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6 - September 10, 2010 Salem Community Patriot

Gardens- continued from front page

of bird and animal life for museums. Celia resented Levi’s absences and once wrote to a friend in despair, “The boys and Levi have guns and go murdering round the country in the name of science till my heart is broken into shreds.” After the death of Thomas Laighton in 1866, Celia spent more and more time on Appledore with her mother and Karl. Celia complained bitterly about her life in Newtonville. She called her home a “household jail,” and described in a letter the “hideous ironing...the trinity of the soap kettle, the ashcan and the cook stove.” She secretly wrote a poem called “Land-locked,” which she expressed her longing for her beloved islands. When Levi discovered the poem, he took it without her knowledge to his friend James Rusell Lowell, editor of The Atlantic Magazine. The poem was printed in the next issue and

was an immediate success. Celia became widely known as a poet of nature and the sea. Her “Little

Sandpiper and I” was a popular favorite with schoolchildren. Celia’s essays in later years were considered by critics to be of even more literary value than her verse. From her newfound talent, Celia attracted the leading literary and artistic figures of Boston to the Laightons’ popular resort on Appledore. She began to hold a “salon” each summer with poetry readings, storytelling, and music. Among her quests were John Whittier, James and Annie Fields, Ole Bull, Appleton Brown, Childe Hassam and William Morrris Hunt. Celia was a genius at gardening, a bird expert, an accomplished seamstress, and excellent cook, and a painter of china and tiles. Her hands were never idle.

During Mrs. Laighton’s last illness, Celia and Karl spent many months on Appledore, and after her mother’s death in 1877, Celia was inconsolable. In 1880, the Thaxters moved to a new home at Kittery Point, Maine, where Celia


Walter Kolodziej State Representative District 4 Salem/Windham

AN ALLY OF BUSINESS Less regulation and taxation on businesses in order that they can expand and provide JOBS!

A strong supporter of casino gambling at Rockingham Park

Fiscal Agent- Walter Kolodziej A FRIEND

OF THE TAXPAYER No new taxation-No sales or state income tax

Balance the state budget honestly- No gimmicks

Less government intrusion on our individual liberties

"Live Free or Die" is the cornerstone of our greatness! DO NOT ACCEPT LESS

Characters for Heather’s garden

Coming soon (this October)

......a reason to smile!

Windham Orthodontics

Windham Orthodontics 25 Indian Rock Road Windham NH.

Danielle C Ross DMD, PC 603.216.1188

•Fun caring environment •All records taken in office •Advanced state of the art office •High tech digital imaging •Private room for adults •Invisalign certified •Clear ceramic braces •Modern sterilization procedures •Financing plans tailored to your needs •Highly trained orthodontic team Member of American Association of Orthodontics. Sunflowers in bloom Meet and Greet with Mike Downing

by Robyn Hatch Mike Downing, candidate for the Rockingham Country Sheriff position, took the time out of his

busy schedule to meet and speak with supporters at Bickford’s last week. He is working for a strong Rockingham County, having served as a New Hampshire State Trooper; a Salem Police Officer; a State Senator (2006-2010); a State Representative (1996-2002); an Army veteran, 82nd Airborne; a member AMVETS and Knights of Columbus; Pelham Fish and Game Club; Board member of Salemhaven Nursing Home; and Silverthorne Adult Day Care. Mike is also a small business operator in Salem and a member of the Salem Chamber of Commerce. Mike was also a former Little League Coach. He also went to Salem High School and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin Pierce College. With his experience in the State Police and the Salem Police Department, he knows firsthand how to

tackle the challenges facing the Rockingham County Sheriff’s office. Fiscal responsibility is the top priority and enhancing efficiencies between county and local departments is critical. Mike wants to improve efficiency and save taxpayer dollars by strengthening the county department’s relationship with local police departments and sharing resources. He will enforce the stated Mission of the Sheriff’s Office, which must carry out its duties with honor and integrity. As the flow of drugs to the state increases, Mike feels that county, state, and local resources to prevent unlawful activity and bring individuals to justice must be used and enforced. As the next Rockingham County Sheriff, Mike Downing will run a tight ship and stretch every dollar to extract as much value for taxpayers as possible.

Cooper Boucher, Mike’s greatest supporter Sue Pendleton and Heather Belanger

could look across the water to the Isles of Shoals. The farm, “Champernowne,” has been occupied by Thaxter descendants ever since. Her dearest friends surrounded when Celia died during a summer on Appledore at the age of 59. In accordance with her wishes, they heaped her garden flowers around her coffin. It was a fitting farewell.

Heather Belanger felt the wonder of Celia in all her beautiful flowers. She and her family had been lucky enough to make the trip to Appledore Island to see these beautiful gardens that exist to this day. She and the other gardeners are now looking forward to incorporating more of Celia’s flowers into the gardens next year. The Salem Conservation Commission, especially Vinny Drago, deserves great, big thanks for all the hard work they endure to make these gardens available to the people of Salem and the dedication to preserving what little land and natural habitat is left in Salem.

DiFruscia Makes the Difference People are talking…..

“…(Regarding) providing our children with the best possible education, protecting our environ- ment, adequate health care for our citizens, tax credits for the elderly...Tony has shown that he has the resolve to be a strong advocate for his constituents.” Carol Yennaco, former State Representative

“He has an outstanding record in protecting civil rights and being fiscally conservative. Tony DiFruscia is not afraid to stand up for what he believes, without concern for political ramifica- tions. His voting record is exemplary…” Robert Skinner

“As a five-term state representative, I have had the pleasure of serving in the House of Repre- sentatives with Tony DiFruscia. Tony has worked long and hard to craft and support intelligent, responsible legislation.” Richard Cooney

Thanks to Anthony’s effective work as one of our State representatives, we are a receiver town and that has saved us millions of dollars; for fiscal year 2011, Windham is projected to receive over seven million dollars in State Aid. Anthony DiFruscia has what it takes to get the job done in Concord.” Ross McLeod.

“Tony DiFruscia gets the job done. He cares for us.” Pat Hargreaves

Former State Senator Arthur Klemm and Candidate Downing share coffee and ideas

Re-elect DiFruscia

Your State Representative


Fiscal Agent, Kathleen Sullivan DiFruscia

Jumbo 4 lbs. & over .............$5.99lb. Fresh Lobster Meat

1 1/4 lbs. each .......................$ 1 1/2 lbs. each .......................$

Certified Steaming Clams...$3.99lb. Fresh Cultivated Mussels... $2.99lb. 8oz. Containers of Maine Crab Meat..$8.99/1/2lb.

Fresh Haddock Fillets......$7.99lb. Jumbo Sea Scallops....... $9.99lb. Fresh Scrod Fillets ........$7.99lb.

Tails & Claws......$27.99lb. Knuckles ......... $27.99lb.

Fresh Fish Specials

Fresh Salmon Fillets...$8.99lb. Fresh Sword Fish .....$9.99lb.

OPEN & DAYS 8 A.M.- 6 P.M. Daily SALE DATES: 9/8/10- 9/12/10

4.99lb. 5.99lb.

staff photos by Robyn Hatch

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