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For the Love of Pets Pets from your community No Harm, No Fowl!

submitted by Ralph Sinclair The Geese Police are on the job at Griffin Park in Windham. Sheriff Bonnie and Deputy Duncan are on the prowl for waterfowl! Canadian geese have taken over many public parks and golf courses in New England, and Griffin Park is no exception. Geese are a protected migratory water fowl with a very short hunting season, and there are strict limits on how to get rid of them once they take over your property. I enjoy watching them swim on the pond as much as anyone, but the problem is they are waste- creating monsters once they take to the grass. The average goose produces two pounds of nasty waste a day, and if you have 100 geese like Griffin Park has, then you can fill a dumpster weekly with their waste products. They literally cover the soccer fields with their waste and make it dangerous for the children playing on the fields. They can also be aggressive and

Sheriff Bonnie and Deputy Duncan

have been known to attack when provoked. The Internet has numerous pictures and videos of aggressive geese in action. I often see parents letting their children chase geese at the park, and it is important for them to understand that this can be a very dangerous behavior! Geese are very strong and go for your head when they attack. Aggressive geese pictures and links to videos can be seen at our Website: The problem is that we have created goose nirvana when we build a park or golf course with manicured grass and open water. Geese eat eight pounds of grass per day and they love an open, fertilized field with fresh-cut grass. Add some open water and a good view where they can see predators coming from a good distance, and they are very happy! We created the Geese Police to help solve the problem of safe and humane goose control. We

use our incredible Border Collies, Bonnie and

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Duncan, to safely motivate the geese to seek greener and safer pastures. Border Collies have been bred for their intense and reliable herding instincts. They are a gentle breed that uses their predatory-type stare to mesmerize and threaten a flock to move. This stare and their stalking techniques, along with their size and movement, resemble the arctic fox closely enough to pose a natural threat to the geese. Their reliance on visual intimidation and motion rather than barking allows them to work silently without disturbing humans or other wildlife in the area. It is never a Border Collie’s desire to bite or kill the flock. They are satisfied with the ability to move the geese. They are excellent swimmers and tireless workers, which enables them to handle geese effectively, both on land and on water. This technique is approved by PETA and numerous government and private wildlife protection agencies because it is a safe and humane process. It is incredible to watch the geese and dogs at work, and seeing 100 geese take flight at once is an impressive sight. We can be seen in action at Griffin Park most mornings and afternoons, and videos can be seen on our Website for those interested in seeing the Geese Police in action. B and D take to the water FREE with this ad- new clients only with this ad-

Doggie Daycare & Training Center 70 Range Rd, Windham


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Ralph Sinclair is the Behaviorist

at Woof Woof Professional Dog Services & Doggie Daycare and the Geese Police based in Windham, and is an “Uncle Matty” Certified Dog Trainer, an A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and an A.K.C. Good Will Ambassador. Do you have a question about your dog? Call Ralph at (603) 890-6239 or e-mail him at

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Recognizing Pet Emergencies

by Christina M. Barnett, DVM, Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital As an emergency veterinary hospital,

we frequently receive calls from owners asking if their pet’s particular problem is an “emergency.” Because in most cases we can’t accurately determine over the phone if a pet is truly having an emergency, we commonly recommend that, to be safe, the pet is examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. While not all symptoms indicate a true

emergency health concern, there are several symptoms or incidents that always require emergency veterinary intervention, as waiting until the next day (or until the pet’s regular veterinarian is open) can be life-threatening. The following are problems that indicate true emergency situations that should never wait for medical intervention: Loss of consciousness, disorientation, or

collapse. If your pet collapses or seems suddenly weak or disoriented, he or she should be seen by a veterinarian immediately, regardless of the cause. Difficulty breathing. This can appear as

abnormal panting or open-mouth breathing (especially in cats), increased effort to breathe, increased rate of breathing, or blue or gray gums (indicating lack of oxygen to the tissues). Seizures. In particular, a seizure lasting

