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4 - September 17, 2010 Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Our Nominated Candidates

We have listened and voted for our political candidates. We the people have chosen by majority vote, free from harassment, those who would represent us on a state and federal level, come November 2. Hopefully, we have gotten the best of the best in these candidates. Hopefully, some of those you voted for won and they will do the excellent job, if elected in November. This is freedom of casting our vote and we felt great pride in being able to cast a vote for candidates that will represent us and vote for laws that will affect our very way of life in the future. If your favorite candidate was not nominated, fear not and look into the real core values others saw in their candidate. Persons who have great inner, basic core values are personal and distinguish a person that is not trying to seek and achieve selfish goals. Moreover, they try to achieve the highest standards and noblest goals for the benefit of others in society. We need politicians that have those honorable virtues.

Are those nominated going to follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights, smaller government, fewer taxes, private creation of jobs, and less regulation? Or are they going to give us more bailouts, bigger government, less control over our lives, more regulation, more taxes, more mandates, and less jobs (unless government jobs), which may lead to a financial, socialistic, controlled government? A true extended takeover by big government

over private and individual control of our personal freedom! More government control and continued disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights by those politicians who believe in liberal, progressive, and centralized government redistribution of wealth, and power over everything Americans aspire from the cradle to the grave! Is freedom lost?

Ed Brooks - Salem Bush and the Iraq War

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Bill Weimar, in his letter, “Addressing Iraq,” tries to mitigate the damage done to America by the Iraq War by putting forth what he considers Saddam’s list of WMD, which were never found, never authenticated by any authority, and are more like a Xmas Santa Claus wish list. After all, Weimar was a staunch Bush supporter and is now trying to burnish his image. First, Weimar puts the cost of

the war at considerably under a trillion, while economist Stiglitz estimates the true cost at three

trillion and beyond. If one takes into account the insurance paid on 4,420 killed and life-long benefits to 31,926 seriously wounded, plus the billions in equipment and other miscellaneous costs we are still enduring, total costs are inestimable.

37 LAKE ST., SALEM, NH • 603-893-5858


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Furthermore, in his defense of a war based on Saddam’s alleged threat to the U.S., Weimar either is ignorant of certain facts or chooses to ignore them. The idea of overthrowing Saddam was hatched by a pac known as Project for a New American Century, which in the ‘90s decided that securing a foothold in the M.E. was a worthy pursuit. Part of that pac included Cheney, Condi Rice, and Don Rumsfeld. Paul O’Neil, Bush’s first Treasury Secretary, wrote in his book that on his third day in office, Bush asked his cabinet how he could take down Saddam, and this was before 9/11. According to a document labeled “The Downing St. Memo,” Bush planned the overthrow in 2002 and the WMD reason was provided by Paul Wolfowitz, who was Assistant Secretary of Defense.

Every day, Todd Brisard goes wherever he is needed to maintain PSNH’s power lines, making sure places like the Dover Ice Arena have all the electricity they need. And when Todd Brisard’s son hits the puck into the goal in overtime and Todd goes nuts in the stands, it doesn’t seem crazy to ask…

Another haunting question is: Who drew up all the false information, charts, and photos of mobile biological trailers Colin Powell presented to the United Nations? That presentation destroyed the credibility of a man once considered the most respected man in America who could easily have become president. No doubt that much of the false evidence was developed by Tenet, head of the CIA, who saw his job as to comport with the president’s policy. And convince the world they did, and Bush awarded Tenet the Medal of Honor.

Some have said that Bush, who had had issues with his father, wanted to outshine his father, who knew better than to go into Baghdad during the first

Gulf War. Others say that Bush thought that by conquering Saddam, he would be considered a great president. Ironically, historians and news outlets that have taken polls place Bush at the bottom of the pantheon of presidents. Finally, there is no excuse when on August 6, 2001, Bush was notified via the Daily Presidential Bulletin that Osama bin Laden planned an attack on the USA. Bush’s response to the messenger was, you’ve covered your a** and continued to cut brush instead of disrupting his vacation, flying immediately to Washington to be further briefed on the issue and to create an appropriate response. Sorry, Bill, but Klessens comes much closer to

reality, supported with facts that your Xmas wish list doesn’t.

Dante Ippolito - Norwell, MA

American College of History and Legal Studies Thanks You

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students at the new American College of History and Legal Studies in Salem, I extend my sincere thanks to all of the officials in the Town of Salem and to the contractors who helped us open our doors for the start of classes in August. The members of the Planning Board, the Building Department, the Fire Inspector, and so many other officials were a pleasure to work with as we began this exciting new adventure in higher education. The American College of History and Legal Studies allows students to finish their bachelor’s degrees affordably and in small classes taught by distinguished faculty. Graduates will be on the fast track to their careers, and qualified students may gain early admission to the Massachusetts School of Law. We are proud to be a new member of this vibrant community, and look forward to contributing to the quality of life here as we educate students to become critical thinkers, fluent speakers, and talented writers. We invite members of the community to visit one of our upcoming Open Houses and tour our new campus.

Maureen C. Mooney, Associate Dean, the

American College of History and Legal Studies - Salem

264 N. Broadway, Suite 108 Salem, NH

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