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There are many retailers that are still

not capitalising on the benefits of a well-designed lighting scheme. Of course, budgets have been tightened over the last couple of years, but retailers still need to speculate to accumulate. Pete Hart, UK technical manager at

Aurora, believes that beauty and performance can shine through. ‘Groundbreaking advances in low-energy

lighting technology are ushering in a new generation of low-energy products – and a new era for lighting sources. Industry demands for beauty, performance and creativity have lost no momentum in the economic gloom of recent years. Manufacturers at the forefront of design innovation have been working hard to meet those demands.’ The result is a new generation of CFL

and LED lighting solutions capable of delivering on a growing list of market

demands:  Sustainability  High performance  Economy  Compliance with Building Regulations  Contemporary design

‘There are products with exceptionally

long life spans, for example LED products can deliver over 30,000 hours of useful life with cost savings of more than 70 per cent annually compared with the halogen source they supersede. ‘Some of the stars of the new CFL

lighting world have been developed to provide an effective alternative to halogen lighting, using spiral tri-phosphor fluorescent tubes to increase the luminous area inside the reflector - improving output - and a

borosilicate lens, which diffuses light uniformly and improves aesthetics.’ Fairfield Displays & Lighting has

come up with an ingenious product called Light Pocket. For years customers have been requesting brighter and more economical light boxes to illuminate their graphics. Light Pocket uses the very latest LED technology and is extremely economical to run, yet at the same time it is incredibly bright and really draws the eye to the illuminated graphics making sure the message stands out from the crowd. ‘A single 50W lamp above a window

display costs on average £17.52 a year based on an eight hours per day usage. On top of this you will need to change the lamp at least three times in that period. The lamp will only create a glow and will not normally light the displays at a distance,’ explains Janice Fairfield, marketing director for Fairfield Displays & Lighting. ‘In contrast the new LED Light Pockets are incredibly bright and get the light directly in front of each property. For example, four A4 double-sided light pockets only use 15.84W and will cost only £5.64 per year; this is a saving of more than 68 per cent on electricity costs. Plus you have the advantage that an LED Light Pocket is maintenance free.’ These costs arebased on 12p per kilowatt per hour. The Light Pocket can be suspended in a

window or positioned in an interior on almost invisible cables without the need for any ugly wiring. Units can be single or double sided, and offer a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours. The Light Pocket is

Facing page: ACDC’s G product. Above: Aurora’s CDM-T ceramic high pressure mercury discharge lamp. Below: Aurora 70W CDM-T lamps have reduced runing costs and lowered the instore temperature of a retail furniture store.

Retail Furniture store - achieved annual energy cost savings of an estimated £6,000 thanks to Aurora. These savings are based on 10p/kWh.

Brief: Reduce running costs and lower in-store temperature Product: Aurora 70W CDM-T Quantity of lamps: 45 Investment: £1935 Energy savings per annum: 60,102 kWh Payback period: Four months

This is a furniture store using 90 fixtures, each using three-lamp low voltage AR111, 75W tungsten halogen reflector lamps. They run for 10 hours a day, 360 days a year. The annual power consumption is 72,900 kWh.

A new lighting scheme was installed using 70W CDM-T lamps in 45 adjustable retail display luminaires. The annual energy saving achieved is 60,102 kWh and payback is achieved in just four months, yielding an annual cost saving of £6,000.

‘Grounbreaking advances in low energy lighting technology are ushering in a new generation of low energy products – and a new era for lighting sources.’ Pete Hart, UK technical manager at Aurora


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