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Salem Community Greater Salem Artists Present by Robyn Hatch

The Greater Salem Artists Association kicked off the 2010-2011 season with their first meeting at the Kelley Library. The meeting was fortunate enough to present well-known artist Don Whittemore, who gave an incredible demonstration on preparing the canvas. Don also did a painting demonstration immediately following the business meeting and light refreshments. Don focused on the methods he uses to produce a variety of painting surfaces on store-bought canvas and cotton duck. He showed the various steps and tools used to prepare a canvas with a variety of textures and degrees of smoothness. This demonstration showed how important a well-prepared ground is to increase the ease and pleasure of painting in acrylics.

Don began taking art lessons from a local artist. Once through the basics and after completing several paintings with the instructor, Don decided it was time to take off on his own. He read a lot of art history and visited museums, art galleries, and shows while beginning to develop his current style. Don has been fortunate enough to win 20 awards for painting and sculpture

during this time, from Honorable Mention to Best in Show. He displayed his work in four local gallerfies and sold the majority of his work during this time. Don also entered several local

Salem Community Patriot

shows, winning prizes both in painting and sculpture, culminating with Best in Show at Andover Art in the Park in 1989.

Nature scene

Don stopped painting from 1990 to 1995. When he decided it was time to begin painting again, he focused on still-life paintings with discarded and found objects as the subjects. After this, he decided to build a plank- on-frame model ship from scratch, which he built from a hull drawing and extensive maritime ship building references. This is his third and largest scale model ship that he has built so far in his career.

by Robyn Hatch Hijacked by terrorists after taking off from airports here in the Northeast; at 8:46 a.m., one of the jets was purposefully flown into the North Tower at the World Trade Center in New York City. At 9:05 a.m., a second jet was flown into South

Tower. Patriot Salem Community

At 9:59 a.m., the South Tower collapsed. At 10:28 a.m., the North Tower collapsed. The nation watched as hundreds of firefighters rushed into the Twin Towers to perform rescues— many did not return. Three hundred and forty-three firefighters and 72 police officers were killed. In all, nearly 3,000 civilians died in the attack. Terrorists also crashed a plane into the Pentagon Building and were attempting to use another aircraft for destruction when brave passengers banded together to thwart their efforts before it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

On September 11, 2010, we stood together to remember all who were lost on that terrible day. Congress has declared this day, September 11, 2010, as a national day of service and remembrance. May we never forget.

Don Whittemore, guest speaker, with his painting of the Taylor Saw Mill in Derry

New Town Manager Begins Procedure to Find Officers pay tribute to those fallen by Jay Hobson

A former Salem town manager outlined for selectmen the procedures his firm will undertake in conjunction with town officials in selecting a new town manager to replace Jonathan Sistare, who resigned due to health problems, according to Donald Jutton, president and founder of Municipal Resources, Inc., and according to the company’s Website.

In a televised meeting with the Board of Selectmen on August 26, Jutton said that the process had already begun and that there were 23 résumés received, with that number expected to rise due to the results his firm experienced in a recent town manager search in Derry. “We’ve already started advertising for the position and have received about 23 résumés. And as I’ve indicated to Hank [acting Town Manager Dr. Henry LaBranche], we have literally just completed Derry and they’ll vote next Tuesday night, and we received 125 applications for that position,” Jutton said. Jutton said that his firm had been in touch with the most qualified candidates for the Derry position to consider applying for the Salem post.

“So, we should have a substantial number of qualified candidates to choose from,” Jutton said. Jutton said that his firm’s process is

to advertise with the International City Management Association, which he said was a nationwide organization through which most of the candidates will respond. Jutton told selectmen that the process is done confidentially so that current employers of applicants won’t know who is applying through media reports, and that the process is done “close to the vest.” Another part of the process is an essay

questionnaire that will be returned by the applicants and assessed by professionals within MRI. Jutton said that using the same questionnaire from the Derry search would save about three weeks.

Selectman Elizabeth Roth interjected that

she wanted an accurate process. “Don—just one clarification from this Board member, and I’m not speaking for the Board, but despite what Dr. LaBranche has indicated to you about speeding up the process, I want an accurate process; I don’t want a quick process,” Roth said. Jutton said that process included the

essays, which will be reviewed by his firm, and that the top 15 candidates will be interviewed over the telephone for about an hour each. “We’ll be asking them if there are any issues or skeletons in their closet and that we’ll be checking into their backgrounds, so if there is a problem, tell us now. We do full background and criminal check, interviews with neighbors and department heads, and we recommend that you [selectmen] require a letter from their primary care physician indicating that there is no evidence of illness or disease that would prevent them from doing their job,” Jutton said. Jutton went on to discuss the preliminary interviews that would take place after the above requirements were met. Dr. Stephen Chastain MD, a primary care

physician, said that requiring such a letter could be a violation of two laws. “I’ve never heard of such a letter being required prior to the offering of the position. I can see the position being offered to a candidate on condition of passing a physical, but to require such a letter from a continued to page 7- Town Manager

Illegal Dumping Needs to be Addressed

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz Three tons of trash is what

Vinny Drago and other volunteers cleaned up throughout town during a town-wide cleanup project. Did you know that is 6,000 pounds of trash? It equaled a pile of garbage bags that measured 70 feet long and about 20 feet wide. It would literally take four full-size, 10- wheel dump trucks to remove all that trash at once. All of it was the result of littering and illegal dumping—simply disgusting. Drago, a member of Salem’s Conservation Commission, volunteers his time year-round, as the town does not have a conservation officer. An avid outdoorsman, he appreciates what little wild land is left in Salem.

“When it comes to the Fish and Game Department, the officer assigned to this area also serves about seven or eight other area towns and cities, too. He also lives in Haverhill, NH—quite a ways from here. That’s a long way from here considering how many towns this one officer has to cover. He can’t run around Salem all day investigating littering and illegal dumping on top of all the other calls he takes. There isn’t enough manpower for

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that,” Drago said. Without a conservation officer in Salem, it is up to volunteers and the police to enforce these issues. But Drago feels that littering is not a major law enforcement issue. “The police department has done an awesome job. When I call, they are there. There have been several cases throughout town where roofing shingles, construction debris, waste oil, television sets, and household trash has been dumped illegally. The police and myself have photographed the dumping sites, dug through trash bags to try to find something with an address on it to try to identify those responsible for this, and on a few occasions, the police and/or I have gone to homes where the trash led us to, giving them back their trash and making them aware of the fines or citations that can be imposed as a result,” Drago said. In most cases, a fine or citation is not needed, Drago said, but sometimes, it may be necessary.

Just a few

weeks ago, Drago was out for a walk checking on areas of the Spicket River when

he came upon a freezer filled with rotting food behind a local business. A disgusting stench and flies everywhere just really wasn’t necessary. Rather than just emptying out the freezer, throwing the food in the trash, and taking the freezer to the dump, someone decided to just make it the Town of Salem’s problem.

“It costs nearly $3,000 to the

town to dispose of these illegally dumped loads, particularly the large ones like the freezer and loads of roofing shingles. The Department of Public Works has to put a crew together, get a truck and a front loader out to the site to clean up the mess, and it isn’t free for the town to dispose of these items, either. That $3,000 could be much better spent. There is only so much that our local law enforcement officers can do, and I feel that Salem police have done the best job they can with this issue. This is a town-wide problem and, really, it’s our selectmen and community leaders that need to step up and help citizens create a plan to enforce this. What very

continued to page 7- Illegal Dumping

Patriot Local Artist Don Whittemore

Fire Department Holds 9/11


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