’s cotton dress, fishermen's gear, hunter’s boots, trekker’s garb, farmer’s rubber boots, kid’s snowman-building clothing and mother’s precious moments curled up on the couch after an all too common exhausting day with the wee ones. My mother, Blanche Carter Somers,

originally a Millerton Miramichi girl, used to tell me about the knitting bees the ladies would have in our community of the Little Sou’west Miramichi. The home of one of the ladies would be chosen and several would gather with the purpose of knitting

as many woollen items as possible, including the “couldn’t be without” woollen socks. The clicking of the knitting needles

reverberated throughout the room, often the large kitchen. Some of the ladies were so adept at knitting, that one could almost visibly see the ball of woollen warn disappearing before one’s very eyes. Some of the women would walk to their knitting reunion and while doing so would begin knitting the moment they left home. The knitting bag or the apron with the large front pocket held the woollen yarn. Every step increased the size of the woollen sock thatwas being newly formed. Some knitters were legendary, it being said of them that by the time they arrived at their destination, their first item was practically finished! At the hostess home, one would notice

that the balls of yarn might be positioned on the lap of the knitters but were often placed on the floorwhere they took on a life of their own while this cozy creature became increasingly small as it was being transformed from caterpillar wool to the butterfly sock! Today, woollen socks are

mass-produced in a high speed way. Yet, behind it all are those unique four-legged creatures called sheep,whose sheared coats give way to socks made of wool. There even seems to be something homey about knowing that ewe or ram have given

by Leslie Somers

something of themselves for both our enjoyment and their opportunity to grow a fresh new woollen coat. So, whether you are wearing shorts,

bib-overalls or pyjamas, it may be time to pull on a pair of woollen socks. Don’t have a pair? Then include this simple pleasurable duo on your shopping list. Better yet, learn to knit your own! Who knows? Maybe it is the time again to consider community knitting bees!You knit, I’ll buy! Sometimes life’s greatest pleasures are

the simple ones. As a matter of fact, I am writing this reflection at our Miramichi River home cottage,with two greywoollen socks with white toes, white heels and a white band of trimnear the tops pulled over my happy feet halfway to my knees!

Although Leslie Somers has been a seminar speaker in several countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, he loves to get “home” to his cottage on the Miramichi where he was born and raised. Leslie continues his vocation as

pastor in a church in the Halifax area. Pastoring, travelling and freelance writing keep this husband, father and grandfather fully engaged in life. He has earned degrees from Columbia International University, Liberty University and Acadia University yet credits foundational learning to the churches and schools of the early years of his Miramichi roots.

Bread ‘ n Molasses September/October 2010 • 33

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