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How can eating an apple a day keep the doctor away? It’s thanks to apple’s many nutritional benefits. For starters, apples contain flavanoids and phyto- nutrients, such as Quercetin, that act as anti-inflammatories and antioxi- dants. Due to these properties, apples can aid in bone protection and heart health, lower bad cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and help prevent can- cer. Thanks to its fiber content, they can also aid in weight loss! Most of the fiber and nutrients that provide all of these benefits are found in the skin rather than the flesh, so it is important to eat the whole apple. However, due to their thin and delicate skin, apples are very susceptible to harmful chemi- cals and pesticides, making them one of the “Dirty Dozen.” Therefore, it is important to choose organic as often as possible and be sure to thoroughly wash conventional varieties.

3 HC’s Top 5 ways to keep it fresh with apples: 1. Go Apple Picking! - Find a local, organic orchard

near you, get outside, get some exercise and soak up some vitamin D while apple picking. This is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Often, store bought apples are coated with waxes to protect them during shipping and storage. Picking fresh apples can help you avoid harmful petroleum-based waxes, and they will be the freshest possible! 2.

Use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - Add Bragg’s Apple

Cider Vinegar to cold salads for a nutritious kick! Non- pasteurized and unrefined vinegars made from apples, such as Bragg’s, contain all the nutritious benefits of apples, plus additional enzymes created during fermen- tation. These nutrients and enzymes can help support healthy immune and digestive systems and promote healthy skin! 3.

Try an Apple Meditation - Slow down and savor every bite. We often are too preoccupied to enjoy the

foods we eat. Mindful eating allows us to enjoy the juicy freshness of this delicious fruit. This awareness allows our bodies to receive its nutrients with open arms! A simple meditation like the one from Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh can teach you how to give your apple your undivided attention. 4.

Make Apple Juice! - Juice your own and add a

power pack of flavor and antioxidants by adding fresh ginger and parsley. Store bought varieties are usually pas- teurized and refined, leaving the juice with only about 10% of the phytonutrients of the original fruit. They also often contain added sugars. Juicing apples at home guar- antees that it is fresh and most nutritious! If you must buy bottled, look for all natural and organic varieties. 5.

Bake ‘Em Up! - With so many apples left over

from apple picking, be sure not to let them go to waste. Bake them up for a sweet treat to warm you up as it gets colder. Try making a simple and quick dessert by coring an apple and stuffing it with raw nuts and dates. Drizzle with agave or pure maple syrup and bake!

Septemeber October 2010 | Healthy Hippie Magazine 9

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