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Salem Community Patriot September 10, 2010 - 5

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law enforcement experience, and he has spent the last 13 of those years as a Deputy Sheriff in Rockingham County. None of the five other candidates running against him in the Primary next week has anything close to his experience supervising law enforcement officers. Because there are no Democrats running, the winner of the Republican Primary election for Rockingham County Sheriff will most likely be the next Sheriff, so the vote is important. Frank Grzasko could probably have claimed at least a partial disability from the broken sternum he got when a kickboxer didn’t appreciate getting arrested. But Frank recovered and went back to work, despite a doctor’s warning that another kick could be fatal. He never filed for any kind of “medical retirement” (i.e., disability) unlike another candidate from Salem. That guy is still collecting two-thirds of his rank’s salary, tax-free, with fully paid medical benefits for himself and his family since he went on disability 16 years ago. A New Hampshire law allows him to continue to collect all of that for the rest of his life. That same person also voted in the NH Senate to overturn the old law that prevented someone on disability retirement to earn more additional income greater than the current pay of the rank he went out on. The weekly newspaper called that vote “a conflict of interest.” Sadly, under current law, there is no limit to how much a person can earn while he is collecting medical retirement. But what bothers me even more than the self-serving vote and the questionable law is electing someone to the same kind of job while he is accepting permanent disability pay. The other candidates for Sheriff have experiences good for the

office, but none of them has them all and they have never supervised law enforcement officers. They might be familiar with court, or security, or contracts, or administration, or budgeting, or even police work in past years, but Frank Grzasko is the only candidate who has experience in all of those areas. In his 37 consecutive years of working a wide array of law enforcement duties, he had done everything from arresting offenders to supervising and training law enforcement officers. Grzasko started by graduating first in his 1973 NH Police Academy class in academics and firearms proficiency. His promotion in 1979 to Detective launched him into the NH Drug Task force in 1985, where he worked undercover. In 1986, he was promoted to his first supervisory position over his Patrol, and four years later, he was promoted to Administrative Sergeant. In 1993, Grzasko achieved the rank of Lieutenant and became Shift Commander over a staff of 105. His duties included dealing with unions – collective bargaining, grievance procedures, arbitration – and internal affairs. In 1997 after 24 years of duty, he retired from the Salem Police Department. Four days later, he started his career as Sergeant with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department. After retiring, Grzasko became Sergeant with Rockingham County’s Sheriff’s Department supervising Deputies patrolling Manchester Airport. After 9/11, his counter-terrorist training inspired new safety procedures. When Manchester won the bid for providing airport security, they hired Grzasko to train the new officers. Afterwards, he returned to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department—his current position. The public deserves the most experienced, fiscally responsible, professional Sheriff dedicated to upholding the law while cooperating with other law enforcement. That man is Frank Grzasko.

Betty Gay - Salem

Re-Elect Walt Kolodziej for State Representative

First, I would like to warmly “thank you” for the opportunity of serving in the legislature as your State Representative. It has been an exciting, enlightening, and humbling experience. Most know that I have resided in Windham for the past 24 years with my wife, Mimi, and daughter, Casie. I am a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, a member of the American Legion, and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. For 11 years, I served on the Planning Board with two terms on the Capital Improvement Program Committee. It has always been my primary concern to limit the cost of

government to the taxpayer. I run as a conservative Republican and my voting record reveals that I did not violate your trust. Unfortunately, those in power have recklessly increased spending by an average of a half-billion dollars a year. Over 80 new fees and taxes have been enacted, operating costs bonded, and state obligations shifted to the cities and towns. This is not an efficient way to run a state and should not be acceptable to the hard-working families of New Hampshire. Federal, state, and local governments all want more money from the

taxpayer. Where is the taxpayer supposed to locate this extra money while job security is threatened and the cost of all commodities continues to climb? We citizens, and your state politicians, need to take a stand and stop this frenetic spending. We simply must temper our funding of these insatiable demands. Let’s strive to make the future more affordable for our children and ourselves. It has to be a joint effort by the branches of government and the

Executive Office to preserve the ‘Live Free or Die’ mentality that has become the cornerstone of our greatness. I have and will continue to work to maintain the New Hampshire