longer than five minutes or a cluster of more than two seizures within a 24-hour period are both emergencies. Extended seizure activity can result in permanent brain damage or death. Bleeding or wounds. Pale gum color. Normal gum color in all

pets should be pink. White or pale gums can indicate blood loss or poor circulation, and should be evaluated right away. Persistent vomiting or diarrhea. Frequent

vomiting or diarrhea can quickly result in dehydration or low blood sugar, and quick intervention to stop and correct the fluid loss and treat the cause of the vomiting/diarrhea is imperative. Diarrhea in small exotics and pocket pets (such as guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, hamsters, rats, and gerbils) should ALWAYS be treated as an emergency. Retching unproductively, distress, and/or

swollen abdomen. Large breed dogs in particular are susceptible to Gastric Dilation and Volvulus, sometimes known as “GDV” or “Bloat.” GDV is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach twists on itself. Immediate treatment is needed, as death can result within 24 hours. Not eating or defecating. This is an

emergency in guinea pigs and rabbits, but should be evaluated in any pet. Eye problems. Eye trauma or infections can

rapidly worsen, especially in animals that tend to rub or scratch at their eyes when irritated. Eye injuries, if left untreated for even short times, can result in loss of vision or possibly even loss of the eye. Inability to walk/move legs. Paralysis can

be due to a number of causes, all of which require immediate intervention for the best possible outcome. If your pet is paralyzed due to an injury (such as hit by a car), avoid moving him as much as possible. To stabilize his spine, strap him down to a hard, flat surface such as a piece of plywood and bring him to a veterinarian immediately. Inability to urinate. Male cats in particular

can develop life-threatening urinary tract obstruction that can cause severe electrolyte and cardiac problems, which will lead to death if untreated. This is an extremely painful condition for any animal. Birds sitting at bottom of cage. Any bird that

is not perching, or is sitting at the bottom of the cage or with its feathers fluffed up should be examined by a veterinarian right away. Trauma, electric shock, heat stroke, etc. All

types of trauma can develop complications that aren’t immediately evident. Even if your pet “looks fine” after trauma, he should be examined right away and monitored closely for complications that might develop. Ingestion of foreign substances. This

includes ingestion of objects that could cause a physical obstruction (such as toys, towels, clothing, string, etc.), or ingestion of potential toxins (such as medications or plants). If your pet ingests a potential toxin, we recommend that you call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435. If they determine that your pet ingested a toxic substance, they will instruct you on what to do next. For a list of household toxic substances, see www.aspca. org/pet-care/poison-control. Difficulty giving birth. If your pet has been in

active labor for greater than 30-60 minutes with no evidence of a baby, contact a veterinarian right away. Dystocia (difficulty delivering) can result in death of the babies, and in severe or prolonged cases, death or illness of the mother. This is by no means an exhaustive list;

therefore, if your pet is experiencing any symptoms that you find concerning, we strongly recommend that you call your veterinarian or a local emergency veterinary hospital right away. Never give your pet any medication that was not specifically prescribed by your veterinarian. Many human medications can be toxic or even fatal to our pets.

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Join us at the First Congregational Church in Pelham from 10:00 - 3:00 for a day of fun. In addition to our Pet Adoption Day, we will also be hosting a Best Friends Walk to benefit ARNNE and other rescues. Registration fee for the walk is $25 or free if you collect pledges from other people to sponsor your walk Do you have a dog that you adopted from ARNNE? Please join us on the walk as an our honored guests and your dog will be given a special ribbon to wear on the walk!

September 25.

10:00 Dog Show Registration opens 10:30 Dog show 12:00 Best Friends 1.5 mile Walk 10:00 - 1:00 Pet Adoption Day 10:00 - 3:00 Dalmation Bouncy Castle 10:00 - 3:00 Pet Photos by "Creations by Sea-Jay"


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For more information on ARNNE's BEST FRIEND DAY and to see a complete listing of our dogs all waiting to find their forever homes, please visit

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