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Hudson - Litchfield News September 17, 2010 - 7

In My Opinion... by Jason Lavoie

I read the letter to the editor by Representative Ulery titled ‘Good intentions and Law’ in the September 3 edition of the Hudson~Litchfield News. His letter was about a recent bill that went into law on September 11, 2010. Representative Laura Gandia did a great service to every citizen in the state by getting the Hawkers and Peddlers statute amended (RSA: 31:102-b Background Checks for Certain Vendors). By coincidence,

Litchfield Chief Joe O’Brion and myself expressed our concerns to Representative Gandia of not being able to look into salespeople who come here from all over the country. In some instances, we would arrest a solicitor, and would only then learn of their concerning criminal history. We asked her to help us with this problem. Over my career in law enforcement, I have had talks with Representative Ulery, and I appreciate his candor and pleasantness. The Hudson Police Department normally doesn’t respond to such writings. In this instance, citizens need to have true information. Let me attempt to clarify Representative Ulery’s misleading editorial. First off, he wrote his article in a manner that would cause a person to believe he did not know anything about the bill sponsored by Representative Gandia and that it had some how snuck its way through. The bill came before the House a total of three times and there were seven public hearings. Representative Ulery had 10 meetings in which he could have spoke out against the bill. He never debated the bill, never spoke in opposition to the bill, nor did he pull it from the consent calendar. Representative Ulery wrote that laws don’t protect us, and he used stop signs as an example. That’s an idea; let’s just drive through every intersection without having to have to stop. Would we have a safer motoring community if we did away with stop signs and traffic lights? If you read the statute on Stop Signs (RSA 265:31), the law tells a driver what they are required to do: stop. This law was written to try and be preventative. I do agree with him in that we all have to use due care in case someone chooses to violate the law and not stop. He is also correct in that we have to be diligent in keeping ourselves safe. Representative Ulery would also want you to believe the new

law will “… prohibit children from opening lemonade stands …” He indicated that police would abuse this power. Well, that could have gone on prior to the ‘Background Checks for Certain Vendors’ went into effect. The Hawker and Peddlers law has been in place for many, many years. Laws are already in place regarding things such as lemonade stands. Read RSA 320:3 ‘Exceptions’ number 2. Representative Gandia’s addition to the Hawker and Peddlers statute has no impact on his examples. He also cited the murder statute. I believe he is referring to

First Degree Murder (RSA 630:1-a). If Representative Ulery was to read the statute, he would learn that it’s a punitive statute, not a preventative one. It starts off with “A person is guilty of murder in

Sudoku by Jason Lavoie Clarification for Jordan Ulery

the first degree if …“ In essence, the statute is saying “if you kill someone under these circumstances, it’s first-degree murder.” This statute does not say “… Thou shall not kill …” That wording is found in religion.

He then goes on to talk about how we have to keep ourselves safe “… if a person comes to our door selling … duh, don’t give him money ...” Representative Ulery, the problem lies that these people get a license to do this from a municipality’s Chief of Police. The Chief of Police signs off on a Hawkers and Peddlers license. This can give the impression to citizens that police did some sort of a background check on the solicitor(s). Until this law went into effect on September 11, 2010, it was against the law for me to look into their backgrounds. Ms. Gandia didn’t create a law on Hawkers and Peddlers; there

was already one in place (RSA: 31:102-a). She only added a provision to help police try and keep residents safe by allowing police to run a records check (RSA 31:102-b). Criminal History checks are done on parents who want to coach their children’s athletic team. Our Recreation Director even did a check on me when I coached. Shouldn’t I do this on people I give permission to go knocking on your door? Our children may be home alone. Importantly, not all people that receive a Hawkers and Peddler permit have done or will do bad things. Most are very nice people. However, here are some examples of solicitors we have had in Hudson. Keep in mind I had to sign off on permits giving them permission to go door to door in our town because I had no lawful right to deny them. Later, when some of them committed some other offense we learned of their history. Some solicitors were either convicted of, or wanted for, stealing cars, multiple thefts and/or burglaries, assaults, sexual assaults, and kidnapping. Sadly, Representative Ulery feels I should allow these types of criminals to go up to your home. I don’t want to provide an opportunity for someone to take advantage of a situation and cause harm to you or a loved one of yours. You or a loved one won’t be able to avoid the situation by using his philosophy of “duh, don’t buy a magazine.” Criminals take advantage of opportunities. In summary, some laws are punitive (homicides and assaults) and some try to be preventative (stopping at stop lights and red lights). The addition to the Hawkers and Peddlers statute that Representative Gandia sponsored is one that tries to be preventative. The bill wasn’t written and then just went into law. It was the subject of 10 meetings. We should all be thankful to Representative Gandia. This law isn’t intrusive on people with good intentions. Representative Ulery is correct on one thing in his editorial.

We all have to take responsibility in keeping ourselves safe. If you have a bad feeling on something, please call the police. Representative Ulery has good intentions. In this instance, he wrote an editorial without having information. Hopefully in the future, he will gather information like he has done in the past. Had he done that, he would have shown as much care to the residents he serves as Representative Gandia. I look forward to working with Representative Ulery in the future toward the betterment of our town and state. After all, he does have our best interest at heart.

In My Opinion is strictly an OP-ED column that stands on the opinion of one writer, Jason Lavoie, as op- posed to a newspaper reporter who does not provide an opinion, but reports the facts. This column, in many instances, is a counterpoint to published stories and does not reflect the unbiased reporting policy of the Hudson~Litchfield News or the opinion of the management, advertisers, and ownership of Area News Group.

Two Motor-Vehicle Collisions Produce Non-Life Threatening Injuries

submitted by Hudson Police Department On September 14, members of the Hudson

Police Department responded to two accidents in Hudson.

At approximately 3:45 p.m., a three-vehicle accident occurred on Route 102 by Pizza Hut. A 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 operated by Brian Foley, 44, of Derry, was traveling north on Route 102 and slowing down in traffic when it was struck from behind by a 2006 Toyota Tacoma driven by Jean-Guy Robert, 61, of Hudson. The Tacoma was then struck from behind by a 2004 Toyota Corolla driven by Jessica Dickerson, 20, of Litchfield. Robert and Foley refused treatment at the scene and were able to drive away on their own. Dickerson’s vehicle was towed as it sustained severe front-end damage, and she was transported to the Elliot Hospital to be evaluated for a minor, non- life threatening injury. This accident remains under


At 4:40 p.m., members of the Hudson Police Department responded to the intersection of Clement Road and Kimball Hill Road for a two-car collision. Upon arrival at the scene, it was determined a 2001 Honda Civic operated by Jillian Webster, 23, of Pelham was traveling west on Kimball Hill Road approaching Clement Road. At the same time, a 2005 Hyundai Tucson operated by Jill Pintal, 50, of Hudson was traveling east on Kimball Hill Road and also approaching Clement Road. The Hyundai Tucson was also occupied by

two children. The Hyundai Tucson turned right at the intersection to enter Clement Road. This caused the front end of the Honda Civic to collide with the passenger side of the Hyundai Tucson. All occupants of both vehicles were evaluated on scene by members of the Hudson Fire Department. Webster sustained minor, non-life threatening injuries and declined transport to a hospital by the Hudson Fire Department. An on-scene investigation was conducted, and it was determined that the Hyundai Tucson failed to yield the right of way of the Honda Civic. Subsequently, Pintal was issued a citation for Failure to Yield Right of Way.

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