Advantage by: • Insisting on no sales or state tax • Striving to reduce the size of government and its spending

Fiscal Agent-Frank Grzasko

• Making sure the budget is balanced without gimmicks or trickery • Remaining an ally of business so that they may remain and expand within our state and provide jobs for the taxpayer. I will do my utmost to prevent government intrusion into our daily

lives. Let’s make New Hampshire the state that we are proud to call


I humbly ask for your consideration and vote on Election Day. State Representative Walter Kolodziej - Windham

Walter Kolodziej for State Representative Once again, I stand in support of Walter Kolodziej in his efforts

to serve as our Representative in Concord, where he has admirably done so for the past two years. The good citizens of Windham and Salem know this is not the time to give up on pushing Concord back to the conservative principles that made New Hampshire the great state that it is. Walter’s service for the greater good has been exemplary; as a veteran of the Marine Corps, he has honorably served his country, and as a former Planning Board member in the town of Windham, he has worked diligently for his hometown as well. He has consistently been an advocate for not only protecting the natural resources of Windham, but has also been able to balance that with responsible economic development as well. In the time that I had the pleasure to serve with Walter on the Planning Board and the Capital Improvement Plan subcommittee, I had the opportunity to see firsthand his dedication and commitment in his stance as a fiscal conservative fighting against our ever-increasing taxes. I know that he will continue to bring that same fiscally conservative philosophy to Concord in a time when we need it most! Among all the other candidates you will be asked to vote for in the Primary Election on September 14, you will not find another that is more consistent, steadfast, and earnest in his belief that we deserve better from Concord. I know Walter will be a strong conservative voice of reason in a time when we need it most, and I hope you will join me in voting for Walter in the upcoming election; he has served his country and his town honorably in the past and I know he will continue to do so in the future!

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8 THIN & TALL filler (self promo) Phil LoChiatto - Windham continued to page 7 State Representative - Salem/Windham District 4

Mark Samsel - ELECT -

As YOUR Representative my pledge is to: • Show up and participate to represent District 4

• Vote to bring fiscal responsibility to the state

• Vote to represent traditional family values

• Vote to reduce regulatory burden on business and citizens • Support to pursue responsible expanded gambling


• NOT support increases in fees and taxes • Get answers and get things done

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Fiscal Agent - Mark Samsel, 4 Depot Rd. Windham, NH

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Dean Tibbetts spends every day manning operations at PSNH’s Schiller Station, helping power the Miss Wakefi eld Diner. And after a hard day at work, he’s been known to recharge with a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie in his favorite booth at – where else – the Miss Wakefi eld Diner. So, perhaps it’s fair to ask…

is cherry pie a renewable ENERGY SOURCE?

Rockingham County Certified Law Enforcement Officer

37 Years - Law Enforcement Experience Police Supervisor -17 Years Police Adminstrator - 5 Years

Retired Lieutenant - Salem Police Department 13 Years- Rockingham County Deputy Sheriff

New Hampshire Police Training Academy Graduated 1st in Academic Achievement Graduated 1st in Fire Arms Proficiency

Selectman's Commendation-Bravery Kiwanis Club - Policeman of the Year New Hampshire Drug Force

Commissioner-Salem Housing Authority Support - United States Constitution

Saint Anselm College - Criminal Justice University of Massachusetts - Administration Babson College - Command Training

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Outdoors Lead Part 2

Chalk The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a press

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release August 27 announcing that it had rejected a petition filed by radical environmental groups to have lead ammunition banned under the Toxic Substances Control Act. The Center for Biological Diversity and others attempted to make a case that language in the Act exempting shells and cartridges did not prevent the agency from regulating lead or other components of ammunition. EPA rejected that interpretation, but left open the second part of the petition that demands a ban on lead fishing tackle. There is no exemption in the Act protecting lead fishing tackle. The EPA is inviting comment on the fishing tackle issue until September 15. Comments can be submitted at A ban on lead fishing tackle could impose major economic hardships from sinkers to lead core lines. The American Sportfishing Association has posted information on this threat at

